The Benefits of Automating Human Resources

If you’ve been thinking about automating your human resources department, you’re not alone. Many companies have started using technology to help eliminate time-consuming and inefficient human capital management processes.

Because HR involves so much paperwork – think W2s, direct deposit forms, and confidentiality agreements, just to name a few – digital document management can make a big difference. As automation makes your onboarding HR workflows simpler and more intuitive, you’ll spend less time on tedious administration and more time on creative innovation.

What Tasks Can You Automate with Human Resources Software?

With the right technologies, you can automate the majority of your HR processes. IntelliChief can provide you with automated solutions for:

  • Electronic employee files
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee termination
  • Benefit eligibility tracking
  • Employee status changes
  • Performance reviews
  • Records management
  • Expense claim approvals
  • Non-compete signoffs
  • Personnel action process

With our scalable HCM automation software, you can start with one or two simple applications – such as creating electronic employee records – then gradually transition to a completely paperless HR office.

Getting Started with HR Automation

When you start automating your human resources department, you’ll be able to:

Set Automatic Reminders

Know when employees are eligible for benefits, on vacation, or up for a promotion. Automatically distribute W2s and W4s at tax time.

Communicate More Effectively

Automatically forward applications to recruiters, send performance reviews to managers, and email your entire workforce.

Keep Sensitive Info Secure

Easily control access with custom user controls, comply with federal regulations, and destroy records with a single click

You’ll have complete control over all your HR processes – plus better visibility as well.

HR automation gives you the ability to instantly create actionable reports. This allows management to easily spot trouble areas (such as too much overtime) and develop strategies for improvement.

Electronic Document Management Software with Comprehensive HR Automation Tools

As a leading provider of HR automation software, IntelliChief can help you start working smarter right away. Because our software is designed to easily integrate with your HR ERP or human resources management system, you’ll have a single, centralized system for all your administrative processes. You can continue using the programs you’re already used to – but in a faster, more cost-effective manner.

Automating More Than Just Human Resources

IntelliChief isn’t just limited to human resource applications. Our comprehensive document management tools can be implemented enterprise-wide. Companies have used our electronic document management software to streamline accounting, order processing, customer service, and other core organizational functions – all with remarkable levels of success.

Ready to start automating your Human Resources department? Contact IntelliChief today. Or, access our Resource Library to download ECM for Human Resources and Human Capital Management – our complete guide to HR automation.