Document Management Software for Distributors

Digitize records, automate workflows, and expedite deliveries

To succeed as a distributor, you need to fill your orders quickly and reliably. You can’t make mistakes, and you can’t afford delays. IntelliChief’s document management software for distributors and wholesalers helps you work much more efficiently.

If you’re still using manual, paper-based workflows, you’re setting yourself up for slow distribution cycles (not to mention unnecessary costs.) Our solutions make it easier to prepare orders for shipment, invoice your customers, and pay your wholesale suppliers – all from a single platform.

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Save, Store, and Process Your Documents from Any Computer or Mobile Device

IntelliChief ECM puts an end to paper records (and the headache that comes with managing them.) You can create digital copies of all your sales orders, bills of lading, shipping manifests, and delivery receipts (along with any other document that comes in or out of your business.) And any time your teams create a new document? It’s automatically saved and added to your archive.

Document Management Software for Distributors

All of your records are right at your fingertips, and you can search for them right from your computer or smart device. Fulfillment can access orders right from the warehouse; Customer Service can pull up order records when your clients ask for an update, and Logistics can look up customs forms and freight information any time they need it. This makes it easier to manage your business documents across multiple distribution centers and corporate offices.

Speed Up Your Distribution Workflows

By providing you with real-time access to all of your business information, IntelliChief can help you speed up your distribution workflows. This translates directly into cost savings – and a better competitive advantage.

You won’t have to manually collect or distribute your order forms – IntelliChief does it all automatically. This means you can start processing each customer order as soon as it’s received. Similarly, you can automatically transfer documents from one department to the next. We’ve seen customers cut their processing time by as much as 50 percent.

Our software can even import the data right into your ERP. Without any input from your team, it can validate the prices and part numbers, ensuring that what you ship (and what you invoice your customers for) is exactly what they ordered. You’ll have more satisfied customers, not to mention fewer disputes. And with fewer resources invested in routine, low-value tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Improve Relationships With Your Own Distributors

IntelliChief helps you improve your entire supply chain. While you focus on shipping orders out to your customers, our software helps you streamline your purchase to pay process on the back end.

When you’re eligible for early payment discounts, our software helps you pay your invoices by the deadline. Behind-the-scenes matching technology ensures that your supplier invoices are valid and accurate, and ERP integration can even automate the payment process. Reducing your invoice processing costs and eliminating late payment fees are just two more ways to reduce your distribution costs.

Increase Visibility Into Your Entire Supply Chain

IntelliChief Analytics helps you monitor and manage all of your crucial business processes. You gain increased visibility into everything from purchasing and sales to fulfillment and collections. Decision-makers get the data they need to spot inefficiencies, then quickly address them.

Discover IntelliChief’s Document Management Software for Distributors & Wholesalers

Over 10+ years in the industry, we’ve worked with countless manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. We understand the unique needs of your business – and can help you customize a document management solution to match.

Our solutions are designed to help you streamline multiple aspects of your business. Made for the enterprise, IntelliChief can integrate with any other technologies you already use – from your core ERP to your supply chain management software. And because you can build out custom workflows that reflect the processes you already have in place, you’ll be able to keep doing business the way you always have – just faster and more effectively.

To learn more, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library for real-world case studies from distributors just like you.