Human Resources Document Management Automation


The ‘Enterprise’ in ECM

This peer relay puts the ‘enterprise’ in enterprise content management (ECM). This company’s initial IntelliChief ECM system integration was in Accounts Payable, for invoice processing automation and review/approval workflows. Human Resources document management automation was their next identified need.

As an employee-owned organization, they provide all the right connections to customers in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, communications, utility, automation, waterworks, filtration and metering technology industries. Carrying more than 50,000 products, all their departments are high-documentation environments.

Word spread of IntelliChief’s scalability for all back office functions, with Human Resources the next to expand the system’s capabilities for the company’s further benefit.

ECM for HR

Being the hub of an organization’s resources – people and the jobs they’re performing – the information contained within HR-HCM files functionally keeps companies afloat. Creating a digital repository for this data was the first step toward their human resource automation project, utilizing IntelliChief to capture all the must-keep information contained in both paper and digital file formats. The system then enabled electronic employee file management, encompassing file standardization, organized for their specific processes and needs, fully keyword searchable with secure, permission-based access, and archived for safe, convenient and inexpensive storage. Additionally, IntelliChief assists with compliance, from onboarding through lifecycle.

“Our Accounts Payable department was utilizing IntelliChief and recommended it to us, based on its encompassing automated document management, workflow functionality and attractive pricing,” stated the company’s Training and Development lead for talent throughout their 33 locations across five states. “Having ECM experience, I knew what to look for, and AP was right – IntelliChief had it all, including integration with HRIS and our ERP.”

“Our biggest need in HR was information access, and the manual way we went about it was an egregious, time-consuming hassle,” they commented. “IntelliChief’s streamlined our HR processes, enabling fluid communication with staff throughout the company.”

Notably, there was also the Disaster Recovery-Business Continuity advantage. “HR paper in file cabinets is an unnecessary risk – there’s so much to lose through loss of any kind,” they emphasized. “Business continuity was a huge factor in our decision to digitize. Those records are irreplaceable.”

IntelliChief’s Implementation Staff the (Successful) Difference

A bond of trust and friendship developed during the IntelliChief HR implementation. “My AP colleagues said IntelliChief’s Implementation and Support staff were friendly, knowledgeable and proactive. That proved accurate; it was a genuine pleasure working with them, and look forward to our future projects,” they interjected.