Automated Sales Order Processing Software – The First Step in a Faster Order Fulfillment Process

Sales Order Processing

Even though sales order processing is a key function for any business, many companies still struggle to do so quickly and efficiently. Passing paperwork from one department to the next can take several weeks, and orders can get lost in the shuffle. The longer your customers have to wait, the more frustrated they become, and the less likely they are to return.

Sales order automation is one way that your can speed up order fulfillment. Certain processes will always depend on human intelligence, but IntelliChief’s sales order processing software can streamline redundant tasks and optimize operations. You can get products out the door faster, improve your cash flow, and increase your chances of gaining repeat business.

Automated Sales Order Processing Software for a Smarter Workplace

With IntelliChief’s order-to-cash solutions, your employees won’t have to manually collect order forms and key them in to your enterprise resource planning system. Instead, they can save order forms directly from their computer, or take paper-based forms and scan them in. From there, IntelliChief can provide your ERP with the information it needs to create a sales order. IntelliChief can validate the data, and you can move on to the next steps.

Reducing Lead Times With Sales Order Automation

After a sales order has been generated, you can quickly move it through to the relevant departments, such as customer service, finance, quality, and production control. IntelliChief distributes order forms to the right people, right away. Many of our customers have reduced their lead times by up to 50 percent after adopting our solutions.

IntelliChief also puts an end to lost sales orders. With everything saved in a comprehensive electronic archive, you’ll never have to call a customer back and ask them to resend their request.

And, IntelliChief can also help you track exactly where each order is in the fulfillment process. When customers reach out for an update, your customer service team will have immediate answers.

Integrate With Your ERP for an Enhanced Order Processing System

When it comes to automated sales order processing, IntelliChief is best used as a natural extension of your core ERP. You can:

  • Connect with your Customer Master and other databases
  • Automatically capture and save ERP-generated documents
  • Automatically add new information, such as customer correspondence, sales order numbers, and shipment records, as it becomes available
  • Address order inquiries directly within your ERP
  • Automatically produce invoices when orders are fulfilled, helping reduce DSO

ERP integration is easy. IntelliChief’s sales order automation software is designed with plug and play functionality – no programming required.

Ready to find out how automated sales order processing can fit into your business? Contact IntelliChief and we can get you started with a custom order-to-cash solution. Or, keep reading to learn more about our automation software.