Workflow Management Software – Smarter Solutions for Accounting, Customer Service, Finance, and HR

Your company has hundreds of procedures that keep it running smoothly. But what if “running smoothly” is your goal, but not your reality? Workflow management software can help.

Workflow Management Software Solutions

Many business processes can be thrown off course by missed steps or poor communication. That’s where a software-driven workflow management strategy comes into play.

IntelliChief – a leader in automated business workflow management – can help you keep your processes on track. We offer technology-driven solutions for:

Our workflow automation software can accommodate almost any back-office process.

Anything that involves multiple documents (or departments) can become much easier with IntelliChief. Most companies note an increase in productivity right away.

Why Use a Workflow Management Solution?

Workflow automation makes it easier to get projects from Point A to Point B.

You already know how your processes should play out. (For instance, invoices go to Accounts Payable when they need to be approved, and customer orders go straight to Fulfillment.) But in today’s busy workplace, getting everything done in order – and on time – is a challenge.

Workflow management software makes sure that every process is started as soon as possible. When something can be automated, it is. Your employees have fewer redundant tasks to worry about, and your entire business becomes more efficient. (Accuracy goes up as well.)

When something does need an employee’s input, workflow routing tools can send it where it needs to go. (You can create custom paths and sequences for each of your individual workflows.)

Users know exactly what they need to be doing, thanks to a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard. When something isn’t completed right away, our software can also send out notifications so that nothing falls through the cracks. As soon as one team member finishes with a document, it’s routed to the next step in the workflow.

Role-Based Accessibility

When employees go on vacation (or are working remotely), workflows can come to a halt. But IntelliChief lets you assign role-based access to better manage your processes. When one person is away, our system can send it to a teammate, keeping everything right on track.

Workflow Tracking

You need to know what your employees are working on, what projects are already finished, and what projects have yet to be started. With our workflow management software, you can see where every project is, at any point in time. Plus, our business reporting solutions let you visualize all your work, while keeping an eye on important performance metrics.

Enterprise-Level Implementation

IntelliChief’s workflow management software can streamline your entire organization. It’s an enterprise-level solution that you can use in nearly every department, from accounting and customer service to human resources and finance. Instead of dealing with disparate systems, you can create a single platform for all of your automations.

Less data entry, faster processing, and comprehensive analytics can make life easier for everyone – from new hires to your C-suite. And because it serves as a natural extension of your existing workflows, you can hit the ground running.

Workflow Management Software from IntelliChief – Business Automation Solutions That Integrate With Your ERP

Your ERP is the “heart” of your business. IntelliChief helps you use it more efficiently.

Our software works with the programs you already use – no custom coding required. Because our integrations allow you to share data across your technologies, you don’t have to stop in the middle of a workflow to look up information somewhere else. IntelliChief even has mobile workflow functionality so that you can collaborate from anywhere.

As your business grows, your workflows will naturally become more complex – and IntelliChief can keep pace. Our workflow automation software is designed for continuous improvement. You can add, manage, or delete workflows from your system, and our team is always standing by if you need help.

If you’re ready to improve your mission-critical business processes, contact IntelliChief. Let us know what you’re looking to improve, and our team can get you scheduled for a custom demo of our workflow management software.