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Order processing software helps you create a better end-to-end experience for your customers. With a simplified order entry and production process, you can deliver your products to your customers more quickly. They receive exactly what they ordered, at the correct prices – and don’t have to ask your team to correct errors. And when they do have questions after the sale, your Customer Service team can easily find their order history and provide them with any information they’re asking for – whether that’s an estimated delivery time, a shipping quote, or a recommendation for their next purchase.

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IntelliChief: Comprehensive Solutions for Order Entry, Production Routing, and Invoicing

IntelliChief can help you streamline your entire order to cash cycle. You can:

  • Automate the collection of your customers’ order forms
  • Capture part numbers, prices, quantities, and delivery instructions, then import the data into your order management software
  • Electronically route quote requests, engineering change requests, and other special orders to each of your internal teams
  • Add new order processing documents (such as commercial invoices and delivery notifications) to your customer records as they become available
  • Create accurate invoices using the information you already have in your order processing software

By automating these time-consuming tasks, you can significantly speed up your order O2C process. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that software can reduce the average order handling time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and the cost by up to 80 percent.

Send Order Information Directly to Your ERP

Our order processing software can capture your customers’ orders as they arrive. Instead of waiting for Customer Service to key each order into your ERP, IntelliChief can automatically collect the forms from your fax and email networks, validate the information on each document, and send the data directly to your ERP. (You can scan hard-copy order forms into the system in batches.)

When you’re not entering each order by hand, you can get started on production as soon as the order is placed – reducing your lead times significantly.

Order entry automation also helps manufacturers and distributors prevent common processing errors. IntelliChief ensures that the sales orders you use internally are an exact match for your customers’ purchase orders – giving you a considerable advantage over competitors who still rely on a manual order entry process. You can build a reputation for accuracy and reliability, while reducing the amount of time your employees have to spend on incorrect order disputes.

Eliminate Lost Orders

The more orders you process, the harder it can be to keep up. (This is especially true if you have a Customer Service team that takes orders at trade shows and conferences, and enters them in bulk at the end of the day.) But no company wants to admit that they lost an order – and no customer wants to go through the process of re-submitting their request.

By automatically sending each new order to your processing queue, IntelliChief helps prevent lost orders. And, workflow automation helps move each order through your Order to Cash cycle, ensuring that nothing is misplaced or overlooked. It’s an easy way to get your orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Processing Special Orders

IntelliChief’s order processing software helps you easily accommodate your customers’ special requests. Change orders, quote requests, and other non-standard orders can be electronically routed to the appropriate departments for review.

If you need multiple approvals, you can collect them in the proper sequence, without unnecessary delays. Mobile access lets users complete their approvals on the go, and automated reminders keep your entire team on track.

Customer Order Tracking & History

Order processing automation provides a better customer experience, right from the start. Customers are less likely to reach out to your company for updates (or to report a problem with their order) – but when they do have questions, our order tracking solutions help you resolve them more quickly.

As each order is processed, IntelliChief creates a comprehensive electronic record. All of the corresponding documentation is stored in an easily searchable archive. You can quickly find:

  • Purchase orders
  • Picklists and pack lists
  • Freight bills
  • Invoices
  • Order acknowledgments
  • Advance shipping notices
  • Credit documents
  • Liens
  • Maintenance and service records
  • RFPs and RFQs

Your Customer Service representatives can view the complete history of every transaction, right from their order management system. (Our software integrates with your ERP’s Customer Service application in real-time – which means that users can see the most recent status for each order, without having to leave their primary screen.)

When you automate your order processing cycle, you can instantly tell where each order is, when back-ordered items will ship, and when the corresponding invoice was sent. Customers don’t have to sit on hold while you look up their order histories. (If you choose to create a self-service portal, you can even provide your customers with direct access to their documents, right from your company’s website.)

Monitor and Improve Your Order Processing Cycle

Electronic order management isn’t just a benefit for your customers. With increased visibility into your order to cash workflows, you can monitor and assess your own performance. IntelliChief helps you visualize your lead times, production changes, and other important O2C metrics – all from a streamlined dashboard. You can use our pre-designed order processing reports, or create your own based on your most important KPIs.

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Our solutions are designed to help you provide a higher level of customer service – no matter your market or industry. We’ve helped countless companies develop a reputation for fast lead times, reliable invoicing, and prompt post-sale support.

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