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Paperless Process Management (PPM) eliminates paper, reduces costs, and improves your business processes. It’s the combination of document imaging, multi-departmental workflow, enterprise faxing, emailing, electronic forms and forms processing technologies working together in an end-to-end solution tailored for each of your company’s unique departmental needs. Output Management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Document Distribution… these are all subsets of PPM, a comprehensive approach to eliminating paper in your company while optimizing workflow throughout your organization.

While PPM is an enterprise-focused solutions system, here are examples of departments who benefit:

Accounting Automation Solutions

IntelliChief document management solutions provide a quick and efficient automated alternative to manual invoice and order processing. Our paperless invoice processing solutions allow you to deal with PO and non-PO invoices much more effectively, helping you avoid late payment fees while securing available vendor discounts. To improve your cash flow even further, we can also implement order automation solutions that can reduce the costs of manual processes and paper-based documentation.

Customer Service Automation Solutions

Resolving customer issues often requires accessing information that is spread across a variety of departments. By making the information electronic, Customer Service can view, and update, any data as need directly through IntelliChief.

Finance Automation Solutions

IntelliChief provides control to your document processes and helps you easily organize and group your documents intelligently by client name, tax year, or other. It helps you manage how your team shares, reviews, and approves your critical financial documents, and fulfills regulatory compliance and risk management requirements.

Human Resources & Human Capital Management (HCM) Automation Solutions

IntelliChief allows HR professionals to automate many of the process activities they face on a daily basis, ensuring thorough documentation lifecycle management critical to all organizations.

Insurance Automation Solutions

IntelliChief document management solutions for Insurance provides a quick and efficient automated alternative to manual processing for Insurance Carriers’ documentation collection, circulation and archival.

Logistics Automation Solutions

In-tandem with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or supply chain management system (SCM), IntelliChief enables you automated capture of all formats of shipping documentation – bills of lading (BOLs), manifests, delivery receipts – assembling complete document collections per transaction. Accuracy is validated with vendor or customer information stored in your ERP or SCM, and automated workflow with all departments involved in each transaction. Detailed visibility is provided throughout shipping logistics.