Doing JDE AP Automation the Integrated Way

Tim Nissen | Doing JDE AP Automation the Integrated Way.

Here’s how doing JDE AP Automation the integrated way works, processing of 2-way matching (Invoice to PO) and 3-way matching (Invoice to PO to Receiver) with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World.

Utilizing Oracle Gold Partner and Quest Oracle Community Sponsor IntelliChief ECM’s system, processing occurs in both initial document capture and in workflow, providing real time integrated JD Edwards database validations with automation’s speed and accuracy.

In-tandem with IntelliChief, information from JD Edwards is utilized to perform matching. IntelliChief keeps track of the PO quantity open and the Receiving quantity available by saving needed information when an Invoice line item is matched to a PO/Receiver. This can be set to identify by PO Number, Item Number/ID, Unit Price, Line Total, PO Quantity Ordered, Receiving Quantity, or two Miscellaneous fields of the user’s choice.

IntelliChief includes multiple Match Methods, where receiving quantity qualifies exact match, based on first in, first used, or a combination of both. It includes options for a Variance percent, amount and type for the Invoice to PO fields (Unit Price, Line Total, Quantity).

Matching features of Unit of Measure and Price normalization capability simplifies processing of standardized orders (Ordering Quantity vs. Invoiced Quantity). Part Number cross-referencing increases accuracy when obsolete numbers are referenced in the Invoice. Both increase touchless processing.

With IntelliChief, this touchless, straight-through processing significantly reduces information keying into JD Edwards, saving time and cost, enabling visibility to receive early payment discounts, while avoiding late payment fees.

This presentation illustrates doing JDE AP Automation the integrated way: //

Global Interconnectivity Workflow Automation

Tim Nissen | Global Interconnectivity Workflow Automation.

According to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), the most important trend is manifesting global virtual workforces. The goal for companies: global interconnectivity workflow automation.

MAPI’s hit on a need spanning all business category – company staff utilizing available, affordable technology to continue their ability to unite each of their locations (and remote workers), increasing efficiencies towards achievement of a one-company environment.

Back-office workflow automation is an impactful capability to impact the global interconnectivity design. Its universal appeal is applicable to all organizations’ efforts to increase speed and lower cost, particularly in the functions of Accounts Payable and Order Processing.

Deloitte states workflow automation reducing business process costs by 30%. This accounts for interdepartmental staff time savings and accuracy improvements, with each transaction’s documentation being captured and organized, accessible and trackable throughout process lifecycles.

Workflow automation is powered by enterprise content management (ECM), software that enables lifecycle management of project and transaction documentation. It encompasses capturing paper and electronic documents in all forms and from all sources, identifying necessary information to populate integrated ERP and business system fields. It reduces or eliminates manual keying of data into systems, providing straight through processing, while validating accuracy among system databases. Once documentation is captured and organized, company process-specific workflow provides desktop and mobile accessibility for collaborative input and expedited approvals.

Ultimate ECM automation’s success is predicated with ability to integrate with any ERP/business system utilized within a company. This enables any department’s documentation capture, with each specific process mapped, creating an enterprise-encompassing environment of workflow automation without cumbersome infrastructure transformation. One ECM system for an entire organization’s needs, converting process based on business rules defined per department’s function.

ECM is best suited for organizations having geographically uniform processes and needing to reduce related cost to be more competitive and achieve a superior level of operational excellence. It accomplishes the global interconnectivity workflow automation objective, while creating economies of scale through higher ROI per expanded department and function.

Accounts Payable Automation Infor Solution Partner Use Case

Tim Nissen | Accounts Payable Automation Infor Solution Partner Use Case.


Here’s a progressively diversified and impactful organization: a US-headquartered company with operations spanning North America and Europe, serving industrial growth markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. Their expansive client roster includes entities in aerospace and defense, factory automation, air and water quality environmental monitoring, electronics design and development, oceanographic research, deepwater oil and gas exploration and production, medical imaging and pharmaceutical research.

Here’s their Accounts Payable Automation Infor Solution Partner use case.


Making the Automation Choice

A reality of many companies became a burden to this organization as well: their processes were largely paper-based. They realized this as an opportunity to automate much of their back-office activities, enabling staff to focus on company advancements rather than time-consuming and costly manual operations.

After a year of multiple enterprise content management (ECM) vendor reviews and system vetting, IntelliChief was selected based on:

  • Enterprise expansion capability throughout their organization
  • Native Infor integration, and
  • Being an established Infor Solution Partner.

