Document Archiving Made Easy – Electronic Storage Solutions from IntelliChief

You need your business information to be accessible at a moment’s notice. IntelliChief’s document archiving system lets you keep all of your records neatly organized and instantly retrievable – while keeping them out of the way until you actually need them.

Secure Electronic Document Storage

Instead of storing important records in a closet – or sending them off-site – IntelliChief lets you create a digital repository for your content. Our document management system can help you maintain everything from supplier invoices and customer contracts to proposals, quotes, and employee records, all from a streamlined digital platform.

Once a document is in your archive, you can access it from anywhere – at any time – without the risk of damage or loss. You can then delete it when it’s no longer needed, creating more storage space and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Electronic Document Storage

Store Electronic Records and Hard-Copy Paperwork on One Platform

Our software makes it easy to manage all your documents, regardless of the initial format, on the same platform. Save PDFs, JPEGs, & email attachments from your computer, or import hard-copy files into the system via scanner.

Corporate Records Management Automation

Create – And Comply With – A Corporate Records Management Policy

Retention Manager lets you manage your content in accordance with your company’s regulations. Create a document archiving policy and decide how long to keep each type of file; our system will take care of the rest.

Streamlined Document Organization

Our document archiving solutions can accommodate as many files as needed. You can add one file at a time, or large batches of content – and you can do so from any location. (No need to send records to a central processing facility, where they’re processed by hand.)

Every time you save a new document, our software converts the text to electronic data. That data is then added to an index. You can search for any type of content, using information that isn’t contained in the document’s metadata.

Using this data for context, our solutions determine what type of document you’re archiving. (For instance, IntelliChief can differentiate between invoices, purchase orders, and receiving documents.) When you’re dealing with a high volume of content, this can save you a considerable about of time.

As you save new documents, those that correspond to the same transaction or business process are stored together. If you need to retrieve related information, you can do so with a single click.

Document Search & Retrieval

When you need a document, you don’t have to access to your local network or a centrally located storage room. Electronic document archiving lets you retrieve your records from any computer with an Internet connection. (Need remote access to your content? Our Mobile Access Server lets you view archived documents from a smartphone or tablet.)

To retrieve a document from your archive, you can do so from IntelliChief, or from within your ERP. (Our solutions can integrate with any core business system, such as Oracle or SAP.) If you’re in the middle of a project, you can find the information you need without interrupting your workflow.

Our archive updates in real time – which means that you always have access to your latest records. As soon as a document is received, it’s added to your repository. Long processing times and intermittent sync schedules don’t hold you back.

Ensuring Document Security

To protect the integrity of your archive, our document storage software uses a combination of active directory authentications, SSL technologies, and custom access permissions. You can create settings for each type of document, ensuring that employees can only access information on a “need to know” basis.

This approach provides a secure document storage environment, as well as complete access records. (This lets you prove proper procedures during an audit.) A built-in document tracking system lets you see who has opened, edited, or approved each individual file, at any point during its lifecycle.

Document Lifecycle Management

With Retention Manager, you can specify how long each record (or type of record) needs to be archived, and when it should be deleted. (Be sure to take into account both industry-specific policies and federal information governance regulations.) Once you’ve created your document archiving policy, Retention Manager automatically enforces it.

When a record reaches the end of its lifecycle, IntelliChief can either delete it automatically, or inform a designated user who can review and approve the action. You can specify how often you’d like this to occur, or set different policies for different types of documents. If you need to keep a record in your archive, you can create a hold until the document is no longer needed.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Document Archiving Software

When you’re ready for a simpler, more secure system, we’re here to help. We can work with your entire team – from Legal and Compliance to Information Technology – to create an electronic document management solution for your business. For more information, contact us today.