Document Management Software from IntelliChief – Electronically Archive, Process, & Share Your Business Content

Document management software offers a more modern way to manage your business content. It’s simple, it’s cost-effective, and it’s perfect for your on-the-go workforce.

At IntelliChief, we make document management easy. Our solutions automatically collect and distribute your business documents – which means less work for your employees. (It also means less money wasted on paper, ink, and physical document storage.) Meanwhile, workflow automation technologies help you process your documents with minimal effort. You can even integrate our EDMS with your ERP, letting your systems seamlessly share their data.

Document Management Software System

Why Use Document Management Software?

How many documents come in to your business in a typical day? More importantly: how many of those documents contain information that needs to be processed right away, but ends up overlooked?   

Document management software helps you stay on track. You don’t have to wait for an incoming document to be collected, delivered to the right department, and manually processed. Our software handles all of this automatically – making it faster and less costly to manage your corporate content.

Our solutions also allow you to automate your document-driven workflows. Companies rely on our content services for:

HR departments and customer service can also benefit. With employee documents & customer records neatly organized in an electronic archive, they don’t have to waste time searching for specific files. Instead of managing documents, your best contributors can build relationships, develop strategies, and improve your business. That’s just one of the reasons why our document management software typically pays for itself within a single year.

Meet IntelliChief: Enterprise Document Management Software for Better Business

Another reason? We designed our document management solutions for use in multiple departments and locations. This lets you solve several enterprise-level challenges with a single investment.

Document Collection, Storage & Distribution

IntelliChief lets you collect and distribute documents as soon as they arrive at your business. Employees can save email content or PDF data directly from their computer – or our system can monitor an email address to directly import incoming files. (IntelliChief can collect incoming faxes the same way). And for documents that arrive in the mail? Place them in a scanner, and our software will take care of the rest. All your files are securely saved in an electronic archive.

Document Classification & Content Indexing

IntelliChief “reads” each incoming document. It automatically determines what type of document it is, and where it needs to go. (You can use custom workflow paths to route information throughout your organization.)

As content is identified, it’s indexed and sent directly to your ERP. By collecting the data from each document as it arrives, IntelliChief also saves you the trouble of manual data entry.

Document Search & Retrieval

With document management software, your employees can easily collaborate with coworkers in other departments or physical office locations. Any user with the corresponding permission can access, process, and share content right from their computer. No more disorganized email chains, or routing documents through the mail.

Need your teams to stay productive on the go? Mobile access lets IntelliChief users view and process documents from their smartphones or tablets.

Information Management Solutions for an Ever-Changing Business

Our document management software is fully customizable. As your company grows, you can update your solutions to meet your changing needs. You can transition your departments to electronic content management one at a time, or add users as needed. You can install the software on your own network, or use our web-based browser. You can even use IntelliChief with multiple ERPs, allowing you to expand without limitations. Our experts are here to help you find the approach that makes the most sense for your business.

Get Started with Electronic Document Management

To learn more about our document management software, contact us today. Or, see how other companies have transformed their business with IntelliChief. You’ll see just how easy it is to access your information & streamline your workflows with a few simple clicks.