Document Storage Software

Manage both electronic and hard-copy documents from a centralized system

Document storage software is a more efficient way to manage your company’s records. With IntelliChief’s electronic content management solutions, you don’t have to waste space on physical office storage – or time on manual document retrieval. All the information you need to keep your business running smoothly is stored in a digital archive, where you can access it from any computer or smart device. And because the documents are stored in a central system, employees from different offices and business units can access the same files at the same time.

Storing Documents Electronically

IntelliChief makes it easy to save your contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, employee records, and other important documents in an electronic repository. Users can retrieve your records at any time – from any device – as long as they have the corresponding permissions.

As you create or receive new documents, they’re automatically classified and organized. Files are saved until they’re no longer needed, then deleted from your repository – taking the stress out of records management

Adding New Documents to Your Storage System

Document storage software lets you manage both electronic and hard-copy documents from the same system. You can keep all your content in the same archive – carefully organized and easily searchable – making it easy to find anything you’re looking for.

Our solutions let you:

  • Instantly import new emails and faxes as they arrive
  • Save electronic records (including PDF attachments, JPEG attachments, and other corresponding files) directly from your computer
  • Scan in hard-copy files and automatically convert them to digital images

As each document is processed, our software cleans up imperfections (such as stains or smudged text). You don’t have to spend unnecessary time enhancing your files to ensure quality imaging.

Once a document is added to your system, you can search for, edit, and share the content at any time. If desired, you can even have our solutions capture the data from each document and send it to your other business systems. This helps you avoid manual document processing and data entry.

Retrieving Files from Your Document Storage Software

When you need a specific document, IntelliChief lets you search the full text of your entire archive. You can search by any keyword or criteria, such as:

  • Document type (invoice, employment application, engineering change order, etc)
  • Date of entry into the system
  • Customer or supplier business account number
  • Purchase order number
  • Any other custom information collected during the indexing process (our software automatically collects the printed data from each document, without you having to manually enter it in.)

You can retrieve your documents directly from IntelliChief, or while working in any of your other business systems. Our document storage software can integrate with accounting systems, customer relationship management systems, HR solutions, and other core technologies. Without leaving the application you’re currently using, you can easily access any of the files you have stored in IntelliChief.

On the go? Our mobile access features let you retrieve and process any document from a smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, browser-based accessibility lets you retrieve documents from any computer with Internet access.

Our solutions also let you organize content by department or project. As new information is created, you can link it to the corresponding documents that are already stored in your archive. (For instance: when you receive an invoice for a purchase order that is already saved in IntelliChief, our system can connect the records behind the scenes. When you go to validate that invoice and need to compare it to the original purchase order, both documents are already there, ready for you to review.)

Electronic Document Collaboration for Faster Workflows

Electronic document storage is helpful – but for most companies, it’s only part of the equation. When it comes to enterprise document management, you need to process your records as quickly as possible – and IntelliChief helps you do exactly that.

Our collaboration tools let your employees speed up their document-driven processes. Electronic document routing lets you instantly send documents to individual users (or departments) for review and approval. Users can add (and then delete) digital notes for their teammates, even redacting sensitive information as needed. And when several employees need to use the same document at the same time, our system lets them do so, without holding up the rest of the team.

Keeping Your Business Records Secure

Security is our highest propriety. Our electronic document management system comes with comprehensive data protection solutions that regulate internal (and external) access to your corporate content.

User authentications ensure that your business documents are only available to employees who have the corresponding permissions. Together with SSL technologies, configurable firewalls, and perimeter networks, this helps you protect your most sensitive data.

Our software also keeps a record of each time a document is opened, edited, or shared. At any time, you can see who interacted with each document, or generate an activity log of when your content was edited or viewed. This makes it easy to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other government regulations. In many cases, electronic document management is even more secure than storing your documents in desktop folders or filing systems.

Get Started With IntelliChief’s Document Storage Software

Transitioning to electronic document storage is easier than you think. Our team can guide you through the migration process, helping you add and organize the essential content you need to move your business forward.

To learn more about IntelliChief, contact us today. Or, request a demo here, and our team can introduce you to our document storage software.