Business Process Automation Software

Intuitive Automation Solutions to Streamline Your Most Complex Workflows

IntelliChief’s business process automation software can help you work more efficiently. With our configurable solutions, you can streamline a variety of core organizational processes. Our tools take care of repetitive behind-the-scenes administration, leaving you with more time to invest in research, development, and growth.

Business Process Management (BPM) Automation

To be successful, companies need to consistently evaluate the way they operate and change their processes for the better. A commitment to business process management (BPM) sets the stage for long-term growth.

BPM is an end-to-end methodology that focuses on mapping, reviewing, and improving routine tasks. It helps simplify complex workflows, reduce manual effort, and eliminate mistakes. Automating BPM leads to significant benefits and a compelling return on investment.

Using Technology to Simplify Your Business Processes

To stay at the top of your industry, you can use automated technologies to elevate your business to the next level.

Our business process management automation software can help you streamline:

  • Invoice matching
  • GL coding
  • Accruing for expenses
  • Employee onboarding & offboarding
  • Order processing
  • Engineering change order processing
  • Financial analysis
  • Customer credit applications
  • Approval routing
  • Any other document-driven workflow

With workflow management software running in the background, you don’t have to worry about routine processes taking up your team’s valuable time. In turn, your employees will be able to focus on higher-level initiatives that can drive your company forward.

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Process Automation Software That Integrates With Your ERP

IntelliChief integrates with your enterprise resource planning system (ERP). You already use your ERP to consolidate your business processes into one place — our software makes them easier to manage. By synchronizing data across all of your individual systems, you eliminate manual keying and experience the benefits of business process automation software firsthand.

Here’s an example:

When you sell a product, your employees have to validate, approve and enter the order into your ERP. From there, you have to create a work order for your production team to fulfill the order, update your inventory, provide an order acknowledgment, ship the products, invoice the customer and post the customer’s payment once it has been received.

Completing each of these processes individually by manually doing all of it in your ERP can drain your company’s resources. Multiple people need to get involved, and they may not have time to get to their part of the process right away. This holds things up for everybody, namely, the customer who is waiting for their order.

With business process automation software, these steps can be completed in quick succession. Your customers will get their orders more quickly, your lead time goes down, and your customer service reps have complete access to updates if any questions arise after the sale.

Business Process Management for Your Entire Enterprise

Order entry process automation is just one way to use IntelliChief to improve your business operations. Our enterprise platform for business process management can help you transform your entire business in any department that relies on the timely processing of documents and data to function efficiently.

With our BPM solutions, you can automate everything from AP invoice processing and human capital management to sales order entry — all on one streamlined platform. You can decide how much (and when) you want to automate.

Intuitive, Drag-and-Drop Workflow Mapping Tools

Our workflow software can easily map your company’s most nuanced workflows making it simple even for users who don’t have a technical background to model your business processes and rules. IntelliChief’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you optimize even the most complex workflows without any knowledge of coding. You can build and implement custom routing and processing rules with timers for escalation based on the way you already work. Our solution can be applied to any business, and, best of all, you can change your workflows to adapt to your evolving company’s needs.

The ROI of Business Process Management Automation

Moving away from established processes is difficult. Over time, your business processes have become ingrained in the fabric of your company. Even when you’ve identified areas in need of improvement, it can be difficult to recognize the ROI of solutions that promise to increase efficiency, eliminate errors and decrease wasteful spending. That said, the case for workflow automation is convincing for even the most change-resistant organizations.

Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that up to 45 percent of manual business processes can be automated, saving as much as $2 trillion in global workforce costs. For individual companies, Forbes notes that cost savings can range from 40 to 75 percent.

Sales Order Automation
Invoice Automation

Business process management automation software does come with an up-front investment, but with enterprise-level systems, automation systems can be deployed across multiple departments. You can even pass savings from one department to the next to optimize your entire business process with minimal investment. By doing so, your business can realize a significant ROI while eliminating errors caused by manual data entry.

Start Working Smarter With IntelliChief’s Business Process Management Automation Solutions

As trusted leaders in enterprise content management, IntelliChief provides comprehensive tools to help you automate your most complex workflows. There’s our visual Workflow Designer, which you can use for digital business process mapping, and our customizable workflow engine, which you can use to streamline almost any repetitive back-office task.

When it comes to implementation, our software can integrate with any technology you already have in place. Whether you use a stand-alone accounting program, a custom order management system, or a combination of ERPs, we’ll configure our solutions to complement your existing architecture. As your company grows, we’ll help you to continue improving your business by expanding IntelliChief into multiple areas of your business. In doing so, you’ll recognize that IntelliChief is a critical component in your attaining your growth objectives.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s BPM automation software, contact us today.