Procure-to-Pay Solutions

Collect, distribute, and process Accounts Payable invoices electronically

IntelliChief’s procure to pay solutions help you collect, distribute, and process your Accounts Payable documents electronically. Our technology accelerates your P2P cycle, reducing the number of workflows your employees have to complete manually. Meanwhile, seamless integrations let you instantly share your business data across all of your purchasing and payment applications. If you’re ready to put an end to missed supplier discounts, costly late payment fees, and duplicate invoice payments, IntelliChief can help.

IntelliChief P2P

P2P Automation: A Better Approach to Purchasing and Accounts Payable

IntelliChief offers comprehensive procure-to-pay solutions to improve your end-to-end process. From a single integrated platform, your company can manage:

  • Procurement requests and purchase requisitions
  • Vendor quotes, contracts, and other sourcing documents
  • Supplier invoices
  • Purchase orders and purchase order acknowledgments
  • Non-purchase order approval workflow routing
  • Shipment notices, receipts, and freight documents

Communicating directly with your existing Accounts Payable system, IntelliChief captures enterprise content and sends it straight to your ERP system. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual data entry that stifles productivity and limits growth.

Our intelligent “robots” identify the most important information from each transaction, cross-reference it with your ERP’s databases, and use it to streamline your corresponding workflows. It can automate everything from invoice matching and GL coding to approval routing and voucher creation, reducing the amount of work that goes into your P2P process by a significant margin.

Procure to Pay Solutions Designed to Complement Your Business Processes

Our procure to pay solutions are designed to eliminate manual touchpoints from your Purchasing and Accounts Payable processes. With advanced features designed to help your business take advantage of straight-through processing, IntelliChief can:

  • Capture documents as they’re received
  • Route documents to key decision-makers for approval
  • Create custom approval routes for different types of transactions
  • Send invoice numbers, prices, supplier information, and other data directly to your accounting system
  • Match your invoices to your purchase orders and receipts
  • Automatically convert currencies and units of measure, reducing the number of exceptions you have to process manually
  • Automate supplier payments to simplify voucher creation and payment scheduling

All of this is accomplished with little to no input from your employees, making your entire P2P cycle faster and more efficient than ever before.

IntelliChief Scales to the Needs of Your Business

You rely on established business rules to keep everything moving smoothly. With IntelliChief, you can keep your current policies in place and use our software to automate the most time-consuming aspects of your process. We understand that every business is unique, and your existing business processes are a reflection of this. Unlike point solutions that attempt to adapt your business to a new process, IntelliChief adapts to your process and improves it.

When you first get started, our Solutions Engineers will customize your solution to reflect your current P2P procedures — including your approval routes and payment policies. As you purchase new supplies, process your invoices, and submit supplier payments, our system will ensure that every step is completed in a timely manner by an employee with the proper permissions. Furthermore, automatic escalations and notifications ensure that everything stays on track.

On the technical side, our solutions can integrate with any technologies you currently use for Procurement and Accounts Payable — whether it’s Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, JD Edwards, or another system. IntelliChief will sync information with your Finance and Accounting modules in real-time. As you move through your Procure to Pay cycle, it cross-references the data that’s already stored in your ERP, using your stored information to validate your invoices.

Store and Retrieve Your Procure to Pay Documents

As each transaction is processed, your procure-to-pay documents are added to a secure digital archive. From here, employees can access all of your documents from any computer — at any time, with a single click. They can even collaborate on their mobile devices, keeping your Accounts Payable and Procurement teams connected when they’re on the go.

To keep your information safe and secure, our software only provides access to authorized users. Invoices and other transactional documents remain within your Accounts Payable department, and you can create a comprehensive audit trail each time a document is opened or revised.

Transforming Your Business With Procure to Pay Solutions

With software taking care of your most repetitive procure to pay processes, your employees can focus on business-critical tasks, like supplier negotiations, financial analyses, expenditure management, and reporting. Your team only has to contribute to the process when something requires their expertise — like GL invoice coding or non-PO invoice approvals. When an exception is identified by IntelliChief, your users will have the ability to view everything that needs their attention on an intuitive dashboard that is streamlined to improve the user experience. IntelliChief’s user-friendly interface helps your team get up to speed with a minimal learning curve.

Additionally, you can reduce data entry errors and other costly mistakes. You don’t have to worry about an Accounts Payable processor entering an incorrect supplier name, putting a decimal in the wrong place, or paying the same invoice twice. Our solution lets you reduce the amount of time spent resolving errors, giving you more time to strategize how to meet your growth objectives.

IntelliChief can also help you:

  • Standardize your workflows
  • Gain complete visibility into your purchasing and payment cycle
  • Monitor and analyze your corporate spend with industry-leading Analytics
  • Reduce your document processing, printing, and storage costs
  • Capture more early payment discounts (while preventing late payment fees)

Increasing productivity is always important, but it’s the financial impact that makes P2P automation such a meaningful project for your business. By reaching all-new levels of efficiency and cutting out unnecessary costs, your business can realize a full ROI in as little as twelve months or less. With IntelliChief, justifying your project has never been easier. Best of all, once IntelliChief has been successfully incorporated into one department, it can be applied to virtually any other department that deals with paper.

To learn more about how IntelliChief’s procure to pay solutions can optimize your business processes and help eliminate costly inefficiencies, contact us today. Or, click here to request a custom demo of our software.