IntelliChief Email Import Server Lets You Retrieve Content Directly from a Managed Email Address

To get the most out of your document management system, you need to be able to quickly and easily import document automatically. This includes paper documents that you get in the mail, as well as electronic documents that you receive digitally.

With IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License, you can automatically import emails (and their attachments) with no extra effort. While you may have no trouble dealing with the occasional email here or there, this automatic email feature can be especially beneficial if you regularly deal with a high volume of electronic communication like vendor invoices or customer purchase orders.

Getting Documents from Your Email into Your DMS

IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License allows you to set up a specific email address that our software can monitor for new inbound documents. This includes documents that are sent from outside your organization (such as purchase orders that your customers send in).

Document Management System

Without an automated email import system, you’d have to process each of these documents individually. Not only would you have to open and review each message, but you’d then have to determine who to send it to for additional processing. And unless you’re monitoring your email 24/7, there’s a decent chance that paperwork could sit in an employee’s cluttered inbox for days or weeks before it’s even noticed.

To help you save time, IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License automates the email collection and distribution process. Because your documents will be routed to the proper person (or department) the moment they’re received, IntelliChief lets you start processing these documents right away.

IntelliChief Email Import Server Requirements

IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License can be used with any IntelliChief Base System version 3.3.2 or above.

Each Email Import Server is licensed for all of the environments in a designated archive. However, only one license can be used per archive.

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