Simplify Your Oracle Accounts Payable Process Flow with AP Automation

If your Oracle Accounts Payable process flow is too time-consuming, IntelliChief can help. We offer AP automation solutions for both PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite, with a variety of features to help simplify invoice processing, GL coding, and other Accounts Payable workflows.

Automating Your Accounts Payable Workflows in Oracle

Oracle already gives you the tools you need to save your vendor invoices, create vouchers, and schedule payments. But, each individual process can take quite a bit of time and effort from multiple employees. Documents circulate from desk to desk (and department to department), which means there are plenty of opportunities for delays and missteps.

Oracle Accounts Payable Process Flow

If you’re completing your Oracle Accounts Payable process flows manually, you’re spending too many resources on tasks that could be easily automated. IntelliChief’s AP automation software for Oracle offers tools that you can implement at nearly every step of the process.

Automated Invoice Processing in Oracle

Invoice processing is one of the most common Oracle workflows. It’s also the perfect candidate for automation.

When you receive invoices from your vendors, you have to get the information from that sheet of paper into your ERP. Manually typing in supplier information, individual line item purchases, quantities, and costs can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you process thousands of invoices a month.

When you use IntelliChief to automate your Oracle invoice processing workflows, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Our Oracle RPA software can automatically extract data from your invoices as soon as they’re received. For paper invoices, all you have to do is scan them in; and for electronic ones, we can automatically import them into the system. From there, RPA-integrated capture technologies extract the data and route it into Oracle.

Invoice Routing in Oracle

If, like most companies, you require a supervisor’s sign-off on high-value or non-PO invoices, we make it easy to route documents from one employee to the next. You can specify which employee is responsible for each invoice approval, and IntelliChief robots will get it exactly where it needs to go. Our AP automation software even provides automatic notifications so that nothing is overlooked.

Foreign Exchange or Unit of Measure Conversions

When you’re dealing with international transactions, currency and tax calculations can make your manual processing more complex. Typically, your team has to convert your vendor’s currency to your own local currency and sort out any application GST, PST, or VAT values. But, with IntelliChief, this can all be done automatically, by vendor or customer. If vendor X ships in cases and you convert to units, IntelliChief unit of measure conversion means one less thing you need to worry about doing as part of your Oracle accounts payable process flow.

GL Coding

If you use Oracle to balance your general ledger, you’re already familiar with the process of assigning GL codes to non-PO invoices. But, instead of using your ERP to do this manually, IntelliChief lets you electronically assign GL codes to each non-PO invoice. It can even lookup the codes that you already have in Oracle to streamline the process or workflow can send out to the correct manager to code in the field.

Oracle Accounts Payable Automation Software

Scheduling Payments Based on Oracle Payment Terms

When you program a vendor’s payment terms into Oracle, IntelliChief can make sure you’re using these incentives to your advantage. Whenever you process an invoice, our software will check for early payment discounts and schedule your payments accordingly. This allows you to deduct a portion of what you owe – with no extra effort or attention.

Automating Other, Non-Accounts Payable Workflows in Oracle

The more you use Oracle for, the more we can help you automate. IntelliChief works with all of Oracle’s modules – including their Accounts Receivable and Financial Management programs – to help you automate other process flows. Because our solutions are so easy to scale, you’ll be able to implement time- and cost-saving measures across your entire organization.

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