JD Edwards AP Automation

Integrated invoice processing and AP management solutions for JD Edwards

JD Edwards AP Automation can streamline your accounting procedures. With simple solutions for invoice matching, unit of measure normalization, and payment voucher creation, you can spend less time on manual Accounts Payable – and more time on strategic initiatives.

JD Edwards AP Automation: Getting Started

Automation shouldn’t require you to change your current processes. Instead, its design should complement the procedures you already have in place.

There’s a considerable amount of customization involved, so you want to be able to design your automation strategy to meet your company’s unique needs. You can automate your approval routing workflows, your GL coding process, and even certain steps in your exception handling process – all from the same software program. By integrating your AP automation software with your JD Edwards ERP, you can reduce the amount of manual data entry that you have to do – even processing a number of your invoices without any employee input.

How to Automate Accounts Payable in JD Edwards

Automating Accounts Payable in JD Edwards can be accomplished by utilizing a feature-rich Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. Here’s how it works:

Invoice Capture

The more invoices you process, the harder it can be to keep up. Automated invoice capture solutions leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to prevent invoices from getting lost or misplaced.

When new invoices arrive in your inbox – or via fax – they can be instantly collected and sent to JD Edwards for validation and payment. The content is indexed (so that you can look up the invoices at a later date), then matched against the data you already have stored in JDE. Direct database integrations let you easily cross-reference JDE tables to retrieve information from your Accounts Payable Ledger, Purchase Order Detail, and various AP aggregates.

Invoice Matching

Once an invoice is received, “robots” compare it to the corresponding purchase order and delivery receipt. Your employees don’t have to locate the paperwork from their records or match each line item one at a time. AP automation does all of this behind the scenes.

Invoice Payment

As each invoice is matched, your software can create the corresponding payment vouchers and schedule each transaction for payment. It automatically checks to ensure that there’s not a prior payment for the invoice number, helping eliminate duplicate transactions. It also checks each vendor’s payment instructions to see if there are potential incentives for early payment.

With automation, you can start paying your Accounts Payable invoices as soon as they’re received – which helps you capture a higher percentage of early payment discounts. You can also eliminate unnecessary late fees, while strengthening your professional relationships with your company’s vendors.

Exception Handling

If there’s an incorrect charge that needs to be corrected prior to payment, your invoice processing software can attempt to resolve it without an employee’s input.

  • If your purchase order and your invoice refer the same item by different part numbers, it can reference saved information to decide if both documents refer to the same product.
  • If your purchase order and your invoice are written in different units of measure, it can normalize the data to process the transaction straight through.
  • If your invoice lists specific charges – such as taxes or shipping fees – that were added after the purchase, it can determine if these charges are valid based on your supplier agreements.

If a discrepancy is within your company’s pre-determined tolerance rules, you can have your software approve it for payment without sending it to a processor for review. However, any time an error exceeds your invoice tolerance policy, it can be sent to a member of your team for resolution – with all the discrepancies clearly highlighted for a straight-forward review.

JDE Invoice Approval

Approval Routing

If you send non-PO invoices to internal approvers as part of your Accounts Payable process, your workflow solution can send them to the right employees, right away. You can create custom electronic approval routes to secure the necessary authorizations, without having to send paper invoices to individual team members one at a time. And within the interface itself, easy-to-understand workflow prompts let your employees know exactly what needs to be done – and when – keeping your procure to pay cycle on track.

GL Coding

With an integrated solution, you can assign GL codes to non-PO invoices without having to access your ERP. This lets you classify your purchases on the go – even without a JD Edwards login.

The Benefits of JD Edwards AP Automation

IntelliChief’s back-office automation software integrates with JD Edwards out of the box. Our platform lets you:

  • Capture and process supplier invoices without employee input
  • Pre-schedule outbound payments
  • Route procurement requests for electronic review and approval
  • Convert customers’ purchase orders into new sales orders
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Automate your hiring approvals and onboarding workflow
  • Create and maintain electronic employee records
  • Simplify customer service inquiries
  • Automatically import content from your documents into JDE

Our solutions support end-to-end automation for Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure to Pay (P2P) cycles in JD Edwards,  and our solutions can be configured to work in several other departments as well. IntelliChief is a singular solution to your most diverse business needs, allowing you to increase productivity across every area of your business without relying on multiple vendors and haphazard integrations.

