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How to Avoid Unforeseen Human Resources Costs

Is your organization looking for a way to reduce HR costs and improve productivity? There are many unforeseen Human Resources costs that businesses fail to account for. Everything from failing to upgrade your HCM system to utilizing a paper-based filing system can leech time and money from your HR department. If you want to cut […]

What Is a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)?

How do you manage the data generated throughout your organization? Many companies utilize various systems of record to help store and manage this information, but it’s less often that these systems are truly integrated to facilitate data-driven decisions. For this reason, many organizations are moving toward a single source of truth (SSOT) model. Unifying Data […]

3 Tips for Dealing With an Increasing Accounts Payable Invoice Volume

Are your Accounts Payable queues overflowing with invoices? You’re not alone. Many businesses have trouble keeping up with high invoice volume, and this problem is only compounded when that volume starts to increase. This article discusses five tips for dealing with an increasing Accounts Payable invoice volume. Don’t let high invoice volume overwhelm your team! […]

How to Get Control of Your Supply Chain Documents

The more products you buy and sell, the more supply chain documents you have to manage. There are manifests and cargo logs for outbound documents as well as receiving documents for inbound shipments — and that only begins to scratch the surface. It never stops, which is why many organizations seek a paperless solution to […]

Is Automating Accounts Payable Processes Worth the Effort?

According to the Institute of Finance & Management, 61% of top global companies have implemented Accounts Payable (AP) automation. But this movement hasn’t come without challenges. The main issue? Money. When a CFO looks at potential expenditures, they need to know how each one will impact their bottom line. And it’s not just the immediate […]

Regulatory Compliance Tips for Your Company Documentation

Regulatory compliance takes major effort — and that effort often spans an entire organization. Everyone in your company, from your CEO to  Accounts Payable Director, IT Director, and every employee under their management, is responsible for doing their part to maintain compliance. Of course, we trust that our hard-working employees are satisfying their end of […]

3 Technologies That Yield Significant HR Cost Savings

Maintaining efficiency in Human Resources can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Many of those repetitive, time-consuming HR-related tasks that your team loathes can be automated to give your experts more time to focus on hiring and growth. After all, those are the most valuable functions of Human Resources. Organizations that are serious […]

Is a Paperless Accounts Payable System Right For Your Business?

Accounts Payable is often viewed as a cost center, and it’s not because AP controls the money leaving your organization. You can’t overlook the cost of doing business (and the cost of doing business inefficiently), either. If your AP department is unable to process vendor payments in a  timely manner or mismanages your cash flow […]

How Does a Content Management System Work?

Your organization’s content is the linchpin of its success. This content, comprised of invoices, sales orders, onboarding forms, employee files, interdepartmental correspondence, and more, is the fuel that drives your business forward. Without a reliable way to manage this content, such as a content management system (CMS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, information cannot […]

The 7 Components of ECM

You’ve decided that your organization needs to make a change to get faster, more competitive, and less resource hungry — and you want to start by eliminating paper. But where to start? For many businesses, the answer is Enterprise Content Management (ECM). But what is Enterprise Content Management? And what do the various components of […]