IntelliChief Document Analytics

Create Powerful Custom Reports for Increased Visibility and Problem-Solving With Enterprise Document Analytics 

Your documents drive your business processes. But do you know how they’re actually being used? IntelliChief’s Document Analytics gives you complete visibility into all of your document-driven workflows.

What Is Document Analytics?

IntelliChief Document Analytics is a data-driven assessment of how you leverage your enterprise content. You’ll learn how your documents are used, who uses them, and when. (This isn’t just helpful for internal process improvements – it’s an easy way to prove regulatory compliance with an end-to-end paper trail.)

With Analytics, you can look at the big picture, or you can focus on specific document types – like AP invoices and Customer sales orders. With enterprise-level reports, you’ll be able to see where you’re running into delays – and how your company can improve.

Document Management KPIs

You use key performance indicators to monitor the success of your other departments, like sales and marketing. Why not do the same for your administrative processes, like Accounts Payable, Finance, and HR?

With IntelliChief, you can make sure all of your corporate workflows are running smoothly. Our Analytics platform lets you see:

Our document management lets you see – specifically – how different departments and initiatives are performing. You can identify and track:

  • Top-performing (and low-performing) vendors through your supply chain
  • How quickly you’re processing your invoices, and whether you’re missing out on early payment discounts
  • How productive each of your employees are when completing their document-driven workflows

With all this information at your fingertips, you can see where you’re running into delays, and where you can eliminate steps from complex, time-consuming processes.

Have a Project?

Does Your Organization Know…

  • What types of documents are being processed?

  • When and where documents are received?

  • What steps are included in which workflows?

  • How long it takes employees to complete assignments?

  • Where documents are getting lost or delayed?

Real-Time Document Reporting and Performance Metrics

IntelliChief Document Analytics gives your shareholders the actionable insight they need to make empowered, strategic decisions. It’s never been easier to improve your bottom line & continually drive your business forward.

Our user-friendly reporting module lets you track any KPIs that you want (or need) to monitor. You can view user lists, workflow routing groups, document processing profiles, and more, all with the click of a button. Segment down as far as you need to, and customize to any data point. Once you’ve formatted your reports, you can share your findings with your corporate decision-makers & process owners.

Pre-Designed Reports

No time to customize? Analytics comes with a comprehensive suite of pre-designed tools. Heat maps, gauges, geographic maps, waterfall charts, interactive data tables, cross-tab reports, and more all come standard with IntelliChief. You don’t need any custom coding to create impressive visual dashboards. With the Analytics platform, it takes just seconds to present critical business data in a way that’s easy to understand.

Optimizing Your Business Processes

With all of your performance metrics clearly laid out, you can quickly discover (and correct) inefficient business processes. Streamline complex workflows by identifying tasks that are good candidates for workflow automation, or re-design your processes so they don’t come to a stop when employees are working on the go.

You know your business better than anybody – but we’re here to help. Our team has helped hundreds of companies optimize their workflows & protect their most valuable resources, and we’d love to do the same for you. Reach out to our experts at any time, and we’ll make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible.