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Order Entry Software

Process customer orders as soon as they arrive with automated order entry software

If you’re still managing orders by hand, you’re not working as efficiently as you could be. Order entry software helps you speed things up.

When you’re not processing each order individually, your employees have more time to spend helping out your customers. Meanwhile, those customers will get their products more quickly, and you’ll have a stronger cash flow for your business.

Automated Order Processing

Order entry is one of the most time-consuming steps in the order-to-cash process. It can take an hour (or more) to collect and categorize an order form, convert it into a sales order, create a transaction in your ERP, and get that transaction in the queue for processing. That doesn’t even include time spent correcting data entry errors, or processing customer disputes and returns.

IntelliChief’s order entry system can help.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, manufacturer, or distributor, our order management software can capture your incoming documents, enter them into your ERP, and move each transaction through to fulfillment. All of this is done automatically – without any input from your team.

A Faster, More Efficient Order Entry Process

When it comes to order processing, what’s your best-case scenario? A 20 percent reduction in your order-to-cash cycle? A 50 percent improvement in your lead time?

What if you could have the majority of your customers’ orders – across all of your different communication channels – entered automatically?

Our order entry software can monitor the email and fax networks that you use to collect orders. (For orders that arrive through the mail, all you have to do is scan them in – we’ll take care of the rest.)

As order forms arrive, IntelliChief collects the data and creates a corresponding sales order. Your team only has to get involved if there’s an error, like expired pricing that our software doesn’t recognize. On the fulfillment side, they can start working right away.

Our system also makes it easy to make a change if a customer requests something different after the sale. The same way that it collects order forms, it can collect change request and special instructions, then route them through to the rest of your production team. Anyone who is involved with the transaction can access the most up-to-date information anywhere – from any device.

With IntelliChief, you can accommodate the various ways your customers do business. You won’t have to have different processes for emailed and hard-copy orders, and your customers don’t have to change the way they send in their forms. Plus, any document that you need to process an order or bill your customer will be right at your fingertips. IntelliChief keeps everything neatly organized in an electronic archive.

Batch Order Processing

When you’re processing hundreds of orders a day, your customer service and sales representatives may have a hard time keeping up. But with IntelliChief, the more business you do, the more we can help you save.

Our software can handle large batches of transactions at one time. Because you’re not entering each one individually, you’ll have a much easier time keeping up with customer demand.

Improve Customer Communications

Any time a customer reaches out for an update, you can access their entire order history with a few simple clicks. You can see exactly what they ordered (and when), how it was shipped, and what they were charged. You can even retrieve pre-sale documents, like RFPs and quotes.

Our system can even send out automatic updates, keeping your customers in the loop. You won’t have to spend any additional time on customer communications, and they’ll know exactly what to expect.

Order Entry Solutions that Integrate with Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, SAP, and Other Systems

Our order entry system works hand-in-hand with your ERP. Our solutions can integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, SAP, and other ERP systems.

IntelliChief can also integrate with other order processing applications and custom line-of-business systems. Our order management system imports the data, and you can move through the rest of your process the way you always have.

See How You Can Transform Your Business With Automated Order Entry Software

Ready for faster and more accurate order entry? We’re here to help.

Our order entry software offers all the tools you need to process your transactions, provide better customer service, and collect payments more efficiently. Want to learn more? Contact us today! Or, request a custom demo here.