Automated Data Entry Software

Automate data entry for all incoming documents

Automated data entry software makes it easy to process invoices, create sales orders, and complete other time-intensive workflows. You don’t have to waste your valuable resources on administrative work; instead, you can let technology can take care of it for you.

At IntelliChief, we understand how challenging it is to keep up with manual data entry demands – especially when your employees have more pressing tasks on their plate. Our data entry software program gives you a simpler solution for collecting, categorizing, and entering the information you need to keep your business running smoothly.

How Does Automated Data Entry Software Work?

Our software provides end-to-end automation for the data entry process.

Data Entry Automation Tools

The first step – document capture – involves getting your documents into an electronic archive so they can be automatically processed. If you’re starting with a paper document, you can scan it in; if you’re starting with an electronic document, like a PDF or an email attachment, you can save it to our archive from your computer. Or, you can have IntelliChief instantly import it as soon as it arrives. This helps you start collecting data much more quickly (and gives you an easy solution for processing large numbers of documents).

Then, our automated data entry software categories your document by type. (Invoices, for instance, contain different information than purchase orders. Classifying your documents at the start helps our software determine what sort of data to extract, and where to send that data once it’s been collected.)

From there, our data extraction software “reads” your documents with:

  • OCR (optical character recognition) technologies
  • ICR (intelligent character recognition) technologies
  • OMR (optical mark recognition) technologies

Barcode technologies can also extract information that’s encoded in a barcode, without having to locate that same information elsewhere on the page.

While some software programs can only identify data when they know exactly where on a page that data will be located, IntelliChief can locate and capture semi-structured and un-structured information. It can also remember where on a document that a specific type of data was found to streamline the process even further in the future.

Once the data has been identified, it’s checked for completeness and accuracy.

Automated Data Entry Accuracy Standards

Most companies that invest in automated data entry software are driven – at least partially – by a desire to avoid the errors that typically occur with manual data entry.

As one of the most accurate data capture solutions on the market, IntelliChief can successfully recognize most information, like prices and item numbers, and import the data into your ERP without mistakes. However, even the most advanced OCR and ICR technologies aren’t able to read a document the same way a human can. This is why IntelliChief offers two different validations methods for confirming the accuracy of your data:

Automated Data Validation

IntelliChief uses advanced Process Automation technology to compare the data it collects with the information that already exists in your ERP, such as a vendor master record that includes all of a supplier’s contact details. This validation process is completed in seconds, and your team doesn’t have to get involved.

Manual Data Validation

When you set up your software, you can have it notify an employee when it can’t confirm that a specific value is accurate. You can instantly retrieve the corresponding documents, check that the information is correct, and move it into your ERP.

Automating Your Data-Driven Workflows

Automating your data collection process is a great first step – but it’s what you do with your data once you have it that makes the most significant difference. With IntelliChief, you can use your data to streamline your workflows and support your specific business objectives.

Capture Enterprise – IntelliChief’s document capture software – sets the foundation for workflow automation. Once our system has captured, validated, and imported your data into your ERP, it can turn around and re-use that data to simplify your most time-intensive processes. For instance, you can:

  • Check the payment terms on your invoices to automatically schedule payments within your Accounts Payable system
  • Automatically create sales orders when you receive a purchase order from a customer and eliminate manual order entry in your ERP
  • Monitor the status of your customer invoices to schedule payment reminders and – if necessary – start the collections process

IntelliChief’s data entry automation system is designed to be fully connected with your other business software systems. This means that we can help you automate virtually any process that requires the use of enterprise-level information.

Discover IntelliChief’s Automated Data Entry Software

Data collection is changing – and it’s changing quickly. IntelliChief can help you make sense of the digital transformation, with automatic data processing strategies that are customized for your specific needs. Contact us today to talk to an expert.

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