Workflow Management Software – Smarter Solutions for Your Core Business Processes

IntelliChief’s workflow management software can help you streamline your most important business processes. Rule-based routing ensures that every step is completed in the correct order, and automation helps you complete repetitive steps behind the scenes. Meanwhile, you can see the status of every project, at every time.

With electronic reminders and notifications keeping everything on schedule, you can spend less time on behind-the-scenes administration. You can also ensure compliance with your established business rules – eliminating the challenge of “tribal knowledge” in each department or business unit.

IntelliChief’s Workflow Management Solutions

Workflow Management Software Solutions

Our software can simplify almost any back-office business process. You can use IntelliChief for:

When you first get started, you can decide what each workflow should look like – from beginning to end. You can create custom business rules, and our software enforces them.

Why Use Workflow Management Software?

Even the simplest workflows require your employees’ constant time and attention. (They’re also delay-prone and error-prone). An entire project can be thrown off by a misplaced document, an out-of-office employee, or a data entry error. The busier you are, the harder it is to keep up.

Workflow automation helps you work more efficiently. Software completes your most time-consuming tasks, while your employees spend their time on more important projects. And as your company grows, you can easily keep pace with an increased volume of work.

Technology That Works the Way That You Work

You already know how your processes should be carried out. With our workflow management software, you don’t have to change the way you do business – whether that’s who approves your procurement requests, how you process your orders, or how you invoice your customers. Because IntelliChief is a natural extension of your existing workflows, you can hit the ground running.

Our easy-to-use software lets you easily map out each of your internal processes. (You can create different paths and hierarchies for each individual procedure.) Using these company’s custom business rules, IntelliChief can then move each workflow through its corresponding sequence.

When one (or more) steps in a process can be automated, our software works to complete these steps behind the scenes. Without any intervention, it can:

  • Collect data from your business documents
  • Import data into your ERP
  • Validate your invoices
  • Send documents to different users and departments

When a workflow requires an employee’s input, they system tells them exactly what needs to be done (and when). Natural language prompts prevent confusion, and automatic reminders prevent accidental delays. (If something isn’t completed right away, IntelliChief can escalate it to another user so that the entire process isn’t held up.) Your employees can see all of their pending tasks from a single dashboard, while easily collaborating with the rest of their team.

Other features include: