AP Automation and AR Automation: Software-Driven Solutions for Corporate Accounting

If your company is still collecting, processing, and paying your supplier invoices by hand, your accounting department is spending too many valuable resources on Accounts Payable administration. The same goes for customer billing; manually creating and sending each customer invoice is a major burden on Accounts Receivable. At IntelliChief, we’ve created comprehensive solutions for AR & AP automation – letting you manage your corporate financials much more easily.

Automated Accounting Software for the Enterprise

Accounting involves a number of repetitive, error-prone tasks that can be easily automated. That includes invoice matching, GL coding, voucher creation, payment scheduling, and customer invoicing. With IntelliChief, you can complete each of these tasks in seconds – with little to no effort from your team.

AP automation solutions

AP Automation Solutions

Our AP automation software lets you simplify your entire procure-to-pay cycle. Whether you make 100 or 10,000 purchases each month, we make it easy to collect and validate your invoices, match them with your purchase orders and receipts, enter your data into your accounting system, and schedule your upcoming check runs. Our solutions can complete many of your Accounts Payable workflows straight through, which helps you reduce your invoice processing time and eliminate late payment fees.

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to worry about lost paperwork, processing bottlenecks, or data entry errors. Our software lets you process your AP transactions in seconds, ensuring that every single supplier invoice gets paid on time. (Our software can even check for potential discounts, letting you save more on the things you already buy.) Learn more about our solutions for Accounts Payable automation.

AR Automation Solutions

While your Accounts Payable team is focusing on your supplier invoices, your Accounts Receivable team is busy making sure you get paid for your products and services. Our AR automation software helps you reduce your DSO, taking the manual data entry out of the customer billing process. It also helps you track the status of the invoices that your team has already sent out. Learn more about our solutions for Accounts Receivable automation.

The Benefits of AR & AP Automation

When you automate your accounting workflows, you can process more documents straight through – meaning fewer manual touchpoints for your employees. This helps you reclaim valuable time that you were previously wasting your AR and AP workflows.

Automated document capture means that you don’t have to chase down incoming invoices from each of your different communications channels. Our system electronically delivers the documents to the appropriate teams, then routes them through your business for approval and processing.

Automation also helps you reduce mistakes. You don’t have to worry about duplicate payments, incorrect invoices, or missed deadlines.

There’s also the ability to complete more work in a shorter amount of time. As your company grows, so does the demand on your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable team. Because software can complete repetitive processes in just seconds, automation lets you deal with an increased transaction volume, without having to hire additional employees or outsource your work. It’s also a proven way to reduce your operating costs.

AP automation also makes the corporate auditing process faster and less stressful. All of your invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and payment data is neatly stored and organized – which means you can provide a comprehensive paper trail of all your transactions. You (or your auditor) can access your financial documents from an electronic archive at any time, providing immediate insight into your Accounts Payable procedures and transactions.

Integrate Our AR & AP Automation Software with Your Legacy Accounting System

IntelliChief’s AR & AP automation tools are designed to integrate with the accounting programs you already use, and mirror the processes that you already have in place. This makes it easier to modernize your current financial processes, without a steep learning curve.

Our software can connect with any ERP, including Oracle and SAP. It automatically syncs your data across each of your individual platforms, giving everyone real-time access to your most up-to-date business information. Meanwhile, your employees can access documents from IntelliChief without having to leave their core accounting program. That means even fewer disruptions to your crucial workflows.

Discover Our Paperless Accounting Solutions for AR & AP Automation

For more than a decade, we’ve helped companies start working more effectively, and we’d love to do the same for you. Our experts can share the best practices that we’ve established for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable automation – then customize a solution that reflects your company’s existing accounting practices.

To see why we’re one of the most trusted AR & AP automation vendors in the industry, contact us today. We can provide you with additional information about our workflow automation software, or get you scheduled for a custom demo.