What Is Enterprise Content Management?

When mission-critical content is managed efficiently, your organization can achieve its business goals

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses a wide array of business process solutions centered around the elimination of paper in the workplace. ECM systems are designed to streamline document storage and retrieval by mitigating inefficiencies commonplace in businesses that still rely on manual paper processes in departments like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Orders. This is accomplished by transforming unstructured information into a secure digital format that drastically improves accuracy and accessibility.

Once physical documents have been imported into an ECM system, they can be stored and retrieved at the touch of a button — no more filing through cabinets or scouring the office for misplaced documents. Best of all, storage and retrieval capabilities only begin to scratch the surface of what is possible when your business incorporates an industry-leading ECM solution into its existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Enterprise Content Management

Improving Your Business With Enterprise Content Management

Let’s face it, if managing your enterprise content was easy, there wouldn’t be a need to seek out enterprise-class business solutions. There’s no room for complacency in an increasingly competitive business climate. Finding ways to make your business faster, more efficient, and less resource-hungry is the only way to match your competitors’ stride for stride, and ECM tools can help you gain the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. When you eliminate your dependence on paper, you not only eliminate paper-related costs and organizational issues but also fuel productivity across select departments.

Enterprise Content Management for Your Business

When asking the question: What is ECM? The answer is best delivered in the context of your company’s unique needs. The capabilities of your selected ECM solution will depend on your company’s needs and the technology being supplied by your provider.

If you want to realize a true ROI on your investment, you should consider foregoing point solutions in favor of scalable solutions that can be applied to multiple departments without the need for haphazard or standalone integrations. With IntelliChief, your ECM features can be configured to align perfectly with your existing business processes — a singular solution for all your diverse business needs.

Secure Digital Storage

Before your company can begin to appreciate the benefits of ECM, they must first transfer documents into a secure digital repository. Depending on your solutions provider, this can be accomplished via scanning a physical document, digitally recording fax, importing an email, transferring pre-existing digital content, or capturing a document in the field remotely. Any type of document can be stored or archived in your digital repository, including Purchase Orders, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Support Satisfaction Surveys, and more. Once in your repository, any user with the proper permissions can view, edit, and organize documents according to your business rules.

Digital Document Capture

After your documents have been imported into your ECM system, their information can be captured and indexed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). When a document with unfamiliar formatting enters your system, IntelliChief uses a form of recognition enabled by machine learning, known as “fingerprinting,” to read and understand the document. The next time a related document of the same type enters your system, it will be processed automatically according to the fingerprint created from the first rendition of that particular document type. Once a document has been captured, any and all related documents can be organized using cross-reference data to form a digital trail. Whenever a problem arises, you can quickly review any relevant documentation to identify the underlying issue.

Remote Retrieval

From your secure digital repository, users can search for documents with straightforward, plain English queries. IntelliChief allows you to configure your search options out of the box. Down the line, you have the ability to expand or limit your search capabilities as needed to keep your business processes flowing without interruptions.

What does this mean for your business? First and foremost, you’re eliminating the need for manual document retrieval — one of the most costly and time-consuming processes in any business. In addition, you gain the ability to access your documents from anywhere. With remote access, your team is empowered to make business-critical decisions whether they’re in the office, at home, or working in the field.

Eliminate Manual Tasks With Automation

Full-fledged automation capabilities are what truly sets an industry-leading ECM solution like IntelliChief apart from the competition. Your business can eliminate manual tasks like scanning, organizing, delivering, and excessive copying/pasting to give your employees more time to focus on important tasks, like dealing with problematic exceptions.

It also allows you to take advantage of straight-through processing for 2-, 3-, and 4-way matching, and unit of measure normalization, which can cut the number of transactions touched by employees in half (and, in many cases, much more than that). Automation assures that your documents are routed to the appropriate user in a timely manner whenever the system lacks confidence in a match. If a particular user is unavailable (i.e., sick, on vacation, etc.) it can forward the document to the next available user without any manual intervention. IntelliChief even recognizes user errors and calls attention to them with clearly stated alerts.

Top-Tier, Enterprise-Grade Security

Maintaining compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulators is a concern for any enterprise, but you also have a responsibility to your core business principles and policies, too. Your business needs to be able to limit which documents can be accessed, edited, annotated, or otherwise manipulated. It also needs a time-and-date record of who has accessed your ECM system, as well as which actions they took.

When incorporating ECM into multiple departments, you want to be able to keep departmental workflows separate and to prevent sensitive information from being accessed by the wrong party. At the same time, you want to have the ability to configure access settings to permit interdepartmental document management if necessary. IntelliChief can be configured to the precise needs of your business regardless of how simple or nuanced your existing document management strategies and workflows are, giving you unparalleled control over all your business processes.

IntelliChief ECM: The Clear Choice

Enterprise content comprises all the documents and records that allow your business to communicate, operate, and grow. Simply managing your documents isn’t enough. You need the ability to collect, organize, alter, and deliver enterprise content as dictated by your existing business processes. IntelliChief ECM is designed to grow alongside your business, giving you the ability to scale and evolve the way you handle business-critical content across your enterprise. With a robust, constantly evolving array of modules, applications, and integrations, IntelliChief is the clear choice for any business looking to eliminate paper and curtail inefficiency.