Data Entry Automation

Software-driven solutions for faster, more accurate document processing

Data entry automation is a smart way to manage your enterprise content. If you’re spending too much time or money on manual data entry, it’s time to let “robots” handle the repetitive work for you. You’ll need to allocate fewer resources to document processing and administration — and eliminate errors as a result.

Saving Time and Increasing Accuracy with Automated Data Entry

McKinsey estimates that one-third of the time spent in the workplace is spent collecting and processing data. The more projects (and transactions) your company has to manage, the more data you have to deal with.

IntelliChief’s data entry automation software can simplify the entire process. Our capture solutions can collect information from any business document in seconds. Emails, PDFs, faxed order forms, hard-copy invoices, and receipts…any content that you send or receive, our system can manage.

IntelliChief robots continuously check to make sure that your data is valid before importing it into your core business programs. Because you’re not keying in your data by hand, you don’t have to worry about mistakes or incomplete information. And because you’re able to capture data from each document as soon as it arrives, you don’t have to worry about manual delays holding up your business.

How Does Data Entry Automation Work?

Our data entry automation software uses optical character recognition and robotic process automation to find important data on your documents. Our capture technologies can locate data anywhere on a document, which allows you to process unstructured documents automatically. This is important, as different documents and file types may contain data in different formats.

As the OCR software scans each page and collects the data, IntelliChief robots validate it against information you already have saved. You can set custom confidence intervals, telling our software when you want to have an employee manually review the data. Our program even highlights the data fields that require attention, letting your employees find and resolve issues in seconds.

As your data is indexed, it’s saved to your ERP. From there, that data can be re-used to streamline other important business processes – like invoice matching and order fulfillment. With fewer manual touchpoints, each of these processes will become faster and less expensive as well. Learn more about using data entry automation for end-to-end workflow automation.

Have a Project?

What Is Data Entry Automation?

What Kind of Data Can IntelliChief Collect?

Our document imaging software can capture any type of business data, including:

Once collected, IntelliChief can deliver this information anywhere you need it to go. For instance, it can send order numbers and shipping addresses to your order fulfillment program, while sending prices and invoice due dates to your Accounts Payable system. You’re not left entering your data time and time again, across each of your disparate systems. If you need to export data to review manually, you can easily create custom spreadsheets for any of the information you have saved in IntelliChief.

Benefits of Data Entry Automation

When you automate your data entry work, you benefit from:

  • Faster document processing
  • More accurate business data
  • More resources to allocate to other tasks
  • More satisfied (and engaged) employees

Must-Have Data Entry Software Features

For optimal efficiency, you need data entry software that can:

  • Recognize multiple forms of data
  • Easily integrate with your ERP
  • Notify your team when data needs a manual review
  • Collect and sync your content in real-time
  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Item #

  • Date

  • Quantity

  • Account #

  • Price

At IntelliChief, our solutions support your commitment to continual growth. You can use our data collection software anywhere you need to manage corporate information – from Accounting and Finance to Customer Service and HR. Because you can re-purpose one program for a number of applications, you’re able to get more out of a single investment.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Data Entry Program

Most importantly, IntelliChief’s data entry automation software is backed by world-class support. We know that accuracy is crucial, which is why we continually test and develop new data recognition technologies, such as OCR and ICR. With new modules added on a regular basis, we help you maintain your commitment to continual growth.

For more information about IntelliChief’s document processing software, contact us today.