AR and AP Automation Software – Intuitive Tools for Faster & More Accurate Accounting

Is your accounting department still collecting, processing, and paying invoices by hand? If so, you’re spending too many valuable resources on tasks that can be easily automated. By implementing a few simple AR and AP automation strategies, you’ll be able to send and collect payments much more quickly – and with less effort from your team.

AP Automation

When you automate your AR and AP workflows with an integrated system, you’ll be able to process more documents straight through, with fewer mistakes. And, keep in mind that IntelliChief’s accounting automation tools can integrate with the ERP you already use to manage your financial processes. You can continue working in the accounting system you already have in place – no learning curve required.

Paperless Accounting Solutions from IntelliChief – One of the Most Experienced Vendors in the AR and AP Automation Space

At IntelliChief, we’ve helped countless accounting departments up their game – without adding extra employees or outsourcing work. In fact, we are one of the most experienced AR and AP automation vendors in the industry today. Most companies that deploy our solutions in Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable soon decide to expand it into other areas as well.

What can you expect when you make the transition to paperless accounting? Your team can:

  • Reclaim valuable time from tedious processes, such as collecting invoices and confirming the charges
  • Easily retrieve financial documents from an electronic archive whenever they’re needed
  • Be instantly prepared for AP audits, with all transactional paperwork neatly organized and instantly accessible

To see what automation can do for your accounting department, just reach out to IntelliChief. We’ll put together a free custom demo of our AR and AP automation software, helping you discover a faster and more accurate approach to doing business.

Pay Your Bills Faster With AP Automation

It doesn’t matter if you process 100 or 10,000 invoices per month – every single one of them still needs to be paid on time. IntelliChief’s AP automation software can help you avoid common holdups, like lost paperwork or hand-mailed documents. Learn more about our strategies for accounts payable automation.

Get Paid Faster With AR Automation

While your AP employees are paying your company’s invoices, your AR employees are busy making sure you get paid for your products and services. They can leverage the power of automation too, using IntelliChief’s software to reduce DSO. Learn more about our strategies for accounts receivable automation.