Document Management Software from IntelliChief

Document management software makes it easy to capture, store, and retrieve your paperwork. Our solutions let you archive your invoices, sales orders, contracts, procurement forms, and other important documents; you can re-purpose the data across your entire organization, then delete the records when they’re no longer needed.

IntelliChief lets you:

  • Capture and save any time of business document
  • Process each document in accordance with your custom business rules
  • Search for specific files based on any identifying criteria
  • Create custom access permissions based on each user’s role
  • Securely delete your documents at the end of their lifespan

Our document management solution lets you easily manage electronic and hard-copy paperwork on the same platform, keeping all of your content neatly organized and easy to find.

Document Management Software

IntelliChief also lets you electronically process your content. Our software can automatically move your documents through pre-designed workflows, completing core business processes as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s an easy way to:

  • Review, approve, and leave comments on your documents
  • Route your files to various members of your organization
  • Automatically capture your content and send it to your ERP

With a single solution, you’ll have all the tools you need to transform your approach to document management.

Comprehensive Document Management Solutions for the Enterprise

IntelliChief provides comprehensive technologies for:

Document Capture & Electronic File Storage

Our software lets you collect and distribute your documents as soon as you receive them. Your employees can save content (including email files, attachments, and PDF data) to your archive directly from their computer. (It’s the same as sending a document to your printer.) Or, for a more automated approach, IntelliChief can monitor a specific corporate email address or fax network and directly import incoming files.

And as for hard-copy documents? Place them in a scanner, and IntelliChief will take care of the rest. All of your content – regardless of the original file format – is securely saved in an electronic repository.

Document Classification, Distribution & Content Indexing

IntelliChief helps you determine what needs to be done with each document. Optical character recognition software “reads” the content the same way a person would. This helps our document management software classify each document and move it into the appropriate processing queue. (You can create custom workflow paths for different document types, making it simple to send files to the correct user or department.)

At the same time, each document’s unique data is collected, indexed, and sent to your ERP. This lets you process your information more accurately, and ensures real-time updates across each of your business systems.

Document Search & File Retrieval

With IntelliChief, users can look up any document, at any time – from any location. With mobile and browser-based access options, employees don’t have to have access to their local network, or search through a filing cabinet for a specific record. Multiple users can even access the same document at the same time.

Our software lets you search for stored documents using any common criteria. You don’t have to know the full document name, either. Full-text search lets you locate records using any of the information that was collected during the indexing process. (For instance, you can search for an invoice using the supplier name or purchase order number.)

To keep your information secure, IntelliChief lets you easily control who can access or modify your content. You can temporarily redact sensitive information, and change your access permissions at any time.

Workflow Automation

Our document management software can also simplify the most time-intensive aspects of your business. With custom processing paths for procure to pay and order to cash documents, you can:

Each modification is saved and synced in real time – which means that users can easily collaborate with coworkers in other departments or physical office locations.  No more hard-to-follow email chains, or wondering about the status of each project. You have complete visibility into each document-driven workflow, and an easy way to reduce time-consuming delays.

Transforming Your Business with Document Management Software

You likely deal with hundreds – if not thousands – of documents every day. Many contain information that needs to be processed right away, but end up overlooked. So what does that mean for your business?

High-priority projects end up delayed. Missed deadlines lead to penalties and fees – not to mention damaged relationships.

With document management software, your entire business can become more efficient. You gain complete visibility into every document-based workflow. You don’t have to face the financial impact of missed deadlines. You spend less on printer paper, ink, and document storage. And because your employees don’t have to waste their time on administrative paperwork, your core business processes become faster and less costly. Instead of searching for content or processing data, your best contributors can build relationships, develop solutions for your most pressing challenges, and help you improve your business.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Electronic Document Management Software & Workflow Automation Tools

At IntelliChief, we make it easy to go paperless. Our solutions can integrate with any ERP; you can use them in any department across your business. You can even connect it with multiple technologies, allowing you to expand without limitations.

Our experts are here to help you find the approach that makes the most sense for your business. IntelliChief Professional Services can help you review your needs – and your options – to see what document management software can do for you.

To learn more, contact us today. Or to see how other companies have transformed their businesses with ECM, visit our Resource Library for a complete collection of case studies & white papers.