Document Storage Software – Digital Archiving Solutions for a Paperless Office

How much of your valuable office space is dedicated to document storage? On that same note, how much time do your employees spend standing in front of a filing cabinet, looking for a particular invoice or contract? If you’re ready to reclaim your space (and help your employees reclaim their time), consider going paperless with IntelliChief’s document storage software.

How to Use IntelliChief’s Document Storage Software

IntelliChief allows you to save, search, and share your files within a secure digital archive. This includes emails, faxes, and hard-copy paperwork. Sales orders, purchase orders, contracts, legal agreements, and even employee records – all of your company’s most important documents can be stored in IntelliChief.

Once archived, anyone with the appropriate permissions can search for, retrieve, and process documents with the push of a button. IntelliChief’s documents are searchable by:

  • Document type
  • Date of entry
  • Customer number
  • Purchase order number

IntelliChief also makes it possible for you to retrieve documents directly from your ERP – no clicking from one screen to the next. Similarly, you can automatically pull up documents that are related to the one you’re currently viewing (such as the purchase order, receiving documents, and payment documents that correspond to a specific invoice).

Is Electronic Document Storage Secure?

With our EDMS, storing documents in an electronic archive is – in many cases – more secure than storing them in a physical location. IntelliChief’s software checks each user’s individual permissions before granting access to a specific file. This is exceptionally important for organizations that handle sensitive data and need to comply with government regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

Additionally, any time a document is viewed or edited, IntelliChief makes a note of the action on that document’s file history. This provides a comprehensive paper trail, as well as complete transparency.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s document storage software, contact us today. We offer a variety of access options – including thin client and cloud-based installations – and can help you customize a solution that’s right for your business.