Order Processing Software Lets Your Provide Better Customer Service and After-Sale Support

Customer satisfaction is critical to your business. IntelliChief’s order processing software can help you create a better end-to-end experience. You can get your products out the door more quickly, eliminate errors & delays, and instantly respond to customer inquiries. It’s a reliable way to provide a higher level of service – no matter your market or industry.

Prevent Orders from Getting Lost

Lost order forms are a major hassle – for companies and customers alike. No company wants to admit that they misplaced an order – and no customer wants to be asked to re-submit their information.

With IntelliChief, all of your orders are neatly organized and saved to a digital archive. Anyone who needs to review, approve, or process that order can do so right from their computer or mobile device. (Have a sales and service team that routinely enters orders on the go? Our solutions make it easy to manage your order entry process from tradeshows, conferences, and customer appointments.)

Automate Your Order Processing Cycle

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, it’s crucial to get orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Faster sales order processing is an easy way to earn repeat business and stay competitive.

One way to reduce your lead time? Eliminating manual data entry from your order management cycle.

Order Processing Software


PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that automation can reduce the average order handling time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and the cost by up to 80 percent. With order processing software, your employees aren’t wasting time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

IntelliChief collects and distributes customer orders as they arrive via email or fax. (You can also scan in hard-copy orders through a traditional scanner.)

The system collects information from each order form, validates it, and enters it into your ERP. You can start on production as soon as each order is placed.

If you’re dealing with a complex order process that slows things down – like multi-departmental approvals for engineering change orders – IntelliChief can help you move through each step more quickly. Anything that requires attention is visible right away, and automated reminders keep your entire team on track.

Eliminate Incorrect Order Complaints

Our order processing software eliminates the errors that occur when you enter your customer orders into your ERP by hand. It checks to make sure that your sales orders reflect each customer’s original purchase order, which means that they get exactly what they ordered – every single time.

IntelliChief even provides your team with automatically generated invoices for each transaction. It takes part numbers and prices directly from your stored order information, making your billing process faster and more accurate.

Limit Customer Service Inquiries After Each Sale

When you process your orders more quickly, your customers have a better experience, right from the start. They’re less likely to reach out to your Customer Service team to ask for updates – which gives your representatives more time to focus on other tasks.

Our self-service portal also lets your customers retrieve certain documents, like ASNs and bills of lading, right from your website.

Answer Questions More Quickly

If customers do end up reaching out for support, IntelliChief lets your employees provide whatever information they’re asking for, right away. Our software automatically creates an electronic records of all your customers’ documents, giving your Customer Service representatives immediate access to:

  • Purchase orders
  • Picking/Packing lists
  • Freight bills
  • Invoices
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Advance shipping notices
  • Credit Documents
  • Liens
  • Maintenance records
  • RFPs and RFQs

With our order processing software, your CSRs can view the complete history of every transaction in real time – even if it’s outside your ERP’s order management system. You can instantly tell your customers where their orders are, when backordered items will ship, what sort of technical support is available, and more. Customers don’t have to sit on hold, getting frustrated while they wait.

Integrate Our Order Processing Software With Your ERP’s Customer Service Application

IntelliChief is an integrated data solution – which means that it’s designed to share information directly with your ERP. You can streamline all of your order to cash workflows, and gain increased visibility into every stage of the order process. Meanwhile, self-service reporting lets you visualize lead times, production changes, and other important metrics – all from a user-friendly dashboard.

Learn More about Our Order Processing & Customer Service Solutions

Ready to develop a reputation for fast turnaround times and outstanding customer service? IntelliChief can provide you with the tools you need to process your customer orders more quickly, while increasing accuracy and reliability.

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