The Business Case for JDE AP Automation

JD Edwards is already a significant investment. Do you really need another solution to go along with it?

Depending on your current administrative costs, you may be looking at an ROI period of a year or less. With automation, you can start to see operational improvements right away in whichever department you choose to implement it. Your business will benefit from:

The more business functions that you automate, the higher your ROI. Your employees can spend less time on low-value tasks in JDE and more time adding to your bottom line. Meanwhile, as your company grows, you can keep up with more work without increasing your headcount.

Real-Time Integration With JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

Several companies offer solutions for JD Edwards automation, but IntelliChief is one of the only providers to offer real-time integration with JDE. If your business wants to take advantage of straight-through processing, real-time integration is one of the requisite features your solution should offer. With straight-through processing, your enterprise content can be processed without human intervention — a truly touchless solution.

Many workflows include certain steps that occur outside of JDE. As your teams move through their workflows, your software needs to know the exact status of every project regardless of where the next action is taking place. Otherwise, it can run into delays or request manual intervention when it’s not actually needed. IntelliChief’s deep integrations ensure that your enterprise content is retrievable at all times.

Most solutions sync with your ERP once or twice a day, which means that new updates can go unnoticed for hours at a time. For example, if during a three-way match, an invoice needs to be paid but your software doesn’t know that goods were received, that specific workflow won’t advance until the next scheduled update. Similarly, if a project requires supporting documentation that hasn’t yet been uploaded to JDE, it will send an alert to a user asking them to locate it. They’ll have to review the issue manually — all because their software couldn’t access the most up-to-date information automatically.

Expanding Your Solution Beyond AP With IntelliChief

According to McKinsey, 40 percent of large companies plan to automate multiple business functions. With an ECM platform, you can automate a variety of tasks without relying on separate point solutions. This reduces the impact on your technical support team as they only need to learn the system once.  If you transform one department at a time, your team will already have the framework in place to scale IntelliChief to your company’s changing needs. Rather than customize, deploy, and support new technologies for each initiative, you gain a trusted partner who can help you grow your business and avoid implementation pitfalls.

Our ECM platform lets you streamline your process flows across each of your JD Edwards applications, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • General Accounting.

Our software can also integrate with your other digital applications, such as a custom line of business systems. By connecting JD Edwards with your other technologies, you can synchronize your data in real-time and let automation handle the rest.

Improve Your JDE Accounts Payable Process Flow With IntelliChief

At IntelliChief, we’ve designed specialized AP automation solutions for JD Edwards users. Our software integrates with JDE accounting modules in real-time – giving you an easy and reliable way to process your supplier payments.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we have extensive technical experience with both EnterpriseOne and World. This lets our experts easily integrate our Accounts Payable solutions with your current technologies. We’re here to guide you through the entire transformation, from solution design to end-user training – making the process simple and stress-free.

There’s also the benefit of our enterprise-level solutions. Our software can integrate with the entire JD Edwards system – letting you automate everything from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to Order Processing and HR. You can start using all of your JDE modules more efficiently, without having to support separate software solutions. The more you automate, the higher your ROI – and the greater the impact on your entire business.

Learn More About JD Edwards Accounts Payable Automation

IntelliChief is a gold-level member of the Oracle Partner Network. Our customers benefit from proven solutions, the assurance of complete system compatibility, and comprehensive user support. With a long history of successful JD Edwards integrations, we can ensure that your automation project is implemented quickly and efficiently. Our Solutions Designers configure IntelliChief to work the same way that you do, serving as a logical extension of your existing infrastructure. Once you’re up and running, we can help you identify additional areas for improvement to increase the value of your solution over time.

To see our solutions for JD Edwards automation, request a custom demo here. Or, contact our team with any questions, and we’ll get you an answer right away.