The most feature-rich, scalable ECM and Process Automation solutions for industry leaders

Our industry-leading Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation solutions help you do more with less. Whether you’re looking to eliminate duplicate payments in Accounts Payable or transition to electronic employee files in Human Resources, IntelliChief is right for you.

Our technology is universally compatible with all systems of record, from the most popular commercial systems to one-of-a-kind purpose-built project accounting applications. Transition from paper to digital and automate manual processes with IntelliChief. Click on any of the icons below to explore our products:

The IntelliChief ECM Methodology

Digitize paper, automate business processes, and integrate technologies on a single platform that scales to the specific needs of each customer.

Document Capture and Imaging

IntelliChief’s industry-leading OCR software, Capture Enterprise, captures every piece of documentation that enters your organization, including emails, PDFs, paper-based documents, and more. These digital copies are stored in a secure, centralized digital repository where they can be retrieved instantly.

Document Data Extraction

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise doesn’t just create digital copies, it also “reads” the document and classifies its contents accordingly. With IntelliChief Integration Link, this collected metadata can be forwarded to your system of record in real-time to help you streamline a variety of core business functions and eliminate manual data entry.

Document Retrieval

Our ECM software keeps all of your business-critical documentation accessible, even generating “digital paper trails” to connect related documents for unprecedented visibility into each purchase, sale, and more. Search for content using any information, even if you’re working in another application. You can even retrieve documents remotely with IntelliChief Mobile Access Server.

Document Routing

Deliver the right documents to the right people at the right time. You don’t have to do the unnecessary work of printing, shipping, and sending your records to different departments or business units — our document routing technologies do the work for you. Each user can view any content that requires their review from a streamlined dashboard. Plus, automatic notifications ensure that every business process remains on track and on time.

Document Processing and Workflow Automation

By leveraging AI-based Workflow Automation and one of the most advanced procedural rules engines available, you can complete your most time-consuming workflows behind the scenes. Not only do you save time on repetitive, routine tasks but you can also reduce your operating costs as part of the process. By taking the busywork out of document processing, your organization can focus on growth by compounding on the irreplicable skills of your team.

The Integrated Approach to Content Management and Process Automation

Customers choose IntelliChief ECM and Workflow Automation for growth and resilience on a single, integrated platform

IntelliChief can manage all of your content – both traditional and electronic – from a single platform, and thanks to real-time integrations with your other business systems, you don’t have to spend valuable time on repetitive processes.

Once data is in IntelliChief, it’s automatically synced with your other applications. And it doesn’t matter which technologies you use; our content management software can integrate with any ERP or business system.

Our solutions can scale with your business. Our Professional Services team can help you modify your ECM software as your needs change. Add users, update permissions, automate additional workflows, or optimize new business processes to meet your company’s goals.