Oracle Automation Tools From IntelliChief

Oracle automation helps you streamline routine processes. Software can handle repetitive workflows, such as invoice matching and sales order processing. Meanwhile, your employees can spend less time on behind-the-scenes administration, completing complex processes with minimal – or even no – effort.

As your company grows, automation helps you keep pace with the increased volume of work. It standardizes processes across business units and locations, ensuring fast, accurate, and repeatable results. Without manual workflows getting in the way of productivity, your business can streamline operations – anywhere you use your Oracle ERP.

Automated Solutions for Your Core Business Processes in PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite (EBS)

Our automation tools integrate with both PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite. These solutions use the information that’s already stored in your ERP database to streamline corresponding workflows – like document routing and AP processing. Our platform has end-to-end integrations for your Procure to Pay and Order to Cash cycles, and can help you speed up other core processes as well.

Oracle Automation Case Study

Designed for the enterprise, IntelliChief lets you automate tasks across your entire organization. Our technologies provide the framework for a wide range of Oracle automation projects, allowing you to transform your entire business from a single, streamlined platform. With one implementation and a number of potential use cases, you can achieve a complete ROI in as little as one year.

Oracle AP Automation

Our AP automation solutions integrate with both EBS and PeopleSoft Payables.

As invoices arrive, IntelliChief can capture them and import the data into Oracle. Capture Enterprise automates the step of collecting the invoices you receive electronically. It can monitor your email or fax network, recognizing and indexing new invoices as they’re received. (If your suppliers send you paper invoices, you can scan them in to the system, and our software will take care of the rest.)

Using an Oracle-provided interface, IntelliChief sends your invoice information directly to PeopleSoft or E-Business Suite. (This gives your ERP everything it needs to process and voucher your invoices, while protecting the integrity of your database.) This not only eliminates manual data entry, but helps prevent processing errors as well. Our solutions validate your data before submitting the request to Oracle, making sure that everything is correct.

Once an invoice is ready to be processed, IntelliChief uses an ODBC connection to search your database for information that can confirm each charge. For instance, it can:

  • Read your AP Suppliers table to confirm that the invoice is from one of your active vendors
  • Read your AP Invoices table to confirm that the invoice is not a duplicate
  • Read your PO Header and PO Details tables to validate the product and price for line item on the invoice
  • Read your Receipts & Receiving data to match the invoice to the purchase order and receipt

If the information is correct, IntelliChief can process the invoice straight through. It can even create a payment voucher and schedule the invoice for the next available check run. With Oracle Accounts Payable automation, your employees don’t have to do a thing unless there’s a discrepancy.

When there’s an error, IntelliChief can send the invoice to an employee for review. Our software will provide all the documentation they need for exception handling, making it easier to resolve. They can even view the notes from their main Oracle screen – without having to go to another application.

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Oracle Order Processing Automation

On the Order to Cash side, IntelliChief can integrate with PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite Order Management modules.

As customers send in their purchase orders, Capture Enterprise can collect them the same way it collects your invoices. Here too, our software uses an Oracle-provided interface to send the transactional information to your ERP. There’s no data entry, no manual processing, and no chance for clerical errors.

Using the original data, IntelliChief converts each customer purchase order to a sales order that you can use for internal processing. If the order requires special handling – such as a credit approval or a production modification – IntelliChief can route the documents to the corresponding teams for review.

As each order moves through the production cycle, you can automatically add new documentation to your archive. Workflow can help you handle any reviews, credit checks or other administrative requirements. And, if different order types (such as custom products or sample packs) require different workflows or processes, that is easily accomplished as well. Once you’re ready to invoice your customers for the products they’ve bought (either because it’s left your warehouse or you’ve received a signed proof of delivery), IntelliChief can instruct Oracle to create the invoice and even email it to the customer.

Oracle HR Automation

IntelliChief can even help you automate core HR workflows in your Human Resources Management module. You can:

  • Create and maintain electronic employee records
  • Route resumes, cover letters, and applications to your hiring teams
  • Onboard new hires through a centralized digital platform

With your HR managers spending less time on back-office administration, they can focus on what actually matters: growing and supporting your workforce.

Our Intelligent Approach to Oracle Process Automation

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to change the processes you already have in place. Our team can customize your implementation, keeping your current procedures intact. (As your needs change, you can easily modify your workflows without custom coding.) You can even view the status of any process – at any time – from a streamlined dashboard.

The more you use our software, the more intelligent it becomes. Machine learning capabilities allow it to memorize the way you process certain exceptions. The next time it encounters the same issue, it can handle it the same way you did – saving you even more time in the future.

Oracle Gold Partner

Another way that IntelliChief reduces manual touchpoints? Our platform integrates with Oracle in real time. This gives it constant access to your latest business data. Solutions that only update once or twice a day can’t retrieve new information until your database is synced. This can cause a project to be sent for manual review when it’s not truly necessary – preventing you from gaining the full benefits of Oracle automation.

Learn More About Our Oracle Automation Tools

Our experts are here to make your digital transformation as simple as possible. With continually improving technologies, proven implementation techniques, and comprehensive support, we make it easy to automate your Oracle-based workflows.

To learn more about IntelliChief, contact us today. Or, request a demo to see our Oracle automation software in action – in any department or use case that you’re considering for your business.