HR Cost Savings Through Electronic Document Management & Automated Workflows

Human resources can be costly – but it doesn’t have to be. Many repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be easily automated – giving your experts more time to focus on hiring and growth.

Here’s one example:

Your HR department has to create and maintain a file for each employee, 1099 contractor, and vendor that you work with. This can involve a massive number of paper-based and electronic files.

If they’re wasting hours printing out applications and benefits forms, signing and dating them, and filing them away, that’s time that they could be spending on more value-driven tasks. And if – later down the line – they need to find a specific form, but have to search through their records to locate what they’re looking for – that’s even more time that doesn’t need to spent that way.

HR Cost Savings

IntelliChief lets you achieve major HR cost savings by automating key activities, keeping all of your employee files organized (and ready for quick electronic access), and ensuring the security of all your confidential data. Additional cost savings are achieved by:

  • Automatically capturing information from your paper-based forms. Your HR managers don’t have to manually type everything in.
  • Maintaining a long-term archive without the expense of paper, ink, toner, envelopes, and secure storage structures.
  • Consolidating all of your employee data into a single, secure (access-protected) platform.
  • Providing immediate access to any requested record through a simple keyword search. Records are available on both desktop & mobile device.
  • Ensuring business continuity (by electronically protecting your corporate records) in the event of an unexpected disaster or business disruption.
  • Reliably deleting records once they are no longer needed, simplifying the off-boarding process.
  • Automating key workflows, such as benefits administration and PTO approvals, based on custom-to-your-company business rules.

Extend the ROI of Your Existing HR Management System

IntelliChief also integrates with your enterprise resource planning & human resource management software. When a new file is added to IntelliChief, it’s instantly updated in your other databases. Everything is seamlessly connected, eliminating frustrating information silos. If you’ve been frustrated with how difficult your current program is to use, this is an easy way to make it simpler (and extend the life of your investment).

To see what sort of savings you can achieve in your own HR department, contact us today. Or, request a custom demo of our human resources automation software, and see how you can transform your workflows to fit in today’s fast-paced environment.