IntelliChief’s Document Analytics Software Provides Increased Visibility Into Your Workflows

Your documents drive your business processes – from paying your vendors to collecting payment from customers – but do you actually know how those documents are handled throughout your organization? If you’re in the dark, IntelliChief’s document analytics software can help you learn more about how your company manages its content – and how you can improve. Your shareholders will have the actionable insight they need to make empowered, strategic decisions that improve your bottom line and drive your business forward.

What Is Document Analytics?

Document analytics is a data-driven assessment of how you manage your enterprise-level content. You already use key performance indicators to monitor the success of your other departments, like sales and marketing – so why not use them to make sure accounts payable, accounts receivable, finance, and HR are running smoothly as well?

As a complement to our document management software, IntelliChief offers a comprehensive content analytics and reporting system. IntelliChief’s Analytics Server lets you see:

Document Analytics

Document analytics also lets you see – specifically – how different departments and initiatives are performing. For instance, you can identify and track:

  • Problem vendors
  • Managers who aren’t approve non-PO invoices quickly enough
  • How your lead time is affecting your DSO
  • Long invoice processing times that are causing missed early payment discounts
  • Steps in the process that can be eliminated
  • Bottlenecks in interdepartmental processes across departments

With IntelliChief’s document analytics features, tracking KPIs is easy. You can create reports and dashboards and share your findings with your company’s decision makers, all from a central interface.

Once you have all your performance metrics clearly laid out, you can quickly discover and correct inefficient business processes. For instance, you can streamline complex workflows by identifying repetitive tasks that are good candidates for automation or simply re-assign tasks when employees are on vacation. With IntelliChief, it’s never been easier to see (and improve) the way you allocate your most important resources.

Real-Time Reporting & Performance Metrics

IntelliChief’s document analytics software puts a comprehensive suite of interactive tools at your fingertips. With heat maps, gauges, geographic maps, waterfall charts, data tables, cross-tab reports, and more, you can see everything you need to see in a way that makes the data easy to understand.

IntelliChief’s Analytics Server also provides you with time-saving pre-designed reports. You can view user lists, workflow routing groups, document processing profiles, and more – all with the click of a button. Need more specific, segmented information? You can create custom dashboards in seconds with our self-serve analytics interface.

IntelliChief Analytics Server Requirements

IntelliChief’s Analytics Server License can be used with any IntelliChief Base System version 3.6.1 or above. Each Email Import Server is licensed for all of the environments in a designated archive. However, only one license is necessary per archive.

Discover Our Document Analytics Software for Yourself

Ready to get started with the industry’s best content management and document analytics software? Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our Base System, Analytics Server License, or any of our other comprehensive electronic document management products. We’ll help you put together a custom software package for your specific needs.