JD Edwards Content Management

Redefine what is possible in EnterpriseOne and World

IntelliChief’s enterprise content management software lets you do more with your Oracle JD Edwards ERP. Our system is one of the only that was specifically designed for real-time JD Edwards integration, allowing you to complete your workflows faster and more efficiently – without the need for custom programming.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we’ve developed one of the most highly integrated JD Edwards document management software programs on the market. It not only includes robust tools for document storage and routing but also for Accounts Payable automation and Order Management. In both EnterpriseOne & JDE World, you can:

  • Automatically create vouchers or sales orders from scanned & imported images using OCR technology
  • Automate your two- and three-way matching functions using line level data extraction
  • Instantly normalize units of measure without employee intervention
  • Cross-reference part numbers across all of your transactional documents, increasing your straight-through processing rate even further
  • Assign GL codes to your purchases (including any applicable special charges, such as VAT or fuel surcharges) without having to log in to JDE
  • Route documents to the appropriate employees (or departments) based on custom business rules and pre-defined workflows
  • Search for & retrieve archived documents, without having to leave your JD Edwards application screens
  • Access to custom analytics reports measuring the effectiveness of document-driven business processes, like Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay

All of these features are available within the JD Edwards interface that you’re already used to. Everything about your current workflows will translate to your software through advanced automation with your JD Edwards ERP, giving your company the ability to manage documents more quickly and at a lower cost.

Any time you need to manually process a document (for instance, if you need to code an invoice that doesn’t have a corresponding purchase order), natural language prompts tell you exactly what needs to be done. No more confusion, and no more delays – just simplified, error-free work.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Content Management

IntelliChief works with all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules, including:

  • EnterpriseOne Procurement
  • EnterpriseOne Product Costing and Manufacturing Accounting
  • EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management

JD Edwards World Content Management

IntelliChief works with all JD Edwards World modules, including:

  • World Distribution Management
  • World Financial Management
  • World Human Capital Management
  • World Project Management

IntelliChief Provides Fully Customizable Tools for JD Edwards Document Capture and Life Cycle Management

Your company’s needs are always changing – which is why we’ve designed our content management system to adapt to new technologies, workflows, and use cases.

If you decide to automate multiple departments or business processes, you can continue to use the IntelliChief platform; no need to add more new point systems to your ecosystem. For instance, you can start with JDE accounting automation, then expand to sales order and customer service automation as future projects. You won’t have to support multiple IT initiatives, and increase your ROI as you leverage your solution in additional ways.

If you eventually migrate from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne – or move to a new ERP altogether – you’ll still maintain full functionality with IntelliChief. Our enterprise content migration tools let you convert legacy ECM solutions into IntelliChief without losing the content you already have stored.

Use JD Edwards in one part of your business, but other ERPs elsewhere? IntelliChief is designed for cross-platform document management, seamlessly connecting all your individual business applications.

Simple, Stress-Free Automation: Trust Your Enterprise Transformation to an Oracle Gold Partner

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we have extensive experience with JD Edwards integrations. From solution to design to post-implementation support, our team can provide you with everything you need for a successful automation project. And when it comes to long-term use? We’re continually introducing new software features that provide you with the newest and most intuitive solutions for ECM. Our experts are always available to help you make the most of your investment.

For more information about IntelliChief’s JD Edwards content management applications, contact us today. Or, to see some of the solutions we’ve provided to JD Edwards World & EnterpriseOne users, visit our Resource Library and explore our ERP-specific case studies.