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Integrate Your ECM Tools With Your Other Business Programs

To get the best return on your investment, you need to integrate your ECM tools with your other business technologies. Unfortunately, connecting your enterprise content management system to your ERP or line-of-business system may be easier said than done.

Traditionally, there’s quite a bit of programming involved — especially if you use more than one ERP. With IntegrationLink, IntelliChief has designed a straightforward solution that allows you to quickly and easily integrate your new ECM software with all of your existing technologies.

ECM Tools

Designed with simplicity in mind, Integration Link allows you to integrate your systems without any custom coding. Its user-friendly point-and-click setup lets you modify your ECM tools as needed without having to get your IT employees or programmers involved.

Save, Retrieve, and Process Documents With IntelliChief’s Integrated ECM Tools

With IntelliChief Integration Link, you can easily customize your software to meet your needs. If you want to create a new automation process, simply add a button in your application and tell Integration Link what to do when that button is pressed. You can start using IntelliChief for virtually any ERP application in seconds.

With IntelliChief’s integrated ECM tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically import documents into your ERP (so you don’t have to manually import them yourself)
  • Automatically capture new documents as they are generated from your ERP
  • Help you search for and retrieve digital documents right from your ERP screen (no need to navigate to another software program)
  • Extract information from your documents to streamline repetitive business practices

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IntelliChief Integrations

We support formal integrations with all ERP systems and applications, including those from top vendors like Oracle, Oracle JD Edwards, Infor, SAP, and more.


IntelliChief Integration Link Tech Specs and Installation Requirements

IntelliChief Integration Link works with all ERPs – from major software tools to small and custom systems. You can even connect with multiple platforms to streamline processes across your entire enterprise.

If you’d like to learn more about IntelliChief Integration Link or any of our other comprehensive ECM tools, contact us today.