Backup Software

Is Backup Software the Next Big Thing? Or Does the Technology Already Exist?

Backup Software

IntelliChief’s secure, automated digital repository provides a reliable solution for the enterprise backed by 10+ years of implementation, experience, and feedback.


Advanced Market Analytics (AMA) recently published a comprehensive research report detailing the global backup software market.  At more than 200 pages, it is a daunting read that explores the nuances of the burgeoning market; however, it fails to mention that backup software has already been available under a different name for many years. Software that duplicates content and securely saves it, ensuring that documents are retained for as long as they are needed by businesses, is an important component of any document management system or, if more features are required, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution – like IntelliChief.

What Is Backup Software?

Backup software gives users the ability to backup enterprise content into folders that can be accessed by authorized individuals and teams. Backup software, which is typically tied to a digital repository, can be utilized to save or restore an original file without compromising the quality of the document or the accessibility of the information contained therein. It eliminates instances of misfiled or lost documents, damaged documents, and automatically equips you with the tools for disaster recovery.

Where in the World Is Backup Software Needed?

The security and peace of mind supported by implementing backup software to support your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a surefire way to ensure that information entering your company is maintained for as long as it is needed to increase your bottom line. This is a need shared by business owners across the globe, which is why this functionality is popular in many regions, including:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific

By going a layer deeper and examining country-specific data, software vendors can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of their customers, and vice-versa, businesses can identify which vendors are equipped with the tools to help them ensure that vast quantities of information are preserved in high-quality, digital copies that can’t be tampered with or destroyed without executive approval.

With an Array of ECM Tools, IntelliChief Outperforms Backup Software Companies That Are Just Entering the Arena

The concept of “backup software” is nothing new. Backing up information has been a long-standing practice for most businesses but doing so can be time-consuming. It is time for a change. Backups should continue on a rolling basis automatically without human intervention. As soon as an invoice or other form of transactional document enters your organization, it must be copied and stored safely. Better yet, it should be linked with other related documents to form a digital paper trail – a popular IntelliChief feature that establishes it as the go-to solution for backup software for the enterprise.

With 10+ years of experience providing digital repository, business process automation, and document management services, IntelliChief is the only solution with the distinction of being an ECM platform that is universally compatible with all ERP platforms and applications. IntelliChief neatly integrates with your ERP system, unlocking additional features, such as automating rolling backups for all documents which are saved in a digital repository that can only be accessed by users with the proper permissions.

For the Enterprise, Digital Backups Are Only the Beginning

Companies cannot afford to lose information, especially information tied to high-volume transactional content. With backup software that saves duplicates of your enterprise content in a digital repository, you can ensure that your organization acts a vacuum that prevents any information from slipping between the cracks – and that’s only the beginning.

Once documents have been backed up to a digital repository, they can be routed throughout an organization via departmental or interdepartmental workflows. By introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), an ECM tool that captures information from paper and digital documents and saves it to your system, you can even support straight-through processing that allows you to process documents without any human intervention. With IntelliChief, your documents aren’t just saved securely, they’re enhanced and optimized to better support your company.

Ready to learn more about how IntelliChief’s digital repository can help your business maintain continuity and increase efficiency? Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our industry-leading backup software and ECM platform.