Smarter Workflow Management for a Smarter Business: Solutions for Accounting, Customer Service, Finance, and HR

From processing invoices to approving PTO requests, your company has hundreds of procedures that keep it running smoothly. But what if “running smoothly” is your goal, but not your reality? Common business processes can be complicated by missed steps, misplaced documents, and lapsed communication. That’s where a more intelligent workflow management strategy comes into play.

Workflow ManagementIntelliChief – a leader in automated workflow management – offers technology-driven solutions for your most pressing business needs. Our software can help with:

These examples are just a small fraction of what we do. At the end of the day, any process that involves multiple documents and multiple departments can be made more efficient with IntelliChief’s comprehensive tools for workflow automation.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Automated workflows make it easier for you to get projects from Point A to Point B. You’ve already established where everything is supposed to go (e.g., invoices are sent to Accounts Receivable as soon as they’re mailed out, or purchases orders are sent to Accounts Payable when they need to be approved). IntelliChief’s smart technologies make this happen automatically.

As soon as one team member finishes with a document, it’s instantly routed to the next step in the workflow. Management can see where every project is, at any point in time. Plus, users know exactly what they need to be doing, thanks to a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard.

When implemented, IntelliChief’s workflow management software can streamline your entire organization. Automation can improve nearly every department, from accounting and customer service to human resources and finance. Less data entry, faster processing, and comprehensive analytics can make life easier for everyone – from new hires to your C-suite.

Workflow Management Software from IntelliChief – Automated Business Solutions That Integrate With Your ERP

You likely have many existing workflows built out in your ERP. IntelliChief is designed to work seamlessly with the software you already have – no programming required. We even offer mobile workflow functionality so that you can collaborate from anywhere.

IntelliChief’s workflow automation software also gives you the versatility you need to pursue continuous improvement. As your business grows, your workflows will naturally become more complex – and IntelliChief can easily keep pace. You can add, manage, or delete workflows from your system, and our team is always standing by if you need help.

If you’ve been looking for a new approach to process management, contact IntelliChief today. let us know what you’re looking to improve, and our team can get you scheduled for a custom demo of our workflow management software.