Invoice Processing Software – Automated Invoice Management Solutions for Faster Payment

Paying invoices before your early pay discounts expire can save you thousands of dollars – but for many organizations, that’s easier said than done. Collecting and distributing invoices can take quite a bit of time; obtaining approvals tends to be equally slow. That said, invoice processing software can help speed up the process.

IntelliChief’s automated invoice management system has a number of time-saving features. It’s capable of:

Once an invoice has been confirmed as accurate, your processors can quickly approve it and create a payment voucher.

Capture Vendor Discounts with Faster Purchase Invoice Payment

Whether you need to pay your invoices within 10, 15, 30, or 60 days to qualify for an early payment discount, IntelliChief’s paperless invoice processing software can help you do so with ease. Thanks to AP automation, procedures that once took days can now be done in minutes.

Invoice processing usually involves several people across different departments – and IntelliChief makes collaboration easy. Processors can send invoices to departments for approval, or if something’s incorrect, it can go right back to Purchasing for a discussion with the vendor.

IntelliChief even allows you to set internal controls so you can ensure invoices with early payment terms are processed on the next available check run.

Mobile Invoice Processing Software

Documents don’t stop coming in just because your employees are out of the office. IntelliChief’s mobile invoice processing features allows your team to continue working on their mobile devices, no matter where they are. Processors can see each invoice on their smartphone or tablet, approve (or reject) it with a single tap, and remotely communicate with everyone else in the approval chain.

Turn Your ERP Into an Automatic Invoice Generator

IntelliChief doesn’t just help you process vendor invoices in Accounts Payable – it can help Accounts Receivable create customer invoices as well. In fact, IntelliChief is specifically designed for you to implement it enterprise-wide, scaling your solutions as your company grows.

When deployed in Accounts Receivable, IntelliChief can give your ERP all the information it needs to automatically create an invoice as soon as an order is processed. It can then send the invoice to your customer in any format they prefer. The same way that automated invoicing can help you pay your vendors faster, it can help you get paid faster as well.

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