“We were impressed with the way the IntelliChief system uses meta data so well; all documentation is instantly available as needed, conveniently organized by transaction,” stated the company’s Controller.


AP Automation: 2-Way, 3-Way (4-Way?) Matching

Their initial installation was with their Accounts Payable operations, spread globally and consolidated at their California headquarters. Being a particularly paper-intensive operation, reducing cost was the driving factor.

The company had a distinct motivator for automation – a cumbersome 4-way matching process consisting of Invoice to PO to Receiver to Quality Inspection Sheet. This forth component was a deciding factor in their ECM choice. “IntelliChief demonstrated the flexible capability to achieve our specific 4-way match, something other systems could not,” commented the Controller.

With the company having significant repeat vendor orders, this was an opportunity for IntelliChief to remove considerable time and cost from AP. They experienced a high straight-through processing rate; the majority being completely automated from document capture to workflow, a touchless environment where no ERP keying or other human interaction was needed. When exceptions occurred, IntelliChief’s rules-based business process automation workflow, mapped to their specific practices, enabled quick reviews and approvals.

Previously, the company’s processing staff consisted of 3 full-time and one contract employee. With the IntelliChief system, that number had been reduced by half, freeing the others to concentrate on strategic operations.

Vendor fees were also reallocated. “An additional automation benefit was the elimination of both outsourced digital imaging and physical storage services, creating considerable cost savings ongoing,” their Controller relayed.

An unexpected advantage manifested in the independent audit function. “Being a multinational, multi-industry company, audits are frequent and time-consuming,” the Controller stated. “With IntelliChief, we’re able to provide access to all documentation auditors need digitally, allowing their teams to work remotely from anywhere in the world. They appreciate that flexibility.”


Expandable Automation

With enterprise expansion capability a key objective, Order Processing is the company’s next automation step. This will allow them to link each order’s documentation together from initial receipt to fulfillment, with each department involved having all needed details available to them, enabling collaboration through automated workflow. Customer Service’s benefit will be awareness of each order’s status in real-time.

Another planned endeavor is with the Purchasing department, setting-up a Vendor Portal to further automate transactions. This decision’s motivators were to provide an additional convenience for vendors, while saving them time and cost by reducing phone and email correspondence by consolidating communications (and archivable records) into IntelliChief.

“Being able to store all documentation in a single system is a true IntelliChief advantage, realized throughout our organization,” commented the Controller. “Having a centralized workflow and archival hub simplifies operations and information security.”

IntelliChief makes expanding its usage throughout their organization advantageous, and a simple task with the system’s native integrations coupled with Integration Link, the company’s code-free program connecting with any ERP or line-of-business system.


IntelliChief Implementation and Support – The Difference

Scarcely a reality in the software industry – system implementation and support that’s proactive, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. That’s been the company’s experience with IntelliChief’s teams; a strong partnership formed quickly between them and IntelliChief’s staff. “IntelliChief’s Implementation team expertly configured the system to our specific processes mapping, and their Support staff has always been responsive and helpful. They make a difference – a real plus for us,” commented the Controller.

Peer Expression: How a Company Reduced Production Lead Time 50 Percent

Tim Nissen | Peer Expression: How a Company Reduced Production Lead Time 50 Percent.

Founded in 1946, this global company produces custom products and services for companies in the valve and pump, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food & dairy, metering, military and instrumentation industries. With steady growth came their realization they had outgrown their manual system of order input and workflow, and that it should be automated, enabling their order-to-cash processing to drive faster production, shipping and billing.

Their identified challenges:

  • Gaining visibility into order processing
  • Enhancing workflow between departments
  • Accelerating order/contract review lead time, and
  • Reducing costs associated with paper: handling (invoice retrieval from filing cabinets, copying documents, updating log books, and lost orders due to capture ineffectiveness), significant storage space allotment.

“Once a customer order came in, there were a lot of steps required before it was entered into our enterprise resource planning system (ERP),” stated the company’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Engineering, Quality, Production and Customer Service were all involved in the order review process. Each area might have responsibilities from validating pricing, setting up new customers, providing samples – all based on the kind of order received and from whom. This meant a lot of room for error, shuffling paper between departments, lots of emails; overall an inefficient manual process.”

Their requirements included:

  • Will work with their ERP
  • Will capture emailed orders
  • Workflow will handle their complex order process.

After evaluating four vendors, the company selected IntelliChief, who integrated with their ERP, provided the document capture and workflow capabilities they needed, required less upfront configuration to fit their processes, and provided attentive ongoing maintenance and user support.

