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Invoice OCR

Automated solutions to help you capture, process, and archive Accounts Payable invoices in any format

Invoice OCR lets you capture information from your supplier invoices. From there, you can use AP automation software to send that data to your Accounts Payable system, where you can have each invoice validated, vouchered, and scheduled for payment.

What Is Invoice OCR?

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a technology that electronically “reads” your documents. It identifies key information, then converts it into electronic data. You can use that data for any corresponding business process, anywhere in your organization.

OCR can help you process any type of business document, including vendor invoices. It can locate product numbers, prices, and payment instructions, processing each line item the same way a person would. Best-in-class OCR software accurately emulates a broad range of invoice processing tasks, from capturing and indexing data to reviewing and even approving invoices.

Do You Need OCR to Automate Your Accounts Payable Process?

It all depends on the degree of automation you’d like to achieve.

On its own, optical character recognition doesn’t allow for end-to-end invoice processing. It can speed things up considerably, but it only solves one part of the equation.

For true AP invoice automation, you’ll need to combine OCR with a solution that can independently complete certain tasks. This makes it possible to process many of your invoices straight through — capturing, verifying, and paying them with minimal input from your team.

Integrated Solutions for Invoice Capture and Automated Processing

IntelliChief’s invoice capture software uses OCR to collect your data, then sends it directly to your ERP.  It communicates with your accounting software in real-time, cross-referencing the data you have stored in your ERP. It handles the most repetitive administration behind the scenes, letting you focus on exception handling and other important business.

To enter hard-copy invoices into IntelliChief, all you have to do is scan them in. You can have electronic invoices imported automatically, or you can save PDFs and other digital invoices with a single click. You don’t have to carefully prepare your documents; our software can correct most imperfections on its own. And Capture Enterprise is ideal for high-volume invoice processing; the more invoices you receive, the more IntelliChief can help you save.

IntelliChief’s Flexible Approach to OCR Invoice Scanning

When you receive invoices from many different suppliers, you encounter a variety of layouts and formats. Capture Enterprise lets you find exactly what you need, no matter how the data is structured. Keyword-based pattern matching lets IntelliChief collect unstructured data with a high degree of confidence. Meanwhile, multi-language OCR capabilities let you automate data collection for international transactions.

When IntelliChief captures an invoice, it automatically indexes the content. In the future, if you need to retrieve the invoice, you can search by vendor name, order number, or amount.

Increasing Your Accuracy Rate With Machine Learning

When our software encounters information it doesn’t recognize – such as the name of a new vendor – it immediately tells your team to review the transaction. (It highlights the data that needs a manual review, letting your team locate the issue and return to their workflow.)

As you process each exception, machine learning helps IntelliChief remember your unique business rules. The next time our software encounters a similar issue, it can process it without human intervention. This helps you achieve a higher rate of AP invoice automation.

Straight-Through Invoice Processing and AP Automation

Our technologies combine invoice OCR with comprehensive AP automation tools. IntelliChief lets you:

With automated invoice processing, you can capture a higher percentage of early payment discounts and put an end to late fees. Most of our customers achieve a complete return on their investment in one year or less.

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