Infor Document Management

Groundbreaking Infor solutions forged over a decade of collaboration

If you use any of the products in Infor’s extensive catalog, IntelliChief’s document management solutions can help you optimize your ERP system for long-term success. Our software is seamlessly integrated with Infor applications, giving you the freedom to electronically manage your purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and other documents directly from your ERP screen. You can automate your most time-consuming workflows and spend less time on Infor administration — helping you become more productive across every level of your business.

Using IntelliChief’s Infor Document Management System

Our electronic document management system simplifies the process of managing your content in Infor. You can quickly scan and capture P2P and O2C documents directly into your ERP, or IntelliChief can automatically import them from your email address or fax server. Once archived, they’re immediately accessible to any user with the appropriate permissions inside the Infor applications your business is already familiar with.

Plus, when you create new documents within Infor, IntelliChief automatically captures them and sends them to your archive. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, a costly and time-consuming job with a high probability of human error.

Our Infor solutions make it much faster to capture sales orders, shipping notifications, and other important documents. They also help you reduce the risk of data entry errors, provide you with immediate access to any of your business data, and add new information to your ERP in real-time.

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Why Choose IntelliChief for Infor Document Management?

At IntelliChief, we understand the importance of Infor real-time integration. We’ve designed our software to integrate with your I-series ERP straight out of the box, which means you won’t have to worry about programming or special configurations.

Because we’ve successfully deployed our document management solutions for countless Infor customers, we can integrate IntelliChief with your Infor ERP in no time at all. Furthermore, you won’t have to get used to an entirely new system. With IntelliChief, you can search for and retrieve documents directly from your ERP screen. Best of all, our user-friendly interface lets you hit the ground running without impeding your existing business processes.

Document Management Solutions that Integrate with Your Infor Applications

IntelliChief’s document management system integrates with all Infor Series I applications, including:

  • M3
  • Distribution A+
  • BPCS / LX
  • DMAS
  • Infinium
  • JBA/GEAC/System 21
  • Lawson
  • Prism
  • PRMS

Integrating with Multiple ERPs

If Infor is just one of the ERPs that you use, IntelliChief can connect all your applications. IntelliChief is optimized for multiple ERP integration, which means we can help you streamline all of your business practices across all of your individual systems. And, as you add (or move away from) systems in the future, we can easily re-configure your software to meet your ever-changing needs.

Ready to start making the most of your ERP? Contact IntelliChief today to learn more about our Infor industry-leading document management solutions. Or, visit our Resource Library to view our Infor-specific customer case studies.