Accounts Payable Automation Software for Non PO Approvals

IntelliChief’s accounts payable automation software makes it easy for you to approve and voucher invoices – even if they don’t have a corresponding purchase order. With comprehensive online documentation, your team can easily confirm the details of any transaction.

Processing Non-Purchase Order Invoices

Usually, non-PO invoices need to be approved by a department manager. However, they often end up added to a pile of general paperwork. Getting documents to the right people can take days, and documents can get lost in the shuffle.

To streamline the process, IntelliChief can send documents to the people who have authority to approve them, right from the start. They can even approve and access from mobile devices.  And, IntelliChief can notify users when there’s a new document they need to address.

As users process their non-PO invoices, they can sign off on them electronically. Because they no longer need to print each invoice, sign it, and scan it back into the system, the process becomes even faster. This can help you capture more early payment discounts. Plus, documents are filed away as soon as they’ve been processed, preventing duplicate invoice payments.

Assign General Ledger Codes with IntelliChief’s Accounts Payable Automation Software

IntelliChief can make general ledger coding easier as well. Your team can electronically assign GL codes to non-PO documents, ensuring that every transaction is accounted for.

IntelliChief’s paperless AP solutions can even provide GL code recommendations from your ERP, using criteria such as:

  • Vendor
  • Business unit
  • Product code
  • Invoice category
  • Amount

This helps you code invoices more quickly while reducing the chances of incorrectly categorizing a document. When auditors review your general ledger, every expense will be easily (and correctly) trackable.

Automated Voucher Creation

After invoices are matched, coded, and approved, IntelliChief can help you automatically create vouchers for payment. IntelliChief electronically communicates with your ERP, which means that it can import all the information that’s needed for a voucher – no manual input required. It can even notify your ERP to cut a check.

To learn more about streamlining your non-purchase order invoice approvals, contact IntelliChief today. We can schedule you for a demo of our accounts payable automation software, specifically configuring the setup for the unique needs of your company.