Electronic Business Process Optimization for Faster & More Efficient Workflows

As your business grows, it’s important to regularly evaluate your workflows and confirm that they’re producing the desired results. A continued approach to business process optimization lets you improve upon what’s already working (and move away from what’s not).

At IntelliChief, we’re here to help you work faster and more efficiently, whether you already use our software or are just getting started with workflow automation. Our business optimization solutions use automated technologies to reduce the number of low-value tasks (think: manual data entry or searching for paperwork) you have to perform. This, in turn, helps you:

  • Work faster
  • Reduce errors
  • Allocate more resources to strategic planning and analysis

We’re continually developing new tools, like OCR software and mobile document processing modules, to help you work smarter and collaborate anywhere. And, when you use IntelliChief, you’ll gain new functionality with every single update. This way, when it comes to business process optimization, you’ll never fall behind your competitors.

Business Process Optimization For Your Manufacturing, Distribution, and Logistics Operations

IntelliChief is the leading provider of business process management software for companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and logistics industries. Having helped thousands of organizations automate their most time-consuming workflows, we’ve solved a number of complex problems, including:

Business Process Optimization

Our process automation methods give you the ability to cut tedious steps – like validating every line item on an invoice and manually keying sales orders into your order entry system – out of your day-to-day processes. When you consider just how frequently you perform these tasks, streamlining the process by even a few minutes can add up to significant results.

A Custom Process Optimization Plan Based on Your Specific Needs

Because IntelliChief is an enterprise-level workflow automation solution, we can help you address a variety of challenges across your entire organization. That said, we specialize in:

We understand that your business is ever-changing – and that’s why we view business process optimization as an ongoing process. When you first get started with IntelliChief, we’ll customize your system to meet your needs. But, as those needs change, we’ll be here to help you keep assessing and refining your business practices.

IntelliChief System Health Check Service

IntelliChief’s System Health Check service is designed for current IntelliChief customers who want to make sure they are using their system as efficiently as possible. We’ll review how you currently use your IntelliChief software and meet with each of the departments that has IntelliChief-optimized workflows.

From there, we’ll check for new features and configuration enhancements and make sure each of your workflows are set up to optimally support your business processes. Our experts will provide you with a road map of modifications to ensure you’re operating at your fullest capacity.

Another thing to keep in mind: each new release is based on customer-directed development, which means that we consistently deliver new features that our customers have asked for. Upgrading is simple on your end, and taking advantage of the newly introduced modules may allow you to optimize your IntelliChief environment even more.

Business Analytics Software

Our software also offers in-depth reporting and analytics modules. These business tools provide real-time information that can help executives identify problems and create solutions. Together with our electronic business process optimization techniques, you’ll have all the tools you need to achieve sustainable growth.

Our Workflow System Designer also provides business process mapping capabilities. You can create simple diagrams that depict your processes on paper, putting everything you need to see in a visual format. You’ll be able to tell if you’re achieving all your cost-saving goals and obtaining maximum profitability with one glance.

Learn More About Electronic Business Process Optimization with IntelliChief

Whether you’re a current customer or an existing one, we’re glad you’re interested in making your business practices more efficient. To learn more about our business process optimization services, just let us know that you’re looking for a better solution or reach out to your Account Executive. We’ll put together a custom optimization plan to help you start reaching your goals.