IntelliChief Capture Enterprise – OCR Software for Indexing Documents & Eliminating Manual Data Entry

When you transition to electronic content management, you need to convert your paper documents into digital ones, and OCR software can help. At IntelliChief, we’ve developed one of the fastest and most robust capture applications on the market.

IntelliChief Capture Enteprise is a powerful software solution that uses an advanced combination of OCR, OMR, and IMR technologies to streamline the indexing process. This helps you efficiently manage your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content.

Capture Enterprise also helps you eliminate manual data entry. By recognizing the information contained in each of your documents and importing it into your ERP, IntelliChief’s OCR software allows you to work much more quickly (and with fewer mistakes).

What is OCR Software and How Does It Work?

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a method of converting traditional documents into searchable data. While a document scanner can create a digital replica of a paper image, OCR can take information off that image and use it for other purposes.

OCR software works by detecting the individual lines and patterns that make up printed characters (both letters and numbers). The system can then “read” a document, matching the text that it sees to the characters it has already identified. When the program encounters a word or letter that it doesn’t recognize, it tells a person that they need to enter the information.

IntelliChief’s Approach to OCR Software

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise software uses OCR to automatically recognize data from documents. This sets the stage for digital document management and automatic form processing.

OCR Software

Capture Enterprise extracts and classifies key information to help you streamline your existing business processes. You won’t have to manually type in information, which can lead to significant cost savings. You’ll also find that:

  • It offers a robust solution for all of your documents – including those you receive as hard copies (e.g., faxes) and those you receive digitally (e.g., PDF email attachments).
  • It provides you with a variety of data capture functions, including multi-language recognition, full-text, and zonal identification.
  • It uses a flexible procedural rules engine, allowing you to create custom panels and capture applications that meet your specific needs.
  • It’s designed as a commercial OCR solution, with the capacity to quickly process a high volume of documents (and with the capacity to increase output as your company grows).
  • It can automatically import the data it collects into your ERP or line of business system.

Collectively, these benefits allow you to quickly and accurately export information from your documents and use it for other functions.

OCR Software for Accounts Payable Documents

IntelliChief offers a specific OCR product for accounts payable that can eliminate manual keying and manual matching of invoices forever. Integrated directly with the IntelliChief Capture Enterprise Server, Capture Enterprise for Accounts Payable allows you to process your AP documents with a standard interface for PO and non-PO invoices. Two-way and three-way matching and exception handling is standard.

OCR Software for Sales Orders

IntelliChief also offers a specific OCR solution for sales order entry. Like our AP solution, our sales order solutions works directly with IntelliChief Capture Enterprise and provides a standardized interface for reading and processing sales order documents.  You can take repetitive tasks (like manual keying and routing for price exceptions) out of the equation and get your customer service team back to delivering value for your customers.

OCR Software for General Use

Accounts payable and sales order processing are just two (of many!) areas that you can use OCR to streamline your business. If you’d like to process other documents within a specific application area, IntelliChief’s Capture Enterprise for General Application makes it easy to do so.

Other Advanced Character Recognition Technologies

Optical Character RecognitionWhile most companies use IntelliChief’s character recognition program for its OCR software, Capture Enterprise also offers: The intelligent character recognition (ICR) capabilities allow you to extract handwritten text; the optical mark recognition (OMR) capabilities allow you to read checkboxes; and the barcode recognition function allows you to extract data from printed barcodes.

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise Technical Specifications and System Requirements

Capture Enterprise can be used with all versions of the IntelliChief base system. The program consists of:

  • A server with an OCR engine for converting document images into usable data
  • A client license for validation, review, and manual entry into IntelliChief
  • An application-specific license for processing business-specific processes
  • A Capture Enterprise Verification Client

These products work together to streamline input into the IntelliChief archive and workflow systems.

Start Using IntelliChief’s Advanced OCR Software To Your Benefit

Ready to learn more about OCR software for your business? Contact IntelliChief today. We can introduce you to Capture Enterprise, as well as our other advanced document management products. We’d be happy to talk to you about your company’s goals and customize a software package to meet your specific needs.