A Procure To Pay (P2P) Solution for Easier Accounts Payable

IntelliChief’s procure to pay solution lets you electronically collect, distribute, and process your Accounts Payable documents – significantly speeding up your P2P cycle. If time-consuming manual workflows are leading to missed discounts, late payment fees, and duplicate invoice payments, our software can help.

Procure to Pay Automation

Our platform can simplify your entire purchase to pay process. With IntelliChief’s automated solutions, you can effortlessly manage:

  • Procurement requests
  • InvoicesProcure to Pay Solution Benefits
  • Contracts
  • Supplier inquiries and quote requests
  • Purchase orders & purchase order acknowledgments
  • Non-purchase order documentation
  • Advance shipment notices & bills of lading
  • Receipts

Our software collects these documents as soon as they come in to your organization, then sends them directly to the employees who need them. Your Accounts Payable team can access any of these records – at any time – with a single click.

Behind the scenes, our procure to pay solution collects information directly from your transactional records. It validates the information, imports it into your accounting system, and uses it to complete related workflows. All of this is done with little (or no) input from your employees – making your entire cycle faster and more efficient.

Speed Up Your Procure to Pay Cycle

With IntelliChief, it’s easy to streamline your entire procure to pay process flow. Our software can automatically complete:

With IntelliChief handling most of the work in the background, your Accounts Payable team only has to get involved if something requires a manual review. And with our electronic solutions simplifying those processes as well, you can approve invoices, assign GL codes, and collaborate from any device.

Instant Document Routing

Our procure to pay solution makes it easy to get your documents where they need to go.

When a purchase needs to be authorized by several managers, our system can seamlessly route the associated documents from one person to the next. IntelliChief makes it easy to design custom approval routes for high-value transactions, letting you get all the sign-offs you need based on your internal business rules.

With our software automatically routing your documents throughout your Accounts Payable department, don’t have to waste time printing out paperwork, sending it from department to department, and waiting for someone to realize that it needs their attention. Each employee can see everything they need to work on from a streamlined dashboard, while automatic reminders keep your workflows on track.

No More Accounts Payable Data Entry

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to enter invoices (or other important information) into your ERP by hand. Our procure to pay solution processes your AP documents automatically – syncing the data with each of your individual business systems. When you’re not typing out invoice numbers, prices, and supplier information for every single purchase, you can streamline your procure to pay cycle by as much as 80 percent.

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Eliminate Procure to Pay Errors

We get it: accuracy is crucial. Procure to pay automation helps you eliminate errors.

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to worry about an AP processor entering an incorrect supplier name, putting a decimal in the wrong place, or paying an invoice twice. You can spend less time resolving errors, and more time keeping your business running smoothly.

P2P Automation Software

IntelliChief also keep your business data safe. Our software uses custom controls to make sure information is only available to authorized users. Invoices and other transactional documents remain within your Accounts Payable department, and you can see a complete history of every time a document is read or processed.

Discover Our Procure to Pay Solutions & Transform Your Accounts Payable Department

At IntelliChief, we make it easy to transition to a paperless accounts payable department. While our software completes your repetitive procure to pay processes in the background, your employees can focus on more intelligent tasks, like financial analysis and reporting. This way, you can use your team – and your resources – much more efficiently.

To help you keep your existing processes in place, we’ll integrate our procure to pay system with the finance and accounting modules of your legacy ERP. Whether you use a single platform (like Oracle or SAP), or rely on several custom technologies to manage your supplier payments, our team can customize a solution for your needs. The result? Simplified (and standardized) workflows, faster invoice processing, and potentially even thousands of dollars in early payment discounts.

As one of the most trusted procure to pay solution providers, we’re there for you long past installation, too. Our team will work with your purchasing and Accounts Payable employees, providing easy-to-understand instructions and support along the way. We’ll help you develop best practices for automating your AP workflows, and even help you expand your approach into other back-office functions should you decide to do so in the future.

To learn more about our procure to pay solutions for AP automation, contact us today.