IntelliChief Mobile Content Management

Process, Approve, and Escalate Your Documents from a Smartphone or Tablet

Mobile content management allows your employees to collaborate on document-driven processes – no matter where they are. With more than 70 percent of employees working remotely at least once a week, it’s never been more important to provide your team with enterprise file sync & share tools for on-the-go collaboration.

The Benefits of Mobile Content Management Software

When employees are working remotely, they don’t have access to the documents that your company stores on site. You can offer them a VPN, but that only lets them retrieve content that’s stored on your company’s server (such as PDFs and Word documents). Documents that are sitting on a desk – or filed away in a cabinet – are completely inaccessible. And those that arrive in need of attention after your team has signed off? They’re stuck in limbo until the next day – and your business can come to a halt.

Of course, mobile content management isn’t just important for work-from-home employees. A digital archive can be helpful for employees that are frequently in the field, or teams that travel to from one corporate office to the next.

Without a mobile-friendly file storage & sharing solution, it’s all too easy for document approvals to get delayed, and deadlines to come and go. (And when employees try to work around this by bringing paperwork along for the trip? Documents that get taken out of the office may never end up making the trip back.)

Improve Productivity With Mobile Document Access

Have a Project?

At IntelliChief, we created a user-friendly app for mobile content management. Our solutions keep your workflows running smoothly – no matter where your employees are working from. Content is never lost or misplaced, and secure data never falls into the wrong hands. Your team is prepared to handle any task – anywhere, and at any time.

With the IntelliChief Mobile Access Server, your employees can access digital copies of their documents, right from a mobile device. They don’t need a special connection, and they can use any smartphone with an Apple, Android, or Windows operating system. Meanwhile, the software looks the same way that it does on desktop – which means mobile users don’t have to get used to a completely new experience or lose productivity in the process. Any company that offers flexible or non-traditional work arrangements can benefit.

Mobile Content Management Software

Users can add electronic notes to their documents, letting them seamlessly communicate with the rest of their team. And, parallel workflow processing means that they can work on a document at the same time as the other employees in your office. Our system will sync all the updates, allowing everyone to have access to the latest information in real-time.

You can even customize your workflows so that projects can be re-assigned when certain employees are out of the office. Send documents to a teammate (or supervisor) until the employee’s return, and your teams will never miss a beat.

Users don’t need to log in to a VPN, making it easy to get to the IntelliChief repository or workflow feature. Our Mobile Access Server License can be used with any IntelliChief Base System version 4.1 or above. It is licensed on a per-archive basis, with a maximum of one license per archive. IntelliChief’s Mobile Access Server requires professional services implementation. Users don’t need to log in to a VPN, making it easy to get to the IntelliChief repository or workflow feature.

Mobile Document Security

We take security extremely seriously. SSL technologies, active directory authentication, and custom firewalls keep all of your data secure – no matter where it’s accessed. You can even set custom user controls to ensure that your content is only viewed (or edited) by authorized individuals.