Document Management & Workflow Automation Software for Distributors

Your success as a distributor depends on your ability to fill orders quickly and reliably. However, if you’re still using manual, paper-based workflows, you may be falling short. IntelliChief’s workflow automation and document management software for distributors makes it easier to prepare orders for shipment and invoice your customers, all while avoiding costly mistakes.

Document Management Software for DistributorsDesigned to help you streamline multiple aspects of your business, IntelliChief helps you automate routine, low-value processes and focus more on strategic decision making. You’ll have everything you need – from transactional documents to customer contact information – right at your fingertips. This allows you to do more with your existing ERP or supply chain management software.

Save, Store, and Process Distribution Documents from Anywhere

With IntelliChief, you can stop maintaining paper records – and avoid the headache that comes with finding them when you need them. You can keep your purchase orders, bills of lading, manifests, delivery receipts, and other transactional documents right at your fingertips. Any authorized user will be able to access them at a moment’s notice, using an internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Process Sales Orders More Quickly

Because you won’t have to manually collect or distribute your order forms, you can start processing each one as soon as it’s received. This can help cut your processing time by up to 50 percent.

With IntelliChief’s sales order processing software, you’ll also be able to automatically validate data, including prices and part numbers, and eliminate the manual keying of orders. By confirming that what you ship is exactly what the customer ordered, you’ll have more satisfied customers and fewer disputes.

Additionally, once orders have been filled and shipped, you can instantly transfer your distribution documents to other departments for additional processing. Or, a complete transaction history can be routed to Customer Service to be added to a customer’s record. Collaboration has never been easier.

Improve Relationships With Your Own Vendors

As a distributor, you can’t be solely focused on shipping goods out to your customers; you need to pay attention to your own purchase to pay process as well. By negotiating payment terms with your vendors up front, you can turn Accounts Payable into a profit center.  IntelliChief’s software helps you pay your invoices more quickly, by reminding you when there are early payment discounts to be earned. Reducing your invoice processing costs and eliminating late payment fees helps you keep costs down and become more competitive.

Gain Increased Visibility Into Your Entire Supply Chain

IntelliChief’s analytics system helps you monitor and manage all your processes. You’ll have increased visibility into your purchasing, sales, fulfillment and collections processes, giving you the data you need to find bottlenecks and fix them.

To learn more about our document management and automation software for distributors, contact us today. Or, visit our Resource Library to see how we helped N.B. Handy – a leading wholesale distributor of commercial roofing products, HVAC equipment, and supplies – streamline their supply chain.