Accounts Payable Automation: Leverage the Power of Technology to Streamline Your AP Workflows

The accounts payable process involves a number of steps – each one critical to your business, but many time-consuming and inefficient. With IntelliChief, you can leverage the power of automation to streamline the accounts payable process. You’ll save your employees from redundant tasks, which in turn will save your company time and money.

What Can Accounts Payable Automation Do For You?Accounts Payable Automation

IntelliChief’s accounts payable solution can help you:

  • Capture incoming invoices, the second they hit your inbox, mailroom or fax machine
  • Distribute invoices to the appropriate employees for GL codingAP Automation Software
  • Review and approve every invoice, with discrepancies detected and highlighted for easy review
  • Track the approval process, making note of each employee that edits a document (and when)
  • Immediately pass documents to designated supervisors for high-level approval
  • Increase visibility for unprocessed invoices, sending automatic alerts for outstanding approvals
  • Automatic InvoicingAutomatically retrieve related documentation for two- and three-way matching (and even automate this step entirely)
  • Create the voucher automatically for “Straight Through Processing”
  • Automatically destroy documents at the end of their designated lifecycle

IntelliChief’s AP automation software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your enterprise resource management system. This means that your employees can instantly access their accounts payable documents directly from their ERP screen.

Process Invoices Faster With Advanced Accounts Payable Automation Tools

With the processes you have in place today, how long does it take to process an invoice? A week? 10 days? Even longer?

With IntelliChief, you can take control of your accounting workflows, streamlining your accounts payable process by up to 80 percent. Paperless AP software for invoice automation will allow you to capture early pay discounts, and duplicate invoice payments will be a thing of the past.

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IntelliChief also offers mobile invoice processing capabilities. When your invoice approvers are traveling (or working from home), they can still approve or GL code their assigned invoices. Your entire accounting department can continue working smoothly and seamlessly, with no costly delays.

AP Automation Software that Adapts to Your Company

IntelliChief’s automation software is designed to provide a return on investment starting on day one – but it’s also designed to become smarter with time. It can automatically populate data from vendors you’ve worked with in the past, and also validate data against your ERP system. And, the IntelliChief team is always standing by to help you identify additional ways to automate your AP workflows as your company grows.

To learn more about how accounts payable automation software can help transform your company, contact IntelliChief to schedule a free demo.