Content Management Solutions

ERP-integrated solutions to capture, process, and analyze enterprise content

Whether you use one of our packaged integration modules or our powerful Integration Link toolset, IntelliChief’s enterprise content management solutions integrate with any ERP application. We’ve designed our software to work seamlessly with a variety of enterprise resource planning systems, including those that are specialized for process manufacturing, rental management, or any other niche industry. This allows us to provide you with customized content services for your company’s unique needs – no matter what they may be.

Content Management Solutions for B&L

Diecasters and foundries that use B&L Odyssey and BLIS-400 can streamline purchasing, receiving, billing, and customer service, among other crucial functions, with IntelliChief. Learn more about IntelliChief/B&L integration.

Content Management Solutions for Mincron

Wholesalers and durable goods distributors that use Kerridge Commercial System’s Mincron ERP can accelerate their order-to-shipment and delivery-to-collection cycles with IntelliChief. In fact, Mincron has selected IntelliChief as the sole provider of electronic content management solutions for their MSS/HD ERP users.

Content Management Solutions for Wynne Systems

Equipment rental companies that use Wynne Systems’ RentalMan ERP can start managing their rental agreements, counter sales, equipment swaps, and sales documents electronically with IntelliChief.

Content Management Solutions

Content Management Solutions for Friedman

Discrete manufacturers, logistics companies, and other industrial companies who use Friedman Frontier (or any Viewlocity, Varsity Logistics, Markinson, Logimax, Minsys, PMC Software, or  Computer Solutions, Inc., ERP) can use IntelliChief to automate their order to cash and procure to pay cycles.

Content Management Solutions for Any Other ERP System or Custom Line of Business Program

Use a different ERP, like IBM Maximo, MatrixCare, VAI System 2000, or Microsoft Dynamics AX? We offer integrated, no-programming-required modules for almost any ERP system.  Read incoming invoices and sales orders; eliminate manual data entry; access documents from any application screen with a single keystroke; and index documents as soon as your ERP creates them. Click here for to learn more about IntelliChief’s reliable, secure, ERP-integrated solutions.

Even if you’ve built your own line-of-business application from the ground up, our team can create a customized solution with Integration Link. It takes just minutes to image-enable new applications, helping you get back to what really matters – running your business – as quickly as possible.

To learn more about our ERP-integrated content management solutions, contact IntelliChief today. You can also let us know which ERP you use and have our team put together a custom demo so you see exactly how IntelliChief can work with your existing system.