IntelliChief’s Impact

“IntelliChief’s paperless process management has enabled our production lead time to be reduced 50%,” conveyed the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “This significant improvement also provides benefits of substantially fewer lost orders, enhanced visibility into the orders-to-cash process, and ultimately fewer customer complaints.”

Functionally, orders are now uploaded to IntelliChief, validated against data in the ERP, and routed to all respective parties involved in a structured electronic package. What was done manually by moving paper in batches through various departments is now cohesive in real time. IntelliChief’s accelerated order-to-cash processing allows access to the entire order packet directly from the company’s ERP screens, saving time and improving customer service. Through this automation, IntelliChief captures customer order documents regardless of how they are physically received – by email, fax or postal service. IntelliChief’s workflow assists in order processing by automating functions including new customer setup, expired pricing, credit checks and engineering approvals.

“IntelliChief’s user training enabled everyone interacting with the system to be comfortable with its usage quickly,” mentioned the Sales & Marketing head. “That helped achieve our system ROI within a year.

“My advice to those considering automating their document capture and workflow: thoroughly understand your current process and what you want the future state to be. IntelliChief’s business process specialists helped us immensely to assess our strengths and discover opportunities and configured our IntelliChief system to suit our needs best.”


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JD Edwards AP Automation Project Justification Calculator

Tim Nissen | JD Edwards AP Automation Project Justification Calculator.

How do you know if AP automation makes fiscal sense for you? Thankfully, now you can calculate the financial impact presently and in your projected future, to determine if the savings add-up to a compelling ROI in-tandem with your JD Edwards system.

This web presentation features real world examples of calculations (you’ll see how companies have even transformed AP into a revenue generator). Its main focus is specifically on how to determine your company’s fiscal impact. It provides in-depth considerations and justification for AP automation integrated with JD Edwards.  This presentation uses tools created from many years of working with IntelliChief ECM users to indicate ROI for AP automation projects.

What information to gather and calculate, to determine hard-dollar and efficiency savings of automating Accounts Payable? Hint: there’s more to it than at first glance… Good news: you’ll know for sure if AP automation is right for you.

If you’re considering automating your Accounts Payable processes, it helps to justify the project knowing the complete, enterprise-wide fiscal impact to your organization. This makes for a strong business case.

Register today for the presentation of JD Edwards AP Automation Project Justification Calculator.

Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

Register Today:  //


Unable to attend? Contact us for a post-event recording.


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JD Edwards Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities at SCUG

Tim Nissen | JD Edwards Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities at SCUG.

Come see IntelliChief ECM at the JD Edwards Southern California User Group (SCUG) meeting March 27th at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park, CA (stay for the rollercoaster rides)!

Meet the team from the Oracle Gold Partner provider of enterprise content management for EnterpriseOne and World systems. Discuss ECM-JD Edwards system integration automating AP and Order processing, including documentation capture and management, validating and updating of JDE-based data, and facilitating workflow matching your specific company processes.

IntelliChief will present JD Edwards Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities at SCUG, covering AP Automation processing and invoice filing cost reduction, optimizing workflow and increasing visibility throughout the cycle. Ultimately, reducing the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

For Automating Sales Order Processing, highlighting the how-to’s of lowering cost through faster, accurate order processing, increasing visibility of reviews and approvals, decreasing Days Sales Outstanding while improving Customer Service customer and staff experiences.

IntelliChief provides a smooth, robotic process automation (RPA) transition from costly manual document management and workflow functions. Its industry-awarded AI-powered document capture enables users imaging capability of any paper or electronic format, indexing contents and validating with data in their ERP and line of business applications. It optimizes interdepartmental process workflow, with real-time analytic visibility through desktop and mobile access.

Unable to attend? Contact IntelliChief for a recording of the presentation.


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IntelliChief Analytics – Visibility Throughout Automated Workflow Cycles

Tim Nissen | IntelliChief Analytics – Visibility Throughout Automated Workflow Cycles.

IntelliChief ECM’s IntelliChief Analytics provides you greater visibility throughout automated workflow cycles, facilitating informed, cash flow-impacting decisions throughout your organization.

A multilingual-supporting business intelligence platform, IntelliChief Analytics features scalable, ready-made and as-you-like-it self-service dashboards and reporting, delivering data visualizing intuitively with drop-and-drag simplicity. This provides convenient access to interdepartmental transaction workflows.

With IntelliChief Analytics you’re able to publish your most powerful insights, delivering them across your enterprise. You and your staff can see, interact with and share visualizations across multiple data sources, projects and transactions in a single, consolidated view.

