Paperless HR Department

Make your Human Resources department more efficient with electronic files and automation

More and more businesses are going digital – and Human Resources is changing for the better. Paperless HR solutions can help you save time on administration while keeping all your information well-organized and easily accessible. Supervisors can respond to employee requests more quickly, and your HR managers can simplify the recruiting and onboarding process. Meanwhile, you can track everything from a single, convenient dashboard. It’s a simpler, more modern approach to Human Resources – and it’s easily within reach.

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Managing Your HR Documents Electronically

Your Human Resources department has hundreds – if not thousands – of documents to keep track of. Not only do you have to maintain a separate file for each employee, but you also have to deal with:

  • Resumes and employment applications
  • Reviews and disciplinary records
  • I-9 formsElectronic HR Administration
  • Expense reports
  • Timesheets
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Insurance enrollment forms
  • PTO requests
  • Payroll records
  • OSHA records
  • Training manuals and onboarding itineraries
  • Drug tests and background checks
  • ADA & FMLA medical records
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data

In a paperless HR department, you can maintain these records electronically. Everything is kept at your fingertips, neatly organized and fully searchable. That not only means less physical clutter in your Human Resources office, but also less time wasted searching for your records when you need them. (And if you have HR employees working out of several different office locations? They can pull up any file they need with a few simple clicks.)

Paperless Employee & Personnel Files

Paperless personnel files give you a single place to keep all of your employee information. Track performance reviews and promotions, emergency contact numbers, pay rates, and more – for every employee, across every department and business unit.

Keeping Confidential Information Secure

When you’re dealing with paper-based documents, there’s always the concern of confidentiality. Sensitive data (like social security numbers and salaries) needs to be carefully controlled, and only accessible to authorized employees. Unfortunately, filing cabinets aren’t exactly the pinnacle of security.

A paperless HR document management system lets you control access to your confidential information. Your records aren’t left out in the open, and you can easily control who can access each individual record.

HR Document Retention

Electronic systems make it easy to comply with legal document retention guidelines, like storing your I-9 forms and FLMA applications separately from your personnel files, and destroying records after an employee has been terminated. If your Human Resources department is ever audited, you won’t have to worry about HR compliance fines for record-keeping practices that aren’t up to par. (And, from a legal compliance perspective, there’s no need to worry about the legitimacy of electronic documentation. Paperless records are just as acceptable as traditional ones, per the Department of Labor.)

Paperless Onboarding, Application Tracking, & More

Instead of sending paperwork back and forth throughout your HR department, paperless solutions let you automate key Human Resources functions.

Here’s an example:

Think about your current workflow for hiring a new employee. Before you even start, your HR team has to work with the hiring manager to build out the job description. Once the position is posted, you have to collect resumes and cover letters, as well as portfolio samples and letters of recommendation. And once you’ve decided who to hire, you have to send your offer letter to the chosen candidate, then add their acceptance to your HR system.

When you do this all manually, the paperwork (and the back-and-forth) can slow down the process. But with a paperless HR department, collaboration happens in seconds, and there are fewer opportunities for communication to break down.

HR workflow automation lets you get every document exactly where it needs to go, while notifying the appropriate parties that something needs their attention. You can even set reminders and auto-escalations to keep all your processes running smoothly. Everything from application tracking and benefits enrollment to performance reviews and expense management can become much easier for your Human Resources team to complete.

Choosing the Right Software System for Your Paperless HR Department

When you’re choosing an HR document management system, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

  • Can you set custom document access permissions?
  • Can you set custom document retention policies, based on whether you’re a private employer or a government agency?
  • Can you redact sensitive information when you need to share paperwork with multiple individuals?
  • Do you want to host your documents on a local network or in the cloud?
  • Do you need your HR team to have mobile access to their files?
  • If you use other software programs for your human resource functions (like Oracle Peoplesoft Human Resources Management, Ultipro or Workday Human Resources), can you use them with the document management solution you’re considering?

Integration is key – especially when it comes to saving time on your HR workflows. If you’re manually entering information across multiple platforms, you’re wasting time on simple administration. The most comprehensive solutions can handle your data entry for you – making your paperless transformation more valuable in the long term.

You can also increase your ROI by expanding your paperless initiative beyond your HR department. Human Resources isn’t the only place where record-keeping and manual data entry can be prohibitively time-consuming; Customer Service, Finance, Accounting and other even Logistics can face the same problem.

If you’re planning to go digital across multiple departments, you’ll want to make sure to invest in an enterprise-level solution. Some electronic document management & workflow automation programs are only designed for certain niches (e.g., you can use them for Human Resources onboarding, but not for Accounting). Enterprise technologies, on the other hand, will let you go paperless across your entire office.

Discover IntelliChief’s Paperless HR Software

At IntelliChief, we created a comprehensive solution for digital document management. You can use our software anywhere you have important business content that you need to manage – and it’ll integrate directly with your other technologies.

Our HR document management software is designed to meet best practices for records retention, with a secure storage environment and comprehensive user authentications. It also provides you with complete visibility into all of your Human Resources processes, with customizable dashboards that let you see the status of every project, at every time.

Our experts make it easy to transition to a paperless HR department. During implementation, we can easily upload all of your current employee records & HR documents, making sure that you don’t lose any of your critical information. Our support team can even train your team on their new software so they can hit the ground running. And, any time you need to customize your system, we’re here to help.

For more information about how your business can benefit from a paperless HR department, contact us today.