IntelliChief: An Infor Document Management System that Integrates With Your ERP

Infor Document ManagementInfor document management makes it easier for you to use your ERP. IntelliChief – an Infor Solution Partner – is proud to provide fully integrated solutions for storing, saving, and retrieving your corporate content.

Infor IntelliChief works behind the scenes with your Infor applications. It allows you to seamlessly sync data, so you don’t have to manually enter purchase orders, quotes, invoices, or other documents into your ERP modules. It also allows you to look up archived information without leaving your core applications – making your Infor workflows much faster and more efficient.

What Does IntelliChief’s Infor Document Management System Do?

IntelliChief’s electronic document management system serves as a single platform for all of your enterprise content. Instead of having to enter your data multiple times – across multiple systems – our software does it for you.

To get documents into IntelliChief, you can scan them in, or have our software import them automatically. (It can monitor any email address or fax server that you’d like to designate for document management.)

As documents are added to the system, our software determines what type of document they are, and what you needs to have done with them. (For instance, IntelliChief can send invoices to your Accounts Payable team, and sales orders to Fulfillment.)

Meanwhile, when you’re working in Infor, IntelliChief can collect newly created documents and send them straight to your archive. (For instance, when you create a payment voucher in your AP module, our system can link that voucher to the corresponding invoice and purchase order.) Documents that correspond to the same transaction or business process are linked together, and simultaneously updated.

Infor Data Entry

IntelliChief can take data straight from those paper documents, and import it directly into Infor. Built-in character recognition software finds supplier names, purchase order numbers, and invoice data, then syncs it with your ERP. This way, you always have access to your most up-to-date business information.

Not only does IntelliChief make it easier for you to capture your sales orders, shipping notifications, and other documents, but it also reduces the risk of data entry errors. Our system automatically validates information, cross-referencing it with the data you already have saved in Infor.

You don’t have to worry about an employee entering incorrect information – or forgetting to enter it at all.

Infor Process Automation

IntelliChief’s workflow designer lets you automate business processes that you complete in Infor. Our software can automatically:

  • Validate your invoices
  • Schedule payments for the next available check run
  • Look up and assign GL codes
  • Convert customer order forms to official sales orders
  • Create customer invoices based on their purchase information

We can create custom workflows for almost any document-driven process. This gives you less to do manually, without having to change your internal policies & procedures. And because different users can complete different workflows at the same time, it helps you collaborate more quickly – across your entire organization.

Why Choose IntelliChief’s Document Management System for Infor?

As an Infor Solution Partner, we understand the technologies better than any other provider. Our team has built IntelliChief to integrate with your I-series ERP right out of the box. That means you don’t have to deal with complex programming or special configurations.

Over more than a decade in the document management industry, we’ve provided solutions to countless Infor customers just like you. We know the program’s technical environment inside and out – so our engineers can have you set up with your new software in no time at all.

Our document management system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a familiar design that your employees already know how to navigate. Even so, our team is here to provide comprehensive user training and support, helping you make the most of your new investment.

What Infor Modules Does IntelliChief’s Document Management System Integrate With?

IntelliChief’s document management system integrates with all Infor Series I applications, including:

  • M3
  • Distribution A+
  • BPCS / LX
  • DMAS
  • Infinium
  • JBA/GEAC/System 21
  • Lawson
  • Prism
  • PRMS

Managing Documents Outside of Infor

If you use other ERPs in addition to Infor, we can help you connect all of your applications.

IntelliChief is designed for multiple ERP integration. You can use it with Infor in one department, and with another system (like Oracle or SAP) in another. This lets you streamline all of your business practices across each of your individual systems. (Role-based access ensures that each user – or department – can only access the information that’s relevant to their work.) And if you add (or move away from) a program in the future? We can reconfigure IntelliChief to meet your ever-changing needs.

A Proud Infor Solution Partner

We’ve been a trusted Infor solution partner since 2009. This reflects our deep understanding of the Infor software infrastructure, along with our advanced integration techniques & the reliable service we offer our customers. It’s easy to see why countless users trust us for Infor document management.

Ready to start making the most of your ERP? Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our Infor document management system. Or, visit our Resource Library to see how other Infor users have implemented our solutions in areas like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Processing, Customer Service, and HR.