Document Imaging Software – Capture Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Other Paperwork with IntelliChief

Document imaging software gives you the ability to create an electronic archive of everything your business does. With IntelliChief, users can save documents to a central repository, and the program will create an index of searchable text.

Getting a Document Into IntelliChief’s Imaging Software

You probably receive documents from a variety of sources: paper invoices from suppliers, emailed order forms from customers, and the occasional fax as well. As a result, it’s important to have a document imaging system that can capture documents from a variety of formats. IntelliChief allows you to document all of your paper-based communications – no matter how they’re sent or received.

Document Imaging Software


With IntelliChief, users can scan in hard-copy documents and save digital documents directly from their computers. They can even have IntelliChief monitor specific email addresses and fax machines to import documents the second they arrive.

And what about image quality? With IntelliChief, your digital documents will be just as good – if not better than – the originals. Our document scanning utilities allow you to clean up smudges, stains, colored backgrounds, blurred fonts, and other imperfections.

A Document Imaging System with Advanced Recognition Capabilities

As one of the most advanced document imaging software options on the market, IntelliChief can do much more than simply saving files to a digital database. It can also:

  • Scan barcodes
  • Read invoice images to perform line-level matching & create vouchers
  • Read customer purchase orders and create corresponding sales orders
  • Understand printed text with OCR (optical character recognition)

Once your documents are stored within IntelliChief, you can start moving through your workflows – without even leaving your ERP. To learn more about what you can do with IntelliChief’s document imaging software, contact us today. We’ll get you started with a custom solution.