Ideal Products

  • Imaging & Scanning

    State-of-the art imaging software transforms scanned and faxed documents into electronic images that can easily be retrieved.

  • Document Capture & Forms Processing (OCR, ICR, OMR)

    Convert emails, faxes, and paper documents into electronic images with unrivaled levels of capture automation that’s extremely easy to use and has fast ROI.

  • Output Management

    Create, manage, and distribute documents electronically and improve communications, decrease costs, and increase productivity.

  • Store & Retrieve

    Store and retrieve critical documents in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Document Workflow

    Apply the policies and procedures you currently use to your electronic documents for an easy transition to being paperless.

Integrating with any enterprise resource planning system (ERP), IntelliChief covers the entire Paperless Process Management spectrum: imaging & scanning, document capture & forms processing (OCR, ICR, OMR), output management, workflow and mobile integration. These comprehensive document management solutions help you achieve continuous savings – not just of your time, but of your valuable business resources.