Accounts Payable Automation Software for No-PO Invoice Processing

Accounts payable automation software makes it easy for you to collect, approve, code, and voucher your invoices. Even without a purchase order to work with, you can confirm the details of every transaction. The result? A much faster accounts payable workflow, and much less frustration for your team.

Approving Non-Purchase Order Invoices

In most companies, non-PO invoices go to a department manager for approval. But, they often end up in a pile of “must-do” paperwork. Getting documents to the right people can take days, and documents can get lost in the shuffle. Meanwhile, your vendors are wondering when they’ll get paid – and early payment discounts slip out of reach.

IntelliChief’s AP automation software can streamline the process. As soon as an invoice arrives, it sends them straight to the employee with the authority to approve it. In seconds, Accounts Payable can look up the documentation they need to confirm the transaction.

As users process their non-PO invoices, they can sign off on them right from IntelliChief. There’s no need to print it out, sign it, hand-write a GL code, and scan it back in to the system. Your team can even code and voucher your invoices from mobile devices. And, automatic notifications make sure nothing slips through the cracks. This speeds up your invoice processing cycle and helps you capture more early payment discounts.

No More Duplicate Payments

Many companies struggle with duplicate payments – especially with non-PO invoices. Our paperless AP solutions archive transactions as soon as they’re processed. This way, employees don’t issue duplicate payments, and your Finance team doesn’t have to sort out unnecessary errors.

Assign General Ledger Codes with IntelliChief’s Accounts Payable Automation Software

IntelliChief makes general ledger coding easier as well. Our software stores your categories and classifications, and can even make recommendations based on:

  • Vendor
  • Business unit
  • Product code
  • Invoice category
  • Amount

Users can assign GL codes to non-PO documents without having access to your accounting software. This makes it easy for you to account for every single transaction. (It also makes it less likely to mis-categorize a document.) When the time comes to review your General Ledger, every expense will be properly coded and tracked.

Automated Voucher Creation

Once IntelliChief matches, codes, and approves your invoices, it can even create voucher for payment. Our software electronically communicates with your ERP. This means that it can import all the information that’s needed for a voucher, without any manual input. It can even tell your ERP to cut a check.

To learn more about streamlining invoice approvals with IntelliChief, contact us today. Our experts can schedule you for a demo of our accounts payable automation software, or help you decide if automation is right for you.