Document Imaging Software

Capture, digitize, and archive billions of datapoints without manual data entry

Sales orders. Invoices. Contracts. Documents are central to your business – but they’re easy to lose and hard to find. IntelliChief’s document imaging software can end the disorganization once and for all.

With IntelliChief, information is always at your fingertips. You can create an electronic archive of everything your business does – and it only takes seconds.

Instant Document Capture

If you’re like most businesses, document management isn’t always straightforward. You have hard-copy paperwork, as well as emails and faxes, coming in and out of your organization all day long. To keep up, you need a document imaging system that can capture documents in a variety of formats – and at high volume.

  • Step 1


    Eliminate paper, unlock your potential

  • Step 2


    One format, zero issues

  • Step 3


    Make your metadata work for you

  • Step 4


    Update your ERP tables in real-time

IntelliChief lets you capture and save all your files, no matter how they’re sent or received. You can scan in hard-copy documents, or save PDFs to a specific folder on your network. Our software can even monitor email addresses and fax networks as part of your document management workflow.

As documents arrive, IntelliChief can capture and save them – without any manual effort on your part. The more documents that you have to handle, the more time our technologies can help you save.

Document Classification With Machine Learning

When IntelliChief receives a document, it can immediately determine what type of document it is. It’s able to tell the difference between invoices and sales orders, or purchase orders and receipts. And, machine learning lets it classify documents more efficiently over time. It’s capable of recognizing new document types, and even finding data that’s located in different places on each page.

This lets IntelliChief decide what to do with each incoming document. That way, invoices go directly to invoice processors, sales order go straight to processing, and everything is stored in the appropriate folder.

Data Recognition Capabilities

As one of the most advanced document imaging software programs on the market, IntelliChief can do much more than save files to a digital database. It turns each file into an index of searchable text, using OCR (optical character recognition) to determine what’s on each page. Once your documents are stored in IntelliChief (and the text converted to readable data), you can start using that data for other related workflows.

Using your document images, IntelliChief can:

  • Line-level match your invoices
  • Communicate with your ERP to create vouchers
  • Convert purchase orders into sales orders

Because all your applications can share your data, you don’t have to enter it into each individual system. This can eliminate hours of repetitive, manual work – a significant advantage for any busy organization.

Automatically Improve Image Quality

With IntelliChief, your digital documents will be just as good – if not better than – the originals. Our software cleans up smudges, stains, colored backgrounds, blurred fonts, and other imperfections. It can even straighten out pages that were scanned in at an angle, making all your information easy to read.

Document Retrieval

Any time you need a specific document, you can retrieve it in seconds. You can search by date, document type, or any other type of identifying information – or you can pull it up right from your ERP. No more time wasted in front of a file cabinet – and no more documents getting lost or thrown away.

No longer need a particular file? Our document management system can remove it from your archive. You can even pre-arrange document destruction to keep up with industry regulations.

Learn More About IntelliChief’s Document Imaging Software

IntelliChief’s enterprise-class document imaging software gives businesses a fast and reliable way to capture, store, and retrieve data from any ERP system or line of business application. If you are looking for a flexible solution that can be configured to operate within your existing business processes, there’s no simply no better than IntelliChief.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s document imaging software, contact us today. We’ll help you create a seamless system for all your corporate paperwork.