To delve deeper into data and discover new insights, you can bring your colleagues into analytic conversations with curated visualizations. IntelliChief Analytics increases efficiency by providing individualized views of the insights and metrics that are most important to you, and to those you’re sharing the information.

Common areas of use include Accounting (both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable), Finance, Sales, Customer Service Logistics/Distribution, and other paper and process-intensive departments, supporting process time and cost savings.

IntelliChief Analytics simplify data complexity and makes your information useful for analysis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. With IntelliChief Analytics, less time is spent preparing data, making more time to analyze it, to quickly uncover insights beneficial to your organization.

See how with this 30-minute video presentation, IntelliChief Analytics – Visibility Throughout Automated Workflow Cycles: //


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See IntelliChief at JD Edwards HUG March 26th

Tim Nissen | See IntelliChief at JD Edwards HUG March 26th

Head to Houston’s Hess Club and see IntelliChief at JD Edwards HUG March 26th and meet the folks from the Oracle Gold Partner provider of enterprise content management (ECM) for EnterpriseOne and World systems.

Advancing AP and Order Automation Abilities for JD Edwards will be presented, covering automating documentation capture and management, validating and updating of your JDE-based data, and facilitating workflow in-line with the way your company works.

This enterprise presentation covers –

AP Automation:
•             Reducing costs associated with processing and filing vendor invoices
•             Increasing automation to streamline processes in workflow
•             Dashboards and reports increasing invoice processing visibility
•             Reducing the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

Automating Sales Order Processing:
•             Faster, more accurate order processing, lowering costs throughout each step
•             Increasing process control and visibility of order routing for reviews and approvals
•             Decreasing Days Sales Outstanding
•             Improving Customer Service experiences (for both customers and staff managing each account).

IntelliChief welcomes the opportunity to discuss JD Edwards system integration spanning AP and Order Automation, as well as other expansion of ECM into areas including Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, HR-HCM and other paper and process-intensive environments.

Unable to attend? Contact IntelliChief for a recording of the presentation.


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Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team

Tim Nissen | Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team.

Order fulfilment and customer relations both benefit by having readily visible account information. Access to order documentation, including open orders details and historical records, is a necessity to reduce DSO’s and maintain strong customer relationships.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) adds the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to order fulfillment. It encompasses the capture, organization and key information validation with JD Edwards, automating company process-specific workflows for updates and approvals, and archival for ongoing access.

IntelliChief ECM enables these capabilities, with seamless integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World, using RPA and AI to automate the routine and costly tasks of manual order processing. It manifests repeatable rules-based actions that will affectively move your teams away from processes that often rely on at-risk internal tribal knowledge.

If you are currently processing inbound customer orders in your JD Edwards application, this 30-minute video presentation will demonstrate how to gain the maximum amount of efficiency needed to drive down costs, improve order fulfilment and ensure customer SLAs are met.

Companies using IntelliChief report a 50% reduction in order fulfilment time. See how – view Adding Robotics to Your JD Edwards-Powered Customer Service Team (link to title)  //


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Automating HR File Management for Capture and Security

Tim Nissen | Automating HR File Management for Capture and Security.

Now available: Human Capital Management, a review of marketplace capabilities in automating HR file management for capture and security. It’s created by IntelliChief, a leader in enterprise content management (ECM), committed to enhancement of employee and contractor file management.

Being a part of Human Capital Management of your organization comes with numerous tasks and responsibilities. Often there are software applications and systems put in place to help manage the information related to your employees throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s your main HRIS application, or a complementary solution for Application Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management or Payroll, these systems are critical to your organization’s success in managing employee data.

With these systems, does your organization fully utilize the abilities of creating electronic employee files, or instead manage employees’ files in paper format? You’ve probably noticed it’s the paper practice that leads to a lack of security, compliance and access.

With IntelliChief, your HCM department can capture and store employee files electronically, allowing you secure and immediate access when needed. IntelliChief ensures compliance related to securing confidential employee records while enhancing the level of internal service, providing convenient desktop and mobile access to research questions or requests. With the ability to integrate IntelliChief into your HRIS application, up-to-date accuracy is maintained between databases, leveraging your true, secure system of record for employee information.

Benefits include:

– Eliminating paper filing and storage, reducing the risk of lost employee files, gaining visibility to required documents that have not been captured, maintaining instant access to information

– Doing away with paper filing cabinets and costs of offsite/remote storage, maintaining compliance with document retention policies

– Time savings through automation, securing confidential information, visibility, control, and

– Compliance with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning.

Access the review here (link) //


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