Freight Document Management Software for Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics Companies

The shipping & transportation industry involves a significant amount of paperwork. Every shipment brings new contracts, cargo manifests, export paperwork, and receipts, and many routes involve multiple orders with separate documentation. It’s all too easy for things to get out of hand.

However, IntelliChief gives you a better approach to freight document management. We can help you create a comprehensive digital archive of all your shipping documents, which can streamline operations and reduce delays. Whether you’re transporting your products down the street or across the world, IntelliChief can streamline the process.

One Archive for All Your Shipping & Logistics Documents

IntelliChief’s content management software makes it easy to convert hard-copy documents into secure electronic files. All you need is a scanner. As new documents are created, they can be instantly captured by the system.

With IntelliChief’s transportation documentation software, you can manage:

Freight Document ManagementNeed to find a customer’s bill of lading, a shipment’s final destination, or a signature from a freight forwarder? You can access all this information (and more) with a single click.

Save Time and Reduce Delays By Keeping Your Transportation Records Right at Your Fingertips

Transportation and logistics companies that manage their documents electronically can:

  • Eliminate physical on-site document storage (or expensive off-site alternatives)
  • Retrieve documents from anywhere, at any time – even on mobile devices
  • Connect every document associated with a specific shipment based on container numbers, customer names and other digital metadata

IntelliChief also allows companies to immediately forward paperwork to anyone else who is involved with a shipment. Collaborating with forwarding agents, cargo handlers, and warehouse receivers has never been easier.

Collectively, this makes every step of the transportation process – from loading and unloading to tracking and customs clearance – simple and straightforward. When customs officials, receipting agents, or even customers ask for information, you’ll have everything you need on hand. This can help you avoid delays, minimize fines, and provide a higher level of customer service.

Integrate Your Freight Document Management Software With Your Transportation & Logistics ERP

No matter what shipping systems you already have in place, IntelliChief can help you use them more effectively. Our freight document management software allows you to instantly retrieve documents right from your ERP screen, without having to open a separate program. Plus, IntelliChief is designed to scale, so you can implement it in other parts of your organization – a must as you focus on global operations.

For more information about our freight document management software, contact IntelliChief today. We can get you set up with a free custom demo.