Records Management – Electronic Document Storage, Data Access Governance, & Document Destruction

A corporate records management strategy needs to manage information throughout its entire lifecycle. There’s collection, storage, and scheduled destruction to worry about – plus security and confidentiality.

Some companies hire full-time employees to deal with these details. But there’s also a simpler, more cost-effective approach.

Electronic records management lets you control your documents from a single platform. Whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of files to maintain, it’s an easier way to keep up.

IntelliChief can collect, store, and control access to your corporate records. Your employees can access their files anywhere – even on smartphones and tablets – and use them for any related project. At the same time, your documents are protected from unauthorized access, then destroyed when they’re no longer needed.

Document Storage, Access Governance, & Records Destruction

A digital archive makes document retention easy. No more cluttered piles or cabinets taking up your valuable office space. No more lost or misplaced documents, and no more expensive off-site storage. And in the event of a disaster? Recovering your records & getting back to business is easier than you’d expect.

Electronic records (like emailed invoices and PDFs) are imported as they arrive. Hard-copy documents are scanned in (one at a time or in batches). Our document imaging solutions take care of the rest.

Document Classification & Indexing

As soon it receives as a document, IntelliChief determines what type of document it is and indexes the contents. (It uses document processing profiles, or DPPs, to do this in seconds. These profiles control everything about the document – including how long it’s stored, what other records to link it to, and who is allowed to access it.)

When a new document needs to be added to an existing record, IntelliChief links the paperwork in your archive, automatically. For instance, AP checks can be connected to multiple invoices, or sales orders can be connected to shipping information. This way, you can view everything that’s related to a transaction, without having to search for each file individually.

Permission-Based Data Access Governance

Once a record is saved, it can only be accessed by users with corresponding permissions. And with IntelliChief, you can easily set custom profiles to keep your information safe. Our records management system lets you give each user a custom setting, and change permissions as often as needed. Or, you can control access by role and department. HR managers can retrieve benefits forms and employee records, while AP managers can access invoices and general ledger reports. This makes it easy to maintain separation of duties (and other internal control policies.)

If a document needs to be circulated throughout your organization, it’s easy to hide confidential information. You can electronically redact data with a few clicks, and restore that data once the record is done being viewed.

If a document needs to be shared, it’s easy to hide confidential information. You can electronically redact data with a few clicks, and restore that data the exact same way. And when it comes to audits? It only takes seconds to assemble a complete paper trail of who handles each document (and when).

Document Destruction & Disposal

Most companies have document retention policies in place. There are internal records management procedures to deal with, as well as industry regulations.

For instance: certain records need to be retained for specific amounts of time. Expense reports and internal audit records are usually saved for seven years, while financial statements and inventory records may need to be stored forever.

With IntelliChief, you have the software maintain your company’s record retention schedule. Once a document is no longer needed, it’s automatically deleted, and the data is destroyed.

Discover IntelliChief’s Solutions for Secure Digital Business Record Management

If you weren’t wasting time on corporate records management, what could you achieve? Not only would you have more resources to use on more important projects, but you’d be done with the stress of regulatory compliance. Penalties would no longer cut into profits, and employees would be better able to focus on strategic growth.

With IntelliChief, all this is within reach. To learn more about our electronic records management system, contact us today.