• IntelliChief Email Import

IntelliChief Email Import

Automatically Retrieve and Route Content Directly From a Monitored Inbox

To get the most value out of your document management system, you need to be able to quickly and easily import documents received in emails. Otherwise, you could find yourself searching through hundreds of emails and manually checking attachments for missing invoices.

With IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License, you can automatically import emails (and their attachments) with no extra effort. While you may have no trouble dealing with the occasional email here or there, this automatic email feature can be especially beneficial if you regularly deal with a high volume of electronic communication like vendor invoices or customer purchase orders.

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Import Documents From Email to Your DMS With RPA Technology

IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License allows you to set up a specific email address that our software can monitor for new inbound documents. This includes documents that are sent from outside your organization, such as purchase orders that your customers send in.

Without an automated email import system, you’d have to process each of these documents individually. Not only would you have to open and review each message, but you’d then have to determine who to send it to for additional processing. Unless you’re monitoring your email 24/7, there’s a strong possibility that paperwork could sit in an employee’s cluttered inbox for days or weeks before being noticed.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Email

To help you save time, IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License automates the email collection and distribution process with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. IntelliChief “robots” route documents to the proper person or department the moment they’re received, giving you a jump start on your document processing workflows. And that’s not the only Email Import feature that uses RPA, others include:

  • IntelliChief Email Import uses RPA to monitor multiple email addresses at the same time
  • RPA technology enhances the intelligence of our OCR Software, allowing it to capture and process information from both the email body and any attachments
  • RPA also automates the capture process of emails since they don’t need to be “scanned in” like a paper document
  • Information contained in the email message can be tagged and used as metadata automatically
  • The attachment to the email can be processed to automatically index data from the attachment page

How to Increase Automation Throughput With Email Import

Email Import is an essential tool for organizations that want to increase their straight-through processing capabilities. That is, they want to process documentation, such as invoices and sales orders, without any human intervention.

Organizations that receive the majority of incoming documentation via email can use Email Import in conjunction with the IntelliChief Enterprise platform to increase automation throughput by a substantial margin. Here’s how one IntelliChief customer increased their Accounts Payable automation throughput with IntelliChief Email Import:

  1. They sent a notice to their vendors that invoices received by email would be paid more quickly when sent to the monitored inbox. Within 8 weeks, more than 90% of their vendors were sending invoices by email.
  2. They used Capture Enterprise to extract information from invoices received via email. This RPA-powered capture process occurred automatically, around the clock, ensuring that invoices weren’t left in an inactive state.
  3. After the capture process, the data from the email was routed to workflow, where IntelliChief “robots” checked and compared information between invoices received in IntelliChief and information in the ERP system.
  4. RPA technology allowed IntelliChief to automatically execute a broad range of processes, including GL account code validation, checking for receipts for PO-based purchases, 2-way matching, 3-way matching, 4-way matching, and more.
  5. Information was saved and updated in real-time in IntelliChief and their ERP system to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Today, this company processes tens of thousands of invoices per month while enjoying a 70 percent reduction in Accounts Payable costs. Straight-through processing is the goal for every business that seeks a way to automate processes from start to finish; however, without a reliable, automated solution to process documents directly from email, there will always be additional steps in your process. We designed Email Import as a light, flexible solution to solve this issue.

65 Percent Throughput Continues to Rise

With Email Import, the project summarized above has resulted in a straight-through processing rate of 65 percent, and that number only continues to rise. IntelliChief robots get smarter over time, providing more and more value as they gain experience and become acclimated to all of the nuances of your business process.

Is Email Import Right for Your Business?

Email Import is a powerful component of the IntelliChief ECM platform. This module plays a crucial role in increasing straight-through processing rates and eliminating tedious busywork. If your organization is looking for a proven platform that can automate business-critical processes across the enterprise, IntelliChief can help. Designed to standardize and automate even the most complex business processes, IntelliChief is the go-to ECM solution for industry leaders.

IntelliChief’s Email Import Server License can be used with any IntelliChief Base System version 3.3.2 or above.

Each Email Import Server is licensed for all of the environments in a designated archive. However, only one license can be used per archive.