How to Get Control of Your Supply Chain Documents

The more products you buy and sell, the more supply chain documents you have to manage. There are manifests and cargo logs for outbound documents as well as receiving documents for inbound shipments — and that only begins to scratch the surface. It never stops, which is why many organizations seek a paperless solution to manage logistical documents.

What to Look for in a Supply Chain Document Management Solution

Controlling your supply chain documents requires a concerted effort between your Document Management solution and your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Supply Chain Management (SCM) system. By taking an integrated approach, you can utilize a solution that automatically captures your documentation whether scanned, faxed, emailed, or otherwise. Everything from bills of lading and carrier liability contracts to customs forms and shipping acknowledgments is automatically imported and saved in a digital archive. From one central platform, you can instantly retrieve everything you need to know about any particular order.

This paperless approach to supply chain logistics lets you:

  • Assemble complete records for every shipment, with all related documents stored together in your system
  • Provide different employees (and departments) with simultaneous access to your records, from computers and mobile devices
  • Gain immediate visibility into the logistics of each shipment
  • Create custom portals for your trade partners to access information as needed, so they’re not constantly reaching out to you for updates

Most importantly? It lets you instantly validate the accuracy of your supply chain documents with the vendor or customer information that’s stored in your ERP or SCM. Nobody has to waste their time reviewing the data and manually typing it in. And when it comes to workflows? Those are started automatically as well, with intelligent software quickly routing each project through to completion.

What to Expect When You Manage Your Supply Chain Documents Electronically

Our supply chain information management system removes the barriers – and the costs – of paper-based document distribution. This means faster, more efficient deliveries – and in turn, better customer relationships. It also means faster, more accurate processing of the documents that come into your organization from your vendors (and a perfect opportunity to end late payment fees.)

Logistics is fast-paced. You need to have access to your documents at a moments’ notice. Not only are missing records costly to track down, but they can bring operations to a halt – and your business just can’t afford that.

Control Your Supply Chain Documents With IntelliChief

If you’re ready for a better, paperless solution, IntelliChief can help. Our document capture and routing technologies can keep your information moving through workflows that automatically verify the accuracy of every shipment. We’ve worked with both local and global enterprises, and offer solutions that can benefit any type of supply chain.

To learn more about our supply chain document management solutions, contact us today.