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IntelliChief Visual Workflow Designer

Business Process Mapping Made Easy

IntelliChief’s visual workflow designer makes it easy to map out and automate your core business process. You can create, test, and implement new workflows without custom coding; the drag-and-drop interface is designed for users without a technical background. As you build out new processes, your changes aren’t saved until they’re approved – giving you the freedom to explore without impacting your business.

Have a Project?

Create New Workflows With Our Visual Workflow Designer

IntelliChief lets you automate processes across your entire enterprise. You can route any document to any department – such as HR, Customer Service, or Finance, then move it through a pre-designed workflow. When you create a custom framework for your administrative workflows, you can ensure that your business rules are consistently applied.

For instance, you can have invoices of a certain dollar amount sent to your Financial Controller for an internal review. Once mapped, your processes can be automatically carried out by IntelliChief’s powerful workflow engine.

Visual Workflow Designer

A Simple, Flexible Interface for Code-Free Workflow Mapping

With IntelliChief’s visual workflow designer, you can easily determine which actions need to be completed (and when). You can diagram:

  • Which steps are involved in each specific sequence
  • Which departments are involved with each workflow (and which individual employees within each department)
  • What needs to be done to resolve administrative exceptions
  • What data is required to complete each process
  • How long a project should remain in a stage if it is not manually processed
  • What happens after a workflow is successfully completed

Business process mapping provides the foundation you need to successfully automate your workflows. Once you’ve created your diagram, you can insert stages and link them to automated responses, determine when to send email notifications to each participant in a workflow, and insert prompts to tell users what manual actions need to be taken – all within an intuitive Workflow Designer tool.

IntelliChief’s visual workflow builder provides a rich set of configurable rules and actions. You can ensure that all documents and data are delivered to the appropriate user at the appropriate time, customize your workflow prompts, and decide how projects should be re-routed if they’re not processed within a specific period of time. As your company changes – and your processes evolve – you can easily modify your workflows to update your automation paths

Workflow Mapping

Testing Your Automated Workflows

Once you’re created a workflow process map, you can validate it within in a separate test environment. Un-do and re-do tools are available until your changes are saved.

See IntelliChief’s Visual Workflow Designer in Action

Together with our powerful workflow engine and electronic routing system, our business process mapping tools help you streamline your corporate procedures. You can standardize your processes across multiple departments and business units, reduce your document processing time, and increase productivity – all with the power of workflow automation.

To learn more about the IntelliChief Workflow Designer, contact IntelliChief today.