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Convert Images to Text, Automatically Process Documents, and Eliminate Manual Data Entry With Capture Enterprise

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise is a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that can be implemented in our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Digitizing information plays an essential role in boosting operational efficiency and paving the way for business process automation, which is why we have designed one of the fastest and most robust capture applications on the market.

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What Is OCR Software and How Does it Work?

OCR Software lets you convert traditional documents into searchable data. While a document scanner can create a digital replica of a paper image, an OCR program can take information off the image and use it for other purposes.

IntelliChief OCR software uses an advanced combination of OCR and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies to collect and digitize information from your paper documents, digital images, and more. Line by line, it captures and identifies business-critical information which is then stored in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

What Happens When an OCR Application Can’t Recognize A Piece of Data?

Optical character recognition software is highly efficient, but capture rates do depend on the quality of the document that the program is reading. Blurry text, for instance, can be difficult for a computer to read.

With Capture Enterprise, you can customize your data confidence settings. When the program encounters a word or letter that it doesn’t recognize, it requests a manual review from a member of your team. It highlights the information that needs to be verified, allowing your team to find and address the issue in seconds.

Professional OCR Software, Designed for the Enterprise

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise software uses RPA to automatically recognize data from transactional and project-related documents, setting the stage for digital document management and automatic form processing.

OCR Benefits

The Benefits of OCR Software:

  • Offers a reliable solution for all of your corporate content, whether paper or digital, including faxed contracts, printed forms, email content, TIFF images, PDFs, and more.
  • Includes a variety of data capture functions, such as multi-language recognition, full-text scanning, and zonal identification.
  • Processes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents.
  • Uses a flexible procedural rules engine, ensuring that your information is dealt with according to your established business rules.
  • Efficiently process a high volume of documents with batch processing technologies that can scale output as your company grows.
  • Automatically imports data into your ERP system, providing real-time access to all corporate content.

Capture Success With Industry-Leading OCR Software

IntelliChief Paper Airplane

OCR Software for Accounts Payable

When you use Capture Enterprise for Accounts Payable, you can eliminate the manual keying and manual matching of your AP invoices. This application is so common that we’ve created a standard interface for our Capture Enterprise Server, allowing you to easily manage your PO and non-PO invoices. As IntelliChief robots process your Accounts Payable documents, it cross-references them to confirm that the charges are correct. Invoice OCR lays the groundwork for an automatic two- or three-way match process, which means much less manual work for your Accounts Payable team.

OCR Software for Sales Order Processing

Capture Enterprise also includes a specific OCR solution for sales order entry. Like our AP solution, our sales order solutions provide a standardized interface for reading and processing your customers’ order documents. This takes repetitive tasks (like manual routing for price exceptions) out of the equation and gets your customer service team back to more value-added tasks.

OCR Software for Other Business Applications

Accounts Payable and Sales Order Processing are just two of many ways that you can use OCR to streamline your business. If you’d like to process other documents within a specific department – like Human Resources or Logistics, IntelliChief’s Capture Enterprise for General Application makes it easy to do so. IntelliChief robots are smart, resilient, and capable of performing a broad range of time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Capture Enterprise can be used with all versions of the IntelliChief system. Basic requirements include:

  • A server with an OCR engine for converting document images into usable text
  • A client license for automatic entry into IntelliChief and an ERP system
  • An application-specific license for re-purposing captured information into your business-specific processes
  • A Capture Enterprise Verification Client