Document Routing Software – Speed Up Your Approval Process

Document routing can be a challenge for any business. In small companies, employees tend to handle quite a few responsibilities, and it’s all too easy for things to be misplaced or forgotten. In large enterprises, passing paperwork from one department to the next can be complex and time-consuming, especially when a company has more than one location or a shared service center.

Email is a reliable option, but, the average person sends and receives nearly 130 emails a day. Even the most organized employee can easily miss a document that requires their immediate attention.

There’s also the matter of document storage. Paperwork has to stay somewhere, but when that “somewhere” is in a pile at the back of a cluttered closet, it’s almost impossible to find what you need.

For businesses, this results in delayed communications, slow processing times, late invoice payments, and frustrated customers. You need a more reliable approach to document management that can help you streamline your most critical workflows.

Enterprise File Sharing

IntelliChief’s document routing software helps you get your documents exactly where they need to go. This keeps your most important business processes running smoothly.

Document Routing Software Benefits

You decide who should be able to access each document, and IntelliChief does the rest. First, your documents are saved in a secure digital archive. Our software utilizes advanced RPA technology to collect and categorize incoming documents to help you start on projects more quickly.

From there, our document management system routes each project through to completion. IntelliChief robots notify your team members whenever there’s a file they need to work on. If several days go by without an update, the document can be re-routed to someone else. No more forgotten paperwork, and no more missed deadlines.

Document Approval Workflow

IntelliChief uses custom workflows and advanced RPA technology to route documents throughout your organization. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you map out each step in your approval process, such as sending high-value invoices to managers for approval or routing sales orders from customer service to QA for review.

Once these rules are in place, our robots get to work. They make sure that every step is completed without error or delay. Furthermore, IntelliChief provides easy access to the supporting information that your employees need to approve (or reject) their documents. Within a single, integrated platform, your team gains the ability to work faster and make informed decisions more quickly.

Document Tracking

IntelliChief’s document routing software also makes it simple to track your documents through their entire lifecycle. You can see the status of any transaction, at any time, which means that nobody is left wondering what’s being worked on and when.

Plus, our document control software keeps track of every modification and approval. You get a comprehensive electronic “paper trail”, plus total transparency into your business. Once your documents are no longer needed, they’re automatically deleted based on your industry’s specific requirements. This makes records management effortless.

Experience the Ease of IntelliChief’s Electronic Document Routing and Approval Software

It’s time for a better document routing system – and IntelliChief can help. Countless companies have trusted us for enterprise content management and workflow automation, and we can help you customize a solution for your specific needs. For more information about our document sharing and approval software, contact us today.