IntelliChief Document Retention Manager

Manage Document Life Cycles With Our Automated Retention Software

Your company is required to retain certain documents (such as financial statements, invoices, and personnel files) for pre-determined periods of time. Regulatory bodies set regulations, with a unique document retention policy for each type of document. For instance, some need to be kept permanently, while others can be deleted after six or seven years.

Developing a retention maintenance schedule isn’t hard – but ensuring compliance can be. Locating, reviewing, and purging documents on a regular basis is extremely time-consuming – especially when dealing with a large archive and multiple file formats.

IntelliChief’s document retention software can help you automate the process. You can create a unique retention policy for each type of document. From there, the system automatically enforces it, creating a more consistent and routine approach to information governance.

Business Document Retention Software

Retention Manager is the official document retention module for IntelliChief’s document management software. It continually monitors your repository for documents that meet certain criteria; from there, it can determine what to do with each expired document based on your unique business rules.

You can implement different policies for different documents, such as HR and personnel files, legal files, and financial documents. You can also decide how long you’d like your review timelines to be, and how many users you’d like to manually approve each action.

The system lets you create custom user permissions for viewing, editing, and deleting your purge policy; approving and holding documents; and releasing other users’ documents from the hold queue. It also lets you decide how frequently you’d like to schedule a clean-up, and how you’d like to notify users that a document is pending their review. This lets you easily comply with any corporate document retention policies that you’ve implemented internally, in addition to government and industry-specific document retention laws.

Automate Retention Policies to Maintain Compliance

With Retention Manager, you don’t have to face the risk of maintaining expired documents or improperly storing confidential data. Our document retention software can help you comply with:

  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • IRCA

Even when you need to retain a document longer than specified in your document retention guidelines, IntelliChief makes it easy.

Audit Preparation

Retention Manager doesn’t just prevent you from keeping documents for too long; it prevents you from accidentally disposing of them before the end of their planned life cycle. All of your business files are securely stored in an electronic archive; this means that paperwork can’t be inadvertently damaged or discarded and that emails aren’t corrupted or deleted. Any time you need information, it’s easily accessible – whether for an internal request or a corporate audit.

Have a Project?

If you’d like to dispose of your files as soon as they reach the end of their life cycle, Retention Manager can automatically purge documents from your system, database, & repository.

If you’re more comfortable manually reviewing each document before it’s deleted, Retention Manager can send your documents to a specific user for further processing.

Document Retention Made Easy With Retention Manager

IntelliChief lets you easily find and deliver any required documentation within the required time frame. (For instance, employers have three business days to produce their employees’ I-9 forms upon request for the Department of Labor.) It also allows you to provide proof of compliance with document retention requirements; you can demonstrate data security protections and provide a complete record of each time a document was opened, edited, or processed. Having all of your information securely stored and electronically tracked makes regulatory compliance effortless.

More Document Storage Space (And a Cleaner, Less Cluttered Archive)

By deleting files that you no longer need, you can de-clutter your document archive. You’ll gain valuable storage space, and have fewer files to search through. When you do need to find a document from a long-time customer or supplier, you can focus on their most recent transactions – not outdated documents from years past.

Retention Manager can be used with all versions of the IntelliChief system.