Sales Order Processing

Reduce lead time with best-in-class Sales Order Automation

Sales order processing is a crucial function of any business. But for most companies, managing customer orders is easier said than done.

If you don’t have a standard process, documents can get lost or misplaced. Order forms can take weeks to make their way from Customer Service to Production, and change orders can be accidentally overlooked. And the longer your customers have to wait? The more frustrated they get – and the less likely they are to return.

One way that you can speed up production and reduce your lead times? Automated sales order processing.

Sales Order Automation

Some processes will always depend on human intelligence. But it’s also possible to streamline redundant, time-consuming tasks with automation. IntelliChief’s automated order entry software speeds up your fulfillment cycle by reducing employee intervention.

With our sales order system, you can move your products out the door more quickly – even if they’re made to order. You’re looking at a processing time of just minutes, rather than hours. And by moving away from manual data entry, you can eliminate errors as well. The result? More satisfied customers, and more repeat business.

Using Software to Collect, Distribute, and Process Customer Orders

IntelliChief’s sales order processing system helps you work smarter.

Our software automatically collects order forms that arrive via email or fax, then enters them into your enterprise resource planning system. For paper-based orders, you can scan them in, and our system will take care of the rest.

As each transaction occurs, IntelliChief can automatically convert purchase orders to sales orders, then send the information to your ERP. Your team doesn’t have to enter the data by hand, which lets you speed up the order processing cycle. Our software can automatically “read” each document, confirm that prices and part numbers are correct, and move on to the next steps in the sales order process.

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Sales Order Processing

Reduce Your Lead Time With Automation

With technology, IntelliChief instantly sends your documents to the appropriate teams for review and processing. Because sales orders are intended for internal use, automated routing helps you deliver critical data to each of your individual teams right away.

As each order makes its way through your company, you can deliver the corresponding paperwork to Customer Service, Finance, Quality, or Production Control. If these departments operate out of different locations, you don’t have to send out each sales order individually, then wait for the documents to arrive.

By providing each business unit with immediate, real-time access to your customers’ order information, you can reduce your lead time by as much as 50 percent.

Track Each Order’s Status Through the Fulfillment Process

With so many things to keep track of, it’s hard to keep an eye on your sales order processing cycle. With IntelliChief, you can monitor the status of every order, with the details laid out in a user-friendly dashboard.

Our sales order management software makes it easy to see when each order was captured, which departments it’s been routed to, who approved it (and when), and anything else you might need to know. If customers reach out for an update, your customer service team can get them an answer right away. And for internal reporting? You can easily create custom charts (with your most recent order processing data) to monitor your performance throughout your entire O2C cycle.

No More Lost Sales Orders

As each order arrives, our software automatically captures and it saves it to an electronic archive. From there, it sends out an automatic notification to start working right away.

As you process each order, it’s easy to confirm the details. Need to know how many units were requested, or what price you quoted the customer during the proposal process? You can look up all of the necessary information, right from your order management system. This means that you never have to contact your customers and ask them to re-send their order forms, or manually verify the items they wanted to purchase.

Batch Technology for High-Volume Sales Order Processing

Dealing with a high volume of sales orders is the best type of “problem” to have. Unfortunately, what’s great for business can be a challenge for your customer service team – and your on-time delivery metrics.

Automation helps you eliminate bottlenecks in your order processing department. With batch processing technology, our robots can help you manage hundreds of transactions at a time. A sudden rush of customers won’t get in the way of preparation, authorization, and processing.

Integrate With Your Order Management Modules

Our sales order automation software works hand in hand with your enterprise resource planning system. You can:

  • Connect with your Customer Master and other databases
  • Capture and save new documents (like picking slips, delivery notices, and customer invoices) as you create them
  • Address customer inquiries within your ERP
  • Send transactional information directly to your accounting software

You don’t need any custom programming to use our sales order automation software. Our solutions can connect to any inventory management program you currently use, be it SAP, Oracle, or a smaller proprietary system. This lets you continue to use the order management technologies you already have in place – only faster and more efficiently.

Our software can also follow any order processing workflows that you already have in place. It’s easy to customize our solutions based on your company’s specific order to cash procedure – helping you optimize operations from day one.

Ready to find out how automated sales order processing can fit into your business? Contact IntelliChief to learn more, or to request a custom demo of our order to cash automation software.