Construction Document Management

Maintain compliance and control with stress-free document management for builders

In construction, document management that supports project accounting is crucial to keeping projects on track. You have to keep detailed records of your proposals, site visits, and supply purchases, though that’s only part of it. To meet your deadlines, you have to handle approvals and modifications as quickly as possible. A single delay can derail an entire project – but IntelliChief can help you prevent that with Enterprise Automation software for the construction industry.

Our enterprise automation software is designed for the fast-paced construction industry. A streamlined platform for your entire team, it lets you save and retrieve your documents while automating complex workflows. This makes it easier to standardize operations across every location and job site in real-time.

Store and Retrieve Your Contracts, Reports, Bids, Schedules, and Invoices

IntelliChief offers a simple solution for storing your construction documents. Our software converts your paperwork into digital files and imports the data into your ERP. It can even link related documents, like invoices and purchase orders, for ease of access.

With everything in one place, you can access your content anywhere. From the office, you can retrieve documents from any computer. And from the field, you can use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, for routing and approvals — anywhere, anytime.

Custom profiles let you control who can access each file. For instance, you can give project managers access to all information, while limiting contractors and sub-contractors to specific documents. You can even share content with clients, vendors, and others outside your organization.

Approve and Code Construction Documents On the Go

Some documents can go straight to your archive, but others need to move through your company for processing. You need a collaborative solution for your entire team.

IntelliChief lets your project managers approve invoices, sign off on purchase orders, and assign GL codes by project number in the field. They can even add notes for other users to review. This lets you speed up everything from supply chain management to accounting, with an integrated accounts payable process.

Our software integrates directly with your ERP. This way, users don’t need access to your core system to get things done – although they can work directly from their ERP if that’s more convenient. Meanwhile, parallel workflow functions let you complete different tasks at the same time. Employees can do what they need to without waiting on the rest of the team – helping you reduce delays even further.

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Document Retention and Regulatory Compliance

Every business has its own approach to record-keeping. But, it’s standard industry practice for construction, architecture, and engineering companies to maintain their documents for 10 years – or longer – for legal and administrative purposes.

That can mean endless piles of drawings, models, contracts, reports, invoices, and correspondence. Or, you can store your documents in a digital format, creating more space in your office. Decide how long to save each record, then let our system delete them once they’re no longer needed.

Discover IntelliChief’s Construction Enterprise Automation System

When you’re ready for a better approach to document management, IntelliChief is here to help. We’ve worked with local & national A/E/C firms, including leaders in general, commercial, mechanical, and industrial construction. With that expertise, we can create a similar solution for you to achieve faster, more efficient operations as well.

To learn more about our construction enterprise automation system, contact us today. Or, request a demo of our software, and we’ll show you how you can work smarter with IntelliChief.