Sales Order Automation

Streamline and automate every step of complex order processes

Sales order automation can help you keep up with your company’s growth. It’s one thing to process 10 or 20 orders a day – but when you’re dealing with hundreds of transactions at a time, it can help to have a more efficient solution.

More demand for your products is never a bad thing. But the more customers that you have – and the more products that you sell – the harder it can be to keep everything straight. Replacing your time-consuming manual processes with a sales order processing system is a simple way to accelerate your business.

Automating Your Sales Order Process

IntelliChief’s sales order automation software lets you collect, process, and track your customer orders – all from a single platform.

With our solutions, your order to cash process starts the second an order is received.

Sales Order Automation

Typically, you’d have to collect each incoming purchase order, send it to your customer service team, enter the information into your ERP, type out a sales order, send an acknowledgement to your customer, and route that order over to fulfillment. IntelliChief can do all of this for you – without any input from your team.

Collecting & Routing Customer Purchase Orders

When an order arrives as an email or fax, IntelliChief can automatically import it. (For hard-copy purchase orders, your Customer Service team can simply scan them in.)

Our order management software instantly converts your purchase orders to sales orders, making sure that all of the information is correct.  From there, it routes each sales order to the next destination (think Finance, Engineering, or Fulfillment.)

The more complex your order management process, the more IntelliChief can help. Automatic routing and approvals can put an end to stop and go inefficiencies that slow down your business – improving your productivity and your cash flow.

Automated Sales Order Entry

IntelliChief also puts an end to manual order entry. Our OCR software can scan each customer order form, automatically collecting the order numbers, item numbers, prices, quantities, billing information, and shipping information. It automatically validates the data as it’s extracted, then imports it into your ERP.

With sales order automation, your employees don’t have to waste time on manual data processing – and you don’t have to worry about preventable mistakes. Your customers get exactly what they ordered, every single time. And if an order is changed after it’s placed? Our software can sync all of the new data across all of your business systems, letting you acknowledge and address these requests right away.

Automated Order Updates

As you move through your order processing workflows, you don’t have to worry about keeping your customers in the know. IntelliChief can automatically send out shipment notifications, delivery notifications, and other customer communications on your behalf.

Any time a new order document is created, IntelliChief automatically saves it to an electronic archive. At any time, you can look up what the customer ordered, when the order was fulfilled, when the shipment was placed, and when it was received. This lets you resolve order inquiries in seconds.

Order Processing Software

  • Your customer service representatives can spend less time entering order forms into your ERP.
  • Your credit managers can view sales orders and immediately approve (or deny) corresponding lines of credit.
  • Your production managers can see new orders and change requests as soon as they’re received.
  • Your fulfillment team can have more easily manage out-of-stock inventory and shipping logistics.
  • Your accounts receivable team can send automatically generated invoices to your customers as soon as each order is complete.
  • Your financial analysts can more easily (and more accurately) assess your company’s cash flow.

As each of these teams work together to get your orders processed, IntelliChief keeps all of your workflows on track. Tasks can be re-assigned when an employee is out of the office, and automatic reminders make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Your customers benefit from sales order automation as well. They receive their orders more quickly, and don’t have to waste time disputing errors. When they see you as a more reliable vendor, it’s easier for you to earn their repeat business.

Plus, with IntelliChief, your customers can continue sending you their purchase orders the same way they always have – whether that’s over the phone, by email, or through the mail. No matter the format, you’ll be able to easily convert and process those orders on your end, without asking your customers to adopt EDI or otherwise change the way they do business.

Discover IntelliChief’s Sales Order Automation Software & Streamline Your Order to Cash Workflow

Our software works the way that you work. You don’t have to change a thing about your existing sales order process – we’ll re-create your existing workflows within the IntelliChief environment.

We’ll also integrate your new automation tools with your current ERP software. Whether you use SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Infor, or another system for sales order management, we’ll design a solution that makes the most of your existing technologies.

More Than Just Sales Order Automation

IntelliChief is more than just a sales order automation system. It’s a versatile solution that you can use across your entire enterprise – for any of your document-driven workflows. The same OCR program that collects data from your purchase orders can also collect data from your invoices, applications, credit memos, billing statements, and more. Meanwhile, the same workflow automation tools that help your move your sales order from department to department can do the same for your other mission-critical process flows. With a single platform, you can transform multiple areas of your business.

To learn more about our solutions, contact us today. We’ll help you design a custom solution for faster and more accurate